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Monday's Air


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Good Morning everyone - getting ready to head to the high school for the meeting with the administrator then on to a long work day. It is dreary outside / heard some thundering and it looks like a rainy wintery day. Once again I did not sleep well - so this whole thing must be weighing heavy on my mind. Hopefully everyone here had good weekends to report on - good times to share, or needs us to worry for them. Anything to get the day rolling, and us exercising something (I think it may just be a finger exercise day, I tried and tried to get my brain up and it is absolutely refusing to go out in this weather.)

I'll check back in later -


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Good Afternoon All,

Just a quick post in, while I am on my lunch break.Lovely sunny spring weather at the weekend,helped Jennifer with all her gear to move into a new flat on Saturday,thank goodness it was on the first floor,I am so out of condition,its gym every day for me when I retire.Jennifer's flat mate,nice girl, is also called Jennifer.

Well they have arrived,HMIe,a whole pack of them,straining at the lead just waiting to pounce on us and bite our bums.They were in camera this morning with the senior management team,no doubt planning our downfalls.Less than half an hour to go and they will descend on us all,picking us off one at a time, at random.I am under my desk at present with my laptop,they cannot see me,behind all the cupboards,but they'll get me, they always do.They call their chat with you,a friendly professional dialogue,dont be fooled they are just waiting for you to make some claim to teaching and learning good practice,theyve got you,-prove it-comes next.You would think a dx of LC is a biggy in your life,no way HMIe visits are far worse.Mind you, I am about to retire,so sod off,oh my,you dont think they will have access to see what I am posting here in my laptop?.Catch you all later,paranoia rules OK.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 64 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 82. It's mostly cloudy, but not supposed to rain.

Rose, along with her sister and Marie, headed to west Texas Saturday morning to visit her parents. She's supposed to be back some time today.

I went fishing Saturday and brought home 12 Lake Aquilla crappie. Yesterday, I did a 65 mile bike ride from home. That gave me a total of 186 miles for last week, a good mileage week.

With spring arriving, I need to start getting in lots of weeks with that kind of mileage. It will help me shed these winter extra pounds I'm still carrying.

Have a great day, all!

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Hi there!

Well, Annette, I'm with you on the weather front. We are grey, and rainy. Last night we had some pretty good lightning and thunder. Odd for us this time of year. Now we're under a winter weather advisory, for rain turning to ice. Just normal spring stuff.

Had a huge full moon last night. Well, I guess we all had that huh? If it's full, it's full, here in MI or in Scotland. LOL! It was beautiful.

Well, I didn't make it out for the making of the giant smile yesterday. It was about 36, with howling winds, and rain. Randy called and advised me "do not come out, it is miserable here." And with it being downtown, in the City, parking was an issue, and expensive! So I stayed home all comfy and warm, and he came home and laid under the blankets for a long while trying to warm back uip!

Well, I think I can finally say "the cold is almost over." LOL. Almost is key word. But I am feeling good enough, I think, to finally get my gear going to start a new life process. I no longer do the other volunteer job. I"m still with Gida's, and a lung cancer mentor which is good. But I want to get an exercise program going.

Ack! Annette, can you believe I said that? Here's the deal. At the volunteer job, I had to run up and down stairs about 100 times a day. It was so good for me. Last week, I had to go downstairs and when I came back up, I struggled! So I am going to force myself to work on the stairs, and walking (as much as my foot can take). In addition, I think I'll add some rubber band exercises. I have an exercise ball, and those giant rubber bands. I got them a long time ago, when I got therapy for a bad back. I have the exercises too, so I'm going to blow about 4 years (pre LC) worth of dust off them and get back at it. I have to do something to improve my wind.

So, hoping this is a good week for all. Take care,

Judy in MI

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Morning All! Have no idea what went on here after I left yesterday. It was an awful day. I showered, dressed and put on a little make-up to go to town and then said, no I just can't do it. Shook my poor husband up big time. Of course he had to go to the Investment Club meeting without me. Today is better so I got at it this morning and got some things done. Now I'm down for awhile.

I got tentative start-up dates for our two April jobs in PA. That freed me up to call Dr Tseng and ask to move my scans (CT and MRI) up to the first week of May. I also told her I would do my first taxotere infusion then. Sigh. I do feel better mentally having made the decision. I also called and made an appointment with my PCP this week. I need to go over my scans with him and have him give me a pep talk. He always makes me feel better. I also am hoping he can help me with a new perspective on this bowel issue.

Annette, hope the meeting at school goes well. I'm assuming it's about getting your nephew back in school. Let us know how it goes.

Eric, you're panic over the current review makes me smile with recognition. It sounds like our equivalent to the SACS (Southern Accreditation of Colleges and Schools) that I underwent with St Leo College. Can't believe how they scare the jebbies out of grown people.

Judy sounds like you're getting back on track. I need to start up with my Gym again. Problem is, I do it for about a week and then feel lousy or have to travel and it's start all over again. I have one in the pull out of the RV but I really don't like it. It's lighter and less expensive but the problem is it's too close to the ground. No easy way to raise it either.

Bud, hope the trip Rose and her sister made with Marie went well. Family visits can be great or stressful. Hope it was a good one.

Weather-wise, we are having some odd stuff too. Out of nowhere the wind whips up and continues to blow. The temps are getting milder but the winds are more reminiscent of winter.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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LOL, I didn't know what happened after I left here yesterday? I was never here in the first place. I told you it was a very bad day.

Lily, I admire you for all you do. Just don't over-do with this coming fundraiser.

Judy in KW

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...and once again, it's Monday.

Taxes are almost completed, haven't received a call to go sign them yet, but the CPA called me yesterday to run the numbers past me and see which way I wanted to file, joint or separate. One thing off the list, a mere million more to go.

I'm hoping to get through today without a migraine. Of the last week, five days brought in a headache with major migraines the last three. Not fun.

Did I mention I now have my dog? Got her from the ex- last week. Love her to death, but got her at the beginning of mud season and am living in a newly set building site, so there is no grass, just varying textures of grunge. Nice... But when the feet are dry, she's just a snuggle bunny and fit in as if she'd been here all along.

Gee, Eric, when I was laid off, I think the (masochistic) boss was really hoping I'd cry. I just kept telling myself "it's just a job, won't kill you, you've been whipping lung cancer for a few years now, you can get through this, too"... Not one drop! Nah-nah-nah...LOL

Oh to fall into a job the way I fell out...wish it could happen.

Supposed to be decently warm today, back below freezing the rest of the week. Wonderful...

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