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Monday's Air


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Good Morning - Where is everyone - It was chilly with ice on the windshield so I know that everyone is not out doing a morning jog (you aren't are you?). Now a leisurely stroll around the "poop" deck on Judy's (KW) ship - we could go for that. Another crazy Monday - lots of work to do - on top of visiting my mom in the hospital. Her leg tested positive for MRSA which explains why they rechecked her in right quick. The nephew was disappointed that she was in the hospital but he is looking much better and counting down the days until he thinks he will be getting out. I told him I'm not so sure that that court date may be just a check.

Other good (maybe) news - - my oncologist just called and my next scan is scheduled for March 16th with the results on March 18th (which 2 days is very very good). Well I was worried because the kid has an 8:30 court date and my doctors appointment was at 9:30 - so that would be cutting it close. The doctors office called and asked if I could come in earlier - I laughed and said - I just called in the other day and asked if I could come in 1/2 hour later. So I said what about the day before - so now I get the results on the 17th - isn't that just great. Well as long as it's good news - if its bad news I want to wait to get it.

Ok - worker bees time to get back to work - sigh - Others take a quick rest for us please. I think I may have gotten a little exercise yesterday - walking in and out of the hospital twice, walking down a hill to the detention center and back up an hour later. So I should be able to be lazy lazy lazy this weekend - please.


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Good morning, everyone!

I was 46 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 69.

I ended up planting myself in front of the tv yesterday, and spending the day there. The dogs loved it. We hadn't watched tv all week, so the dogs hadn't gotten any lap time all week.

Pixie will spend a little time on my lap when I'm in my computer chair, and she'll also spend time sitting on my shoulder (should have named her Polly, I think), especially when Rose is in the kitchen and she can watch her from my shoulder, but they really enjoy lap time a lot more when Rose and I are laid back more in front of the tv.

Time to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Hi everyone,

Annette I have my fingers crossed for your test and timely results thank god! I get my scan tomorrow and results Wed so I am freaking out. Hey what is life without some challenges. LOL. I am with you, if it is bad I would rather wait until the Summer is over. LOL No exercise today I am too lazy. Sorry Annette... Maybe you could do some walking for me or lift some empty potatoa sacks :lol:

I feel like I have been gone forever. I don't really like that feeling. Sorry I have been MIA for a couple of weeks I tend to get very withdrawn when things become too much.

Judy in MI I hope you are doing ok. Hugs.

Yes Bud I do tax returns during the season. Sure wish I would have advertised some more. But maybe with all this going on in my life it is for the best. I am working late today and have a tax return tonight so being busy right now is good for me.

I see Eric made the front page, you are a star again!

Katie I hope your little girl gets better soon. Lots of hugs for her.

Well got to go for now. Will check back when I get home.


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I didn't want to but in on one of the other forums with a funny but I absolutely laughed out loud when Stephanie (ts - I think is Stephanie - right) was talking about chemo brain and said she still had a bit of lint in the filter. - -

I sent my daughter a text earlier asking her if I had told her her grandmother was in the hospital with a Mersa (sp) infection in her leg - she said I had told her about the hospital but not the type of infection. So I said something like my brain was just not functioning lately - she told me that was alright - it was just rebooting - if that's the case I hope I'm plugged in and not operating on battery power - (that was a funny - I made a funny!)


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Hello everyone. I guess you were thinking that I had packed up and moved on but I could never leave you guys!!! It has been an absolute mad house here at work and home life has been just as crazy. One son has a Feb. 7th birthday and another has a March 1st birthday, so things get a little crazy with family dinners.

In addition, I have been fighting with BOA about my mortgage. I absolutely qualify for a modification but they won't give an inch and after three tries at a modification, it looks as if I've been denied again. I am so upside down on my house that it's insane. Our property values keep going down, so I could never sell the house for even close to what's owed on it. There are newer, bigger houses for sale all over the place here for less than half what I owe on this house. I hate to say it, but I'm thinking of just walking away and buying a house that I can have paid for in 10 years!!!!

Now...to the good stuff. Our weather is great...neither cold or hot and the sun has been shining beautifully all day!!! I'm sure the Chamber of Commerce here would love to bottle this kind of weather!!!

Annette...thinking of you and saying a prayer for great test results. Hi to Bud, Katie and Libby.

Hope everyone had a good, productive Monday.


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Hi y'all.

Ah, the ups and downs, the bumps, and smooth parts, all such a part of life. Last night, after a rough weekend with Randy, I was just sad. So I mistakenly wrote that on facebook. I was sitting at the kitchen table, staring at my computer, tired, exhausted, and sad. So I just wrote that. And like a ton of people wrote back. I shouldn't have done that. Darn it. I need to just turn my lap top off when I feel that way.

Enough said. All will work out. I have faith in that. He does not, but he will see. It's going to be fine.

Tired today because of this. I got a lot done on a project I'm working on in spite of it.

Glad to see you back Ann. So sorry about the house troubles. Isn't it maddening?

Annette, loved the joke about rebooting. I have that a lot! MRSA is serious stuff. Glad you got her to go in quickly and get it taken care of.

Libby and Annette, praying for good scan results for both of you!

Bud, I cracked up thinking about the dog on your shoulder. Can't imagine that. But the smallest dog I ever had was 50 pounds, so I think that is why.

Well, going to go and fix up supper. Early to bed tonight to try to recover!

MI Judy

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Good Evening Everyone,

Gosh its late,11.40pm dont want to aggranoy Annette by crossing into the next days air again,I am afraid with my two finger typing style,sure looks likely.Actually tired to-night,went to bed early,fell asleep immeadiately,woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed,so here I am.

Well another workday Monday bites the dust,sorry to say Bud,not many to go,think its going to take me some adjusting to,hope I dont miss it too much?Weather today cloudy and colder,returned to my winter wooly jumper.Sunday,really good day out at the christening,Father Gerard conducted the proceedings with applomb,he is my sisters husband Pat's uncle who shared the afternoons party in our company,a real wise and funny guy,who like myself, can and did enjoy a wee drop of the amber nectar.

Hi Annette,oh poor mum,MRSA?thinks she has had enough to cope with,,wayward, missing her visits? he cannot be all bad.

Good news getting the scan moved back a day,sure you will recieve good news also in the feedback.I am thinking about funding another scan for myself,though this time I dont think I can go to my GP or Oncologist for interpretation again,given their attitude last year.

Hi Bud,Reading your post a thought just flashed into my brain,when you mentioned your dog sitting on your shoulder,I imagined it to be a Great Dane and you are struggling to keep upright in your chair,yeah I do know you have one of these little Mexican dogs I cannot spell the name of.LOL.

Hi Katie,First I wish your little girl is feeling much better now.Yes I have in my hands the No10 copy of The News,from last years edition from the Roy Castle Foundation as the guys set off on their adventure,thank you for the link I dont have that here?so now I can enjoy reading up on their adventures,what I have read so far has been really enjoyable.I have a quote from the editor-in -chief of Guiness World Records "This attempt has all the hallmarks of a classic world record attempt:its awe-inspiring,its iconic and it will raise a lot of money for charity.It resonates with boys all over the world-when I was a kid I could only dream of driving a fire truck! I am very jealous of their journey ahead".

Hi Libby, its so good to have you back,sorry we dont do taxes here in the UK (unless you are self employed)so its all a mystery to me-thank goodness,me a star?methinks not,LUNGevity and all you guys are the real stars to me.

Hi Ann,Negative Equity yeah thats reared its ugly head again around many parts of the UK,some more than others,heres hoping for another wee healthy bout of house inflation again to rebalance the books again,remember the tide always returns when it goes out.

Please Annette -finished and I wont mention its past the bewitching hour,so dont you be going to change this post into Tuesdays Air now,will you?.LOL,goodnight everyone.

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Well Eric, looks like your pal Robert couldn't handle you being our cover boy. He's gone and introduced himself on GRACE! What a story. I'm guessing you sent him our way?

Got to spend time at the ER Friday - my Dad kind of fainted at the breakfast table. Probably a little seizure, but two nights in the hospital and none of the tests were conclusive. He's headed for his 92nd birthday in two weeks -and seems to have his eye on 100.

A couple of family dinners over the weekend, dim sum with friends, a 1/2 mile swim today (finally!) and a haircut. Shortest it has been in a long time. I think she was so confused by the various colors and textures from all the chemo type drugs that she just kept cutting until it seemed somewhat uniform. I'm talking 3/4" on the back of my head (and a shaved neck) and maybe 1 1/2" where it is longest - on top. Most of the Tarceva hair is gone since I stopped taking it end of December. But you can still see the 3 week cycles of carbo on the shafts if you know what to look for.

Annette - thanks for catching the joke - and yup, Stephanie is the name.

Oh, if you happen to double the amount of butter in your banana bread? Just really good banana bread. The recipe called for 1/2 stick and my brain thought 1/2 cup (typically, 1 stick is 1/2 cup.) Oops. Really good with salty caramel and Mexican chocolate ice cream - just to lighten things up.

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Hi Stephanie,

I have been encouraging Robert for ages to get on line in LUNGevity,last week he said he had been having difficulty with the site with the "enrolement" I suggested cancergrace as a back door entry to LUNGevity,so it seems he has managed thus far.I think he mentioned,Katie B,trying to assist him,I am sure he will get here eventually.I am now off to see if I can find him in cancergrace,thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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