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Tuesday's Air


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Sigh - no more long weekend - back at work - and the weather agrees. There was ice on the windshield although it looked like water. The network is acting up which is always nice at the beginning of a work week. I knew I wanted to stay in bed!

I believe it is supposed to warm up to the high 40's today which will be nice, it's the water coming down I am worried about - I did not watch the weather and it appears to be a rather dreary morning.

I will have to cook up something in my Cafe or plant something on my Farm to make me feel better. I have to go pick up someone from the corporate office around lunch time - But I will time that so I don't even have to slow down he can just jump for it.

I believe that the laziness of the stupid television and movies this weekend is not wearing off - I believe if I tried I could easily sit on the sofa and watch several more days worth of movies.

Anyway - - GOOD MORNING everyone - SMILE - hold it - hold it - do you feel it in your eyes yet - when your eyes smile you can release and repeat. (Exercise - we were working on the facial muscles and back muscles - because if you really smiled and hoped it went to your eyes I'm betting you sat up a little straighter - see how tricky I can be.)

Now - repeat after me - LOL!!!


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Morning All! Things a little slow here so far this week. Am thinking to myself "think funny" but nothing comes to me. Judy is housecleaning, Annette is dealing with some pretty heavy family stuff, Donna is probably buried under a snow drift--just not a lot of humor to be found in this stuff. But wait, Becky is dressing a deer. Come on guys, we should be able to do something with that!

Bruce and Eric, I think it's about time the two of you made a showing. Bruce, I hope you are not frozen to a pole somewhere and Eric, you are not retired yet--never will be from here.

I had a very productive day yesterday so today will be mostly getting ready for my trip. I'm getting really psyched.

Be back later.

Judy in KW

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I have been just laying low for a few days. I have been going through old pictures to share with my family and still trying to get out of the low mood I have been in sense my sister in laws death. Now facing a lot of other dates of losses is not helping.

I went to the movies on Saturday with one of my neighbors then we went out for Chinese food. Sunday I spent most of the morning on the phone with my kids then did a lot of reading. I get in moods where all I want to do is read. Unfortunately I have to stop for a while because my eyes start giving out on me if I read for too long.

I made a big pot of chili beans yesterday so I don't have to cook today. Fitness class this morning at 10 so I am not rushing to do them before I go down for coffee with my neighbors this morning.

Well you know Judy Becky dressing that deer could be pretty funny. If she is trying to dress it in Bruce's tu tu it is probably protesting big time. lol

Well I guess I had better get dressed and get this day started. They are passing so fast it might be gone before I get up and around. Have a great day everyone.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 38 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 70.

MI Judy, better pace yourself with that housework. That sounds like one major snow storm. I hope you're weathering it ok.

Yes, we men are bad about being too casual while in the restroom doing our business. The men's bathroom here at work, which doesn't get cleaned nearly often enough, is a testament to that.

I'm usually pretty careful, especially at home, but the other day while standing in front of the toilet, I sneezed unexpectedly and, well, let's just say that it wasn't pretty.

Have a great day, all!

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Hey folks

Not frozen to a pole yet Judy, but then I haven't tried sticking my tongue on one. LOL

Been busy the last few days. My son returned from his camp job for 10 days and his girlfriend is on a reading week break from University so she is visiting.

So Annette I got the feeling that you are not too impressed with corporate office suits, making them jump for it as you drive by. Are you at least going to open the door ? LOL

Judy you will soon be setting sail on the seven sea's. Good for you. I'm sure you and Stan will really enjoy it.

Now Becky dressing something is nice. Wasn't she leaving the pants off a llama a couple weeks ago ? Or was that Annette ? LOL

Nothing like fresh road kill. Here they will not let you keep it. They usually take it to homeless shelter's or a non-profit organization. So you get a damaged vehicle and no dinner !

Where has Libby disappered to ? Is she still celebrating the Superbowl win ?

Take care

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Bruce - Open the door - I thought for sure a suit could figure that one out. On a more serious note you may have stumbled on to some selective memory disease there - I believe that you were the one without any pants - but my selective memory disease blames that on whoever it was that pointed out that I missed that.

I am so curious as to how she will respond about "dressing" the deer. Was it a boy or girl deer - or since she is dressing it does it matter - so she can use whatever she has lying around. Now we are going to have a llama and a deer - and Bruce in a tutu - and boots - I just saw the boots - that's a must with the llama and deer.

Bud - so honest of you - I was impressed. There are a few males out there that have had to do so much of the cleaning themselves that they now sit down. Last time my mom went in the hospital I blamed it on Keith because he had just cleaned the spare bathroom - and when my mom is in the hospital the spare bathroom is used by none other than my teenage nephew - I didn't realize that the mess was caused by sneezing so next time I'm a gonna load him up on allergy medicine before I let him in a bathroom - problem solved!

Thank you Bruce and Bud for brightening my day - wasn't smiling before I checked back in - now it's back.....


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Same here Annette. They made me smile too. Not that I'm particularly down, just frazzled, spacey or whatever you call it when I can't focus. I'm supposed to be getting ready for the cleaning lady so I can go run errands when she comes tomorrow. I'm at that stage of "packing" where the suitcases are empty but stuff is lying all around everywhere. Oh well, I will get it together SOON.

I'm off to FB to warn Becky about dressing that deer.

Judy in KW

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Okay, you guys...the deer is NOT protesting, she is dead. She, as explained to me, because SHE has no antlers (could be a boy that's lost them, but...), SHE has no hangy-downy-things, and SHE had two little ones inside. That was sad, they were about the size of chihuahuas. She did, however, have a last supper. She was crossing the road at a corn crib, coming from, not going to. Hubby and my boy were joking that there was already corn to add to the stew...

We can put her in a tutu, but I vote the llama gets the tutu since it can dance much better than the deer...

I need to get the front quarters finished, but have a helluva migraine today. Not just my head is involved, have a roiling tummy, as well. Took drugs, but nothing is touching it. Sure hope I don't have to go down to the hospital and get a couple of hip-shots to solve my head pain. If it hadn't gotten so cold again, I'd think it was allergies, but with such a cold snap again, I doubt it's allergies, and usually an allergy headache doesn't bring nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.

Bruce, don't know if my freezer would hold a roadkill moose, don't know if the truck would have lived through being t-boned by a moose, either. The deer weighed about 150 pounds, dented the truck but didn't knock it off the road... Having spent a few years in the interior of Alaska, I've seen what a moose can do, and know that in Alaska, you don't keep the roadkill, either, it goes to a food bank.

Anyone want to come over for venison steak? I'll have hubby cook it... :lol:

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Its a beautiful day here in Minnesota. THE SUN is shining!

It took all morning but we got the stairs, the walks and the driveway cleared of snow.

I am going to take the dogs to the Dog Park in a little while.

Donna G

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Bruce, your mind is in a much cleaner space than mine. Annette, I missed the corp suit thing. How far back do I have to look. Thought I read what I missed over the weekend.

Now don't tell Becky because I'm afraid she'll sue me for some copywrite violation but I just couldn't help copying this for those of you not on FB. Becky on the recent deer accident:

I've TOLD hubby that driving a truck that says "RAM" on the side is just asking for trouble, this being the THIRD deer in just over a year to run into HIM!

LOL The lady is sharp!

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon all!!!

After hearing all about Becky Snowflake's deer dressing on FB, I had to hop over and investigate further...lol

As I told Becky, Muriel and KW Judy on FB, I think it's time for a Spring Fling Big Blue Bus Reunion Tour!!!

Whatcha think???

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Hi Everyone! What a busy place! Was supposed to go to my Women's Life group this morning, but they cancelled school. A bunch of the women in this group are Moms, so when school is closed so is life group. Then I was supposed to have a meeting with my now fired housekeeper to get hints and tips on how to keep a house this big clean, but with the bad roads, that got cancelled.

So I took this as an opportunity, and transformed "Judy's Office" into Randy's Office. It's really now ours. I had so much crap in there, it really was a mess. I cleaned it all up. Pulled all my stuff that I'm working on and put it in a plastic tub and just his stuff is out on the desk now. I can work from my tub when I need to. It looks really nice and I'm sure he will be thrilled when he gets home.

We did well in the storm. I got out and about today with no problem, until I got into the little tiny town just East of us. I needed to pick up some Mucinex at my doctor's suggestion, and their roads were an absolute mess. But my Nissan plowed through it just fine.

Annette, I loved your face exercises. Even felt like smiling after that!

As for funny stuff Judy, I'm betting as I keep scrolling down here, I'm going to find something. But thinking about Becky dressing a deer, does a tu tu come to mind? LOL

Bruce, LOL on the sneezing. But here's the critical question? Did you wipe it up! Hmmm?

Bruce, I believe Annette left the pants off and it was NOT on the llama! It was you! LOL

Annette, that is so funny about the allergy medicine for your nephew! What a riot.

i missed the facebook comment by Becky. RAM. Funny woman!

And I'm all for the Blue Bus thingy. Levity and fun keeps ones mind from going to dark places. Thanks for all the laughts today.

MI Judy

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OMG Annette! Bruce mentioned the corp suit and then Judy just mentioned the facial exercises and I'm thinking I am really losing it. Scroll up--you hit submit (starting the Air) at 8 am, I hit submit not knowing you were even there at 8:02. Nobody got lost but it took me all day to look up and see your post LOL. It was funny too! Glad I finally saw it.

Nite all.

Judy in KW

P.S. Judy the office sounds like a real nice surprise for your husband.

Oh my, scrolled up again and see I missed Eric's post too. That cruise has me very distracted.

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