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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! Got back yesterday afternoon to that chilly weather in FL Ann talked about. Read Friday's Air this morning so I know things still aren't going well for you Annette. You certainly deserve a break soon. Libby, congrats on your daughter's achievements but feel for you and that 8-hr day. Bud, biking every day to work and fishing again--what could be better. Judy, hate to hear your cold/flu thing is still hanging on. Feel better soon. Anne, you know I was not happy walking down that gangplank in that chilly wind yesterday. Was wearing cropped pants but thankfully had a sweater (for protection against the AC lol). Hope I didn't miss anyone from yesterday. It will take forever to catch up. Missing posts--been there.

Judy in KW

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Welcome back, Judy! Cropped pants? I find those so hard to buy, they have to hit in the leg just right. Too short and I look like an Easter egg, too long and it looks like I just got carried away hemming my drawers... :oops:

I'm glad you had too much fun to think about the virtual world. Did you gain ten pounds from the round-the-clock feasting? I discovered room service on the last night of my cruise, lol, had I known about it early-on, I'm sure I would have needed the crew to roll me down the gangplank or use one of those giant cranes to offload me!

I have officially pulled Eric to the dark side, and am offering him up to others on FB. If you are my FB friend and I missed extending an invitation on his behalf, come on over and drop him a request from my friend list.

Well, it's Saturday, and another day home alone. I'm getting kinda tired of all this alone time. Need to get a job so I can cut the chain holding me to the kitchen, as well! On the bright side, it appears there's a Ramsay marathon on today. Appetite suppressant, for sure!

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Good Afternoon All,

I am supposted to be in beautiful Dunkeld in the Scottish Highlands just now at a curriculum development conference,but I woke up to snow this morning and the road to Dunkeld the M9 is often closed by the snow so I was not taking any chances in getting marooned up there,anyway,with my retirement coming up,do I really need to be attending these events anymore.External Verifier visit went fine yesterday,seems he is going to mention me in dispatches for a couple innovative practices I have introduced to the curriculum developement and record keeping methods,wonder if the principal will stick an extra couple of quid in my severance package.The guy stayed the whole day,me at his beck and call,providing him with the paper stuff he wanted to look at,well the good news is that is the time I will have to face an EV again,so for the biggy the HMIe,week beginning the 21st March,they have sent in their request list of personell they wish to interview on a wide rangs of topics and for the first time ever my name is not on it-three cheers,must be avoiding all those retiring?.They will still though come into my class and sit through at least one of my lessons,got a goodie lined up,setting out a building using different types of levels,laser,theodolite,automatic optical and e-staff,show the students one day indoors how to use the equipement,then the following day outdoors to set out the actual building,including setting up profile boards,hopefully it will be a bit chilly and the HMIe guy wont stay long,not that it will bother me in the slightest,nice to see these desk bound charlies feeling a wee bit uncomfortable out in the fresh air.LOL.

Welcome home JudyKW,we all missed you,come on wheres the pics and the holiday gossip?.

Oh Becky what have you done?my laptops starting to smoulder with overload,how the devil can I reply to all your friends,I am going to be here until midnight,still I am so pleased to have a new army of people to talk to and with my retiement coming up I will have loads of spare time to fill my day.

Better dash folks,just got about another 50 folks to reply to,is there anyway on facebook to write one reply that goes to 50 people?get back to you later,oh my poor two typing fingers,I will have to do a Bud and stick them into iced water to-night.

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WELCOME BACK KW JUDY!!!!! We really missed you. Would love to hear more about the vaca when you have time. I'm with you on the sweater for the AC. LOL. In the summer, I always have a sweater, because it seems no matter where I go, it's too cold inside with the Air on. I hope this is not part of getting old. :-)

Eric, welcome to the FB world! You'll figure it out soon enough and we'll help you along. Just remember this, only "friend" people you know.

Becky, too funny about the cropped pants. I call them capri's. I love them! But I have really long legs, so I don't have issues of looking like an Easter egg, or going nuts hemming long pants! LOL!

Well, I'm at Gilda's Club. It's just crazy with this Laughfest thing. Tons of calls, lots of confused people, including me! But it's lots of fun.

Take care,

MI Judy

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Glad you're back, KW Judy. Anxious to hear about your cruise, the food, activities, etc. I can't imagine not gaining tons of pounds. Hope you didn't.

Annette, hope your mother gets out of the hospital soon and the other problems disappear.

Eric, I didn't know you were on facebook - or are you a "newbie" enticed by Snowflake? Glad to see you there and hope you don't turn down my friendship request.

Lovely afternoon in the Orlando area.

Hope you all have a good weekend.


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If you want to talk to EVERYBODY, you just post it as your status, instead of posting on each individual wall. You can edit lists and separate your folks by interests. For example, I have quite a few sub-categories, for friends from high school, friends from here, friends I have as neighbors on Farmville, etc. Then, if I want to update all my LC friends, but don't want the whole world to read what I post, I set the message to only be visible to that group. It would definitely be so much easier to sit over your shoulder and show you the nuances.

One I haven't figured out is how people can type out someone's name and have it linked to that person's page.

Drop me a PM with specific questions and I'll try to give you a hand. After all, with years as an administrative assistant with people "far too busy" to learn the technical aspects of anything (computer, cell phone, etc.), I've learned to give very detailed instructions...

Oh, what a day, fly slaying again... Dang things! Discovered that the front door AND the storm door do not sit solidly in the sill, with a visible gap. Need to hit the hardware store and get some weather stripping before the skeeters hatch! The landlord will be recompensing me for that, as well as an oven knob and a part for the dishwasher.

Wow, just thinking of all that work has tuckered me out, must be time for a nap!

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I had to come back and see who has checked in. I've missed you all so much. People think I'm crazy when I talk about my online friends as though they are real--you all are, aren't you LOL.

I feel like all that relaxation has been cancelled out in a single day. I've been all day unpacking, putting away and doing laundry for the 8 hr trip on Monday morning. Tomorrow I will pack for a four-day trip. Exhausting. We're going in Stan's Excursion. Not enough time to ready the RV.

Will check in tomorrow. Doubt I'll be back again tonight. The trip info will have to wait til Monday. I'm taking my computer and mobile device for the 8 hr trip!

Judy in KW

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Hi Judy, back in KW.

Good to see you and thanks for taking time to check in. Hope the trip went well - glad you were far from Japan! I have a couple of friends 1 week into their three week vacation in Tokyo - safe at least for the moment.

We celebrated my good news by taking a spin through Costco this afternoon - yes, Saturday afternoon. Must be crazy. But I did get two books: "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" and "Blood, Bones & Butter, the inadvertent education of a reluctant chef." Both are supposed to be page turners. Good for the week ahead, though I might prefer a stupid mystery or two.

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Oh my goodness - Look at the air going today. Judy comes back and everyone gets excited and hits the air and Eric is on FB - and I slept until after noon and missed it all. I brought my mom home from the hospital yesterday and so I am now at least 1/2 relieved - believe it or not I can actually feel some of the stress leave. I'm sure it will return on Monday - next week will be the pits.

I think that stress really knocks you out - so I'm gonna DVD it tonight and relax. Tomorrow is my nephews 15th birthday - hard to believe it - I have a speech I need to write for our meeting on Tuesday - I have been thinking of many things about how everything is happening with him and I'm gonna blast some people - appropriately - which is why I need to write things down so I don't shoot fire out of my mouth (potty mouth that I can be as an X-sailor).

I will check in earlier tomorrow - it is so so good to have Judy back, good to see some good news about "ts", good to see Eric on facebook - so many things to smile about today!


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