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Wednesday's air

eric byrne

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Hi Everyone,

Oooh Bruce and I getting a slapped wrist from Judy,being a bit lazy in the posting dept.Judy you were absolutely right,but I havent being very well,did I tell you about my manflu,didnt go until Sunday,that was a full week,well Iam glad to see the back of that bug,hope everyone else has got over theirs.Oh forget the weather,cold,wind and rain,matched my mood perfectly last week,in a trough,however I am back feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed,Yes Annette even been exercising my smile muscles,thats about as far I am going to exercise until the spring(at least).

Sorry missed a few mailings,whats been going down?(still practicing my Americanisms for the Hols)Oh Kasey thanks for the explaination about PA,silly me thought you took the first two letters of your state like eg Judy MI -Michigan,so I though you would be PE,anyway I will be in your state and meeting you and Fred would be just brill.Dressing Deers,thank goodness Becky for a minute I thought you were re-arranging its anatomy,for use in the oven.Think the tu-tu would be better in Bruce's Llama,as everyone knows dead deers dont dance very well,think you have convinced me the deer is a lady one,I think it is politically correct that any dressing of a female deer should be done tastefully and in keeping with its gender.May I suggest,forget stillettos,go for some casual footwear,dresses are fine,but slacks and t-shirt I think is more appropriate.

I had a tape of Woody Allan as a young man doing a stand-up comedy slot,in an New York Uni,he tells the story of driving to a fancy dress ball,when he collides with a Moose,rather than leave the dead Moose lying on the road,he ties it onto the bonnet of his truck,however arriving in New York,the Moose begins to stir,it was only stunned,nothing else for it,thinks Woody,it will just have to come to the works fancy dress party,on arriving,Woody leaves the Moose with the word-Mingle

later in the evening the judging of best costume,first prize goes to Mr Smith of accounts, who is dressed as a Moose,which really gets up Mr Mooses nose,so they lock Antlers in the living room and fight it out.

Hi JudyKW,still friends?hope you had a super time with Dominick and Wendy,time to get packing for the cruise next,can you share your ports of call?

JudyMI,sorry to hear about you being up to your neck in snow drifts,why dont you take full advantage,you could ski to the shops leave the car,thank goodness we havnt had any snow this side of Christmas,thanks to the Gulf Stream.

Sally's Birthday on Friday,I am taking her,Irene and Pat out to Guidis in Airdrie,best restaurant in town,she is really looking forward to it,hope she makes it,there are many occassions such arrangements,turn out to be a disapointment when she is "unable to attend".

I have been invited out for a meal and theatre on Saturday with my friend of the other persuasion,I have accepted,dont know whats showing there are quite a lot of theatres in Glasgow,but looking forward to the day out.Oh its all quite innocent,I might go to the bad fire,but lifes too short,so I am enjoying every minute I can "Carpe Diem" as we say.Hey Judy its Wednesday 12.05am,dont suppose you can work your majic again?(pushing the boat out)Eric sporting big cheesy grin.

Goodnight all,see you to-morrow.

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I'm waiting for Judy to realize Eric was hinting that he was opening the air since his posting went after the witching hour. If I knew how to move the post, I'd do it myself, but fear deleting Eric's tome and having to re-type it from memory myself. Could be funny...

The deer has had to wait another day. Snowflake is so very thankful for indoor plumbing, as the backyard is full of drifts and snow and fifty yards to the outhouse in her current state would lead to muddy snow angels and a whole lotta cussing... I believe my nephew passed on his flu Sunday. If I had known I was going to end up with it, I'd have snuggled with the little guy.

Hubby is an avid Red Wings fan, he works through most of their games so he is currently watching Tuesday's game while I just free-style a post.

My apologies for anyone looking for rhyme or reason, they won't be found here!

I'm so looking forward to spring - until the pollen gives a full-on assault. Then I'll be looking forward to summer - until the humidity and heat about boil me. On to wishing for fall - until those autumn pollens attack. And then I'll be wondering where the year went, again.

Took stock in two bathrooms used by two boys, and I have to say, these two are trained pretty well. My boy because he grew up with his mom, and hubby because he's the only boy of five kids. Nice to not be stepping in spots and puddles during the night, or falling in because the seat is up! (Habit here is closing lid and seat, too many things fall into open toilets.)

Halfway through the hockey game. I should check the scoreboard and see if it's going to be a happy ending - nope, they lost. Great... :roll:

You'll be in Pennsylvania, Eric? Historical tour? Taking in Washington, DC, as well? If you'll be in Michigan, give a shout. There's a few of us up here.

Thinking of driving, did anyone notice that gas is up? It shot up to $3.40 here, and I think I saw a FB rumor that on the west coast it hit $3.80. Holy guano, Batman!

More snow and cold in the forecast, I think I'm going to bed and sleeping until April. Bet I'll really need to shave my legs when I wake up!

Enjoy your hump day, everyone. Friday's coming...

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Morning All! In spite of the fact that we are having daytime temps in the 80s, I woke up cold. Just means a slow start. Stan has already taken his 2 mi walk and come back crabby as he usually does. It's o.k. tho because he goes out on the porch then. I love him dearly but he tends towards negativism and I'm a positive person so he drives me nuts some times.

Thanks Becky. I did miss the hint. Got a little tangled in the moderator process but finally cleared my head and got it right. That reminds me. Our cruise stops will be: Cozmel; Roatan in the Hondoras; Costa Rica; Cartagena in Columbia; Panama; and the Grand Caymans. I told my friend they had to be specific about where in the Hondoras or Columbia or people would say--what, where??? Who wants to go there? My friends daughter vacations in one of them every year so it must be o.k.

Becky, you have my deepest sympathy. Before I went to an allergist, I used to get what they dx'd as "migraine intensive sinus headaches." I would wake up with them and get in a chair with a cup of coffee. I could hardly move or talk but once I forced myself to drink coffee, I would upchuck and the pain would begin to gradually subside. I can't imagine it lasting all day. Hope you are better today.

Well off to get a few things done before going to town to run errands. Will check back in later.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning all! Well this is the first day in 10 days that I got up before noon! Healing is a good thing. Gosh I feel better! Thank you God.

Judy, your trip sounds divine! Enjoy every moment of it. You deserve it.

Becky, so sad you got the flu. But have to laugh at your picture of the outhouse, deep snow, muddy snow angels and cussing. You are a stitch. I hope we get to meet one day. But only if you put your gun with the salt pellets away! LOL

Yeah, there was a gas war here yesterday. I swear, they FB each other to raise the price! The radio station was broadcasting which stations were still at 3.01 and bam, the next minute they changed to 3.40. What a bunch of ----.

Shaving legs is a good thing? I remember when I had chemo, if there was an upside to it, it was no shaving ANYTHING. While I don't want to go through anything like that again, it was nice to not have to bother with that!

Eric, if it's all very innocent, why would you be going to the bad fire? Hmmmm? And do remember that no matter where you end up, it is for eternity. That is a realllllllllllly long time.

I hope you all get to enjoy Sally's birthday. Sounds like a lovely time, and I hope she is able to enjoy it!

Well, I'm off to a gathering with girlfriends, and lunch! It's bitter cold here, but no snowing so it's all good. You all have a great day.

Judy in MI

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I'm running very late and slow this morning. Didn't get home until after 2 a.m. Turns out my nephew wasn't stupid enough the first time he had to do a repeat of it. But last night we dropped him for his community service and at 9:00p.m. the lady was calling us because the boy was getting sick - and handn't done a lick of work. Turns out he took more Xanax and a whole box of Coriciden (some cough medicine that he walked up to the grocery store and bought). So now I drive him to the hospital drop them off at the door and walk in only to find they are taking him back to the kids side - and my mom has decided that she has to check herself in too - because she is having a panic attack and he has taken all her Xanax. The doctor says that she is going to recommend that he get transferred to an in-house facility to get some intensive help - I agree - and just hope that they actually stick to it.

No - this is not a new soap opera - but lord have mercy - I'm scared to death that all this drama will affect my scan next month.

So I slept for 6 hours and now I am at work. I may have to go get the toothpicks to hold my eyes open all day - but I am here.

I think that Judy needs another suitcase - I could fit I just know I could - Oh could I use a vacation - a real vacation. We will have to hear all the stories from Judy so that we can pretend we were with her. We can all gather round the air and have a little drinkie with an umbrella and be with her on her trip. Sounds so warm and good about now.

Enough thinking of this fun stuff - it's the middle of the week - get back to work - or in my case get to work.

Please someone post a cheery word or two -


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 56 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 76. This is a lot closer to the February Texas weather I had in mind.

KW Judy, I should have mentioned in my post yesterday that I had merged your and Annette's posts. Then you would have gone back and seen hers. When are you leaving on your cruise?

Donna, how much snow did you get where you are? It sounds like things are better in your area, MI Judy, if you're out and about. Your part of the country handles those snow storms a lot better than mine.

Compared to dressing out deer, cleaning crappie seems pretty easy. I think I'll stick to fishing and skip the hunting, even if I do have to find a new crappie spot.

As was mentioned before, healthy food tends to be on the expensive side, but even so, I'm thinking that using it as fuel to get myself to work is still a lot cheaper than using $3 and something gasoline in my truck to get to work.

Have a great day, all!

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Well it is a little chilly this morning with -21C/-6F temperatures but -31C/-24F windchill. The wind making it colder is bad enough but it also causes snowdrifts on my roads so I have to plow them again. My skidsteer has been in the shop for a week so I fell behind on a few things. They dropped it off late yesterday so a full day ahead today.

Eric I think we will have to smarten up because Judy's slap on the wrist can hurt. LOL

Becky it is great that you have hubby trained in bathroom activities, but now can you train him to cheer for a good NHL team. LOL I cheer for the Leafs so no room to talk. Dan Cleary on the Wings grew up about 5 miles from me.

Judy MI, I heard about the increase in gas prices there yesterday. Here it is already $5.65/gallon so we can do without any increase.

Wow Annette you really do have alot on your plate ! Hopefully the in house treatment will work. Really causing alot of problems with your Mom as well. Hey the next time you think he is going to take something, leave the Ex-Lax out.LOL

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I wish I had thought of the ex-lax - that would have been so very fun. - LOL

The good (bad) news is they are transferring him (my nephew) from the hospital to in in-patient psychiatric hospital. I am so very hoping that this will help him and my mom. I gotta get my mojo back - can't have all of you thinking I can't entertain you anymore. I need smiles smiles smiles.

I will tell you that I had the best afternoon at work - the office manager and her 12 year old daughter sent me a "movie package" a beautiful popcorn box with all kinds of candy like you would get at the movie and wrote me a note that wished me better days and even better movies - - So after our fun movie weekend it made me cry and smile at the same time. Sometimes it's the littlest thing that just brightens your day.


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Hi All,

Weather Ditto,daylight still as I reach home-just,springs coming.had a bit of fun today,at my partner in crime fellow department SL Bill's expense,he is absolutely desperate to be an acceptable candidate for voluntary severance,well we typed up a letter to him from the College Board of Management,headed paper absolutely authentic writing style,apologising but due to college operational factors,they could not accept his application,just to add to the mix,one for Eric also stating after careful deliberation,the B.O.M. could accept his application,and could accept from him a leaving date of 1st April.we added both letters to the internal post that later the Admin assistant passed to each of us,both envelopes marked private and confidential,wonder what these are? Bill says, Eric,open it and see, Bill pausing to wait for me to open mine,surprise and delight,Eric with perfect poker face,my application has been accepted Bill hooray,Bill hurriedly opens his,talk about hook line and sinker,theyve turned me down says Bill,Eric struggling to keep a straight face,then Bill takes off with a huge rant,everyone in the office gathers round to hear what the fuss is all about,thats it, he says no more HMIe prep work,senior management can make up their own staff timetables,etc,etc,I have to hide my face from Bill, its going all red,holding back tears of laughter.We had to stop him going up to HR,told him its just a joke,the relief on his face,was a pleasure to see.Wait there's another letter in my mail tray,I pick it up, it has the Amtrak logo on it also Trailfinders,puzzled I open it to reveal similar headed paper,long letter about creating good customer service,blah,blah,blah-in conjunction with Amtrak we are awarding you a second free 45 day 18 journey rail pass for the exclusive use for your spouse,a letter informing her of our award has been sent separately.Congratulations.Oh no exclaims I,what is it Eric,sayth all my gathered colleagues,the rascals have sent Sally a letter confirming an offer of a free Amtrak rail pass,her friends at work have been stirring Sally already into revolt about me not taking her with me,this is going to be the last straw,she is going to make my life miserable until July,silence from my colleagues,gradually changing to slightly dectactable smiles then everyone bursts into laughter,they set me up with a phoney letter also,oh I hate them,they will pay dearly for this,it was only supposted to be Bill in the firing line.My mind is on subtle revenge,but will leave them stewing for a couple of weeks,until they are off guard.

Hi Becky,yes Washington DC for the Museums,just discovered they also have a space centre bit in the Smithsonian,thinking about putting Challanger Space Shuttle there when its de-commisioned,wow.Gas price $3.40? Bruce $5.65,yeah we had prices like these in the UK also but that was in 1956? Here's some maths for you £1.30/litre = £1.30 x 4.546L/gallon= £5.9098 x $1.58 (conversion)=$9.34/gallon,and Scotland is a net exporter of oil,(its gas prices are the highest in the UK)does that sound fair to you?.So Becky you are absolutely blessed in having such low prices for gas,but I dont have your health service Tee-Hee.

Hi Judy Kw,your cruise sounds absolutely fabulous,move over Annette,I think we could both squeeze into Judy's suitcases,fancy your idea of wee drinkies with umbrellas each night also.Cheers all.Going to consult my Times Atlas to see where all these places are?.Keep us posted Judy,dont be doing a Bruce or an Eric.

Hi JudyMI,yes going to the bad fire was always a threat to children when I was young,dont think the childrens welfare people would allow such threats now,the kids might grow up with psychological problems,oh might get to go there yet Judy,I only have pass sins to confess,I am a nice person now.

Oh Annette,what a saga with young wayward,I do feel for you and your poor mother,think it is time for you both to find ways for more external help and get a bit of distance from him.He really dosnt seem to consider the effect he is having on everyone.Hope things do get better for you soon.

Well off to watch the last episode of Madagascar,its been really quality TV and its on BBC so no irritating interuptions on their channels with adverts,we pay an anual license fee for all their TV and radio channels £130 I think,but its well worth the money,I lothe TV advertising.Byee.

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For Annette:

I recently started to learn how to cook, the one thing I've for certain learned is, that my smoke alarm works much better as a 'Hey don't forget you were cooking!' alarm...

It was so cold this morning, I saw little Wayne walking with his pants pulled up!

At the dog park, this elderly lady had two rather large dogs. On being asked the dogs' names by another park visitor she replied "One is called Timex and the other Rolex." Wow, those are some strange names for dogs the visitor replied. Oh no, the elderly lady dog owner replied "They're watch dogs"

What two things should you never do in bed?

Point and laugh. (I especially loved this one! HAHAHAHAHA)

OK, I stole these! We have an event in Grand Rapids coming for Gilda's Club. It's called LaughFest. We have a ton of comedians coming from all over the world. It's a 10 day event and is quite the big deal here. So the LaughFest FB asked yesterday for people to share some jokes and that is what is here. Funny!

Eric the phony letter jokes were FANTASTIC! I love that.

Annette, did this get a teeny grin out of you? I'm so sorry for all this about the nephew. I pray he gets the help he needs now once and for all.

MI Judy

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Good afternoon everyone. Spent the morning visiting with neighbors and a friend then went to the store to get bread. I don't want to run out because we are awaiting a very strong winter storm. Seems the snow last week was just a preview. Big storm should bring up to 6 inches of snow witch is a lot for here. Usually only light snow once every 3 or 4 years. Already been snow here twice this year. I don't mind as long as I don't have to drive in it.

I did take time for my exercises now hope to start another book in a short while. One of my neighbors doesn't cook so she bought a roast for me to cook for her and another neighbor and I. I told her I will cook it tomorrow and take a small piece off of it to make us a vegetable soup for Friday. Nothing like a good soup when it is cold.

Judy I seem to have missed a lot of the news about you cruise. When are you leaving and where are you going? My oldest son works for a company that services the escape capsules for the off shore rigs but he also services the life boats for Carnival Cruise. He usually flies to Florida then works while the ship is at anchor then rides to the other port and works there. Sometimes he rides back and other times they fly him home. He has gone so many times that he does not like the cruise anymore.

Eric that is funny about the fake letter. I think that I would have been suspecious of anything that is supposed to be free. I am a very skeptical person. I understand your desire to travel alone. I would like to have one of my grandchildren with me just one time but for the most part I enjoy the trip alone. I have been writing about my last trip. I am almost finished with it. I like to put my thoughts and feelings during the trip into words.

My boys deer hunt but I don't eat deer or anything wild. I have cooked deer, turtle, alligator, squerrel and rabbit. I have also cooked wild duck of several different kinds but I never ate any of those things. My son usually has his deer meat made into tamales at least a large part of it. They have to add pork because it is too lean. I say let them hunt deer and eat deer and let me fish and eat fish :!: As for the healthy eating and bike riding I admire you for your determination.

Gas is up over 3.50 here now in most places. If it gets too high I think people will do like we did last time and stop using it so much. They claim that is one of the reasons it is going up again. Funny thing is last time it was because we were using too much. I think they use anything as an excuse and raise the price just because they can. I have watched coffee prices this past month. In one store one brand was 4.99 and it another store it was 12.99 for the same 3 pound can. This week it had reversed. The expensive one was down and the other was up. Switched to the opposite in two different stores :roll:

Well things to do so will get off of here. Have a good rest of the day and Bud keep up the good work just don't try to dress those crappie in a tu tu :lol:

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Geez, MI Judy, you had me...I was quickly thinking two things and had "pass gas" and "eat crackers"...and was then adding more like "forget to lock the door with kids in the house" and trying to get it back to two! Point and laugh, though, would be the big ones...followed by, "Oh, isn't that CUTE?"

Oh, Eric, in my previous positions in my career, I've been one to craft such letters. One of my supervisors traveled extensively, I put his face on a milk carton! His wife loved it...

There goes the dryer, time to get back to the laundry. Tired of fighting FB and the out of sync issues and slow downloads. Enough already, time for some (extremely) fresh air and dealing with a bag of bloody bones. Hope the lid stays on the trash can tonight and the critters don't drag the carnage all over the yard.

Later, kids. Play nice!

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Great story as usual Eric - I love practical jokes like that - such fun in planning.

Judy (MI) - not only did I smile but I laughed so hard I cried - I can't wait til my mom gets back from the hospital to tell her that one - she will love it.

See everyone tomorrow.


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