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Thursday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 66 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 86. We're supposed to be in for storms this evening, just ahead of a cold front.

This week is dragging for me. A sure way to make a work week drag is to have vacation days off scheduled for the following week.

My scavenger hunt assignment for today after work is to find some vermiculite. What would I be doing with that?

I hope things are going fine at the hospital, KW Judy. Give us an update when you can. Have a great day, all!

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It was chilly as I ... drove to work this morning. I did not want to get up - but I thought it might turn out to be a good day - since yesterday ended on a good note for me anyway. The foster care people indicated that it was time to start working on reintroducing Marco back into the grandmothers. I'm thinking - oh boy, oh boy - I will be able to crawl into my pajamas at 5 p.m. and watch stupid tv tomorrow night. Well it made for one happy night anyway.

Called my mom this morning to remind her to get some school work for the kid next "spring break" week - - and she said she was on her way out to the doctor could I kindly call....Ok - here we go - her chest is so congested she is having difficulty breathing - I'm gonna sit here and wait for the "I'm checking myself into the hospital"..... no 5p.m. slugfest for me I'm betting...sigh.

(Let me just say that yes, I am the one with cancer - but if you saw me and my mom in a foot race - I would win - she might be the only person on earth I could beat in a race of any kind - but I am confident I'd cross that finish line first - - just don't put it too far away cause she can barely walk from one end of a 40ft long apartment to the other.)

And - not that I'm pulling an Eric and writing a book - but ... I called the school counselor - and she said all of the kids work was on the internet for World History...okay says I - I can go and pull that. College educated I am and I am on the computer all day as you can tell from my posts here and the number of games I play on Facebook. It appears that I am computer illiterate - I cannot understand how to read that teachers postings - what dates anything is / was due - and I will mention here that History may not be my favorite subject - what a nightmare - I'm gonna have to get the kid to explain it to me. Wonderful.

Worst of all - I have not heard from Judy - but my mom told me that she totally understood why they would want to keep her in the hospital - because just draining the fluid wouldn't make them happy - they would want to make sure that they were able to control it so it just didn't happen again. Makes sense I guess - but I would still like to hear that she is doing better.

I'll check back in later


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Morning all!

Bud, I'm thinking you'll be doing some gardening this weekend with that vermiculite? What are you planting?

Annette, let's do double duty worrying about Judy.

The weather here looks like it can't make up it's mind. Typical. Grey clouds with hints of sunshine. In the 40's now, supposed to get to low 50's. That feels really warm to us these days. Nice.

Meeting my brother for some lunch and business advice. We have an idea for a new business to start up and I want to get his thoughts on it. He is a year older than me, but ran his own business quite successfully. He retired at age 52, and is doing well.

Then off to Gilda's Club! They asked me to mentor another new member with lung cancer. I reached out in email as she didn't want to talk on the phone. So we shall see if I get to make a new friend.

Well, I'm off! Have a good rest of the day

Judy in MI

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KW Judy, I log in after a 10-day absence and you are pulling the "hospital" card? Seriously? I'm betting you found a great bargain on a cruise and are sailing the seas, dancing the night away with Stan and gorging yourself continuously. We'll talk diet when you dock! "Draining fluid"? Isn't that Hollywood talk for liposuction? You cheater!

I truly hope you are getting better and all fixed up after this oil change, girlfriend! Get back and less us know that you're back up for the high-kick can-can of the "Kicking Cancer's *ss Chorus Line"!

The weather here has been so up and down - low 80's last week and back down to the low 40's this week. Sure does make a girl feel like a Popsicle one minute and a steamed carrot the next! I am now taking two coats wherever I go, one for just wind and the standard winter coat. A girl just can't win!

In two weeks, I have lost a total of five pounds. Of course, I'm having issue sticking with the strict diet, should have lost about eleven pounds by now, but chocolate keeps calling my name. Cooking dinner for the guys while I'm on a steamed chicken and veggies diet is another test for me that I have been miserably failing. Crap.

Off to find something healthy for lunch, while the night owls sleep. Hubby is now on third shift, and I hate it. I sleep alone and then have to be quiet in the house all day so he can sleep. I really need to vacuum - or someone does, anyway. Whatever, if I wait long enough, I can call the carpet "shag" instead of "dirty"... :roll:

Later, kids! Play nice.

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Hi Bud,

Just getting ready to go to the bowling,love a quiz,vermiculite-insulation material,granular form-you are going to insulate your loft?

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Evening All! I do believe vermilculite is that small puffy white stuff you put in soil to help it hold water longer. At least it was when I was still gardening.

Have exhausted my time sitting at the computer but had to come in and read and let everyone know things are going well. Wendy came and stayed and well, with the two of us, never a dull moment. This morning they moved us to another room on another floor. I swear we didn't do anything wrong. The day was fraught with mishaps but I finally got my fluid drained around 4 pm. 4 liter bottles and half of a fifth bottle--took off more than 8 pounds of fluid. How's that for a good start on my diet Becky lol. Will stay over again tonight and hopefully get chemo tomorrow and get released tomorrow afternoon/evening. I don't count on anything right now so I'm prepared to be flexible. Yeah, right.

Have a good evening. Will try to check in again tomorrow.

Judy in KW

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Wow, KW Judy, over 8 pounds of fluid! I hope getting it drained makes you feel a whole lot better, and I'm thinking it will.

Bud, I'm thinking you'll be doing some gardening this weekend with that vermiculite? What are you planting?

That's exactly right. We're going to do the Square Foot Gardening thing, and it calls for 1/3 vermiculite in the raised box.

And vermiculite is getting harder to find because of its connection to, of all things, lung cancer. Does anyone remember the Libby vermiculite mine fiasco?

The vermiculite from that mine had asbestos in it. I don't think vermiculite from anywhere else has had asbestos, but it scared all the big chain stores like Lowe's and Home Depot, and they don't carry it any more.

But the feed store right here in Crowley had it, so I didn't have to go far to get some. We're still deciding what we'll plant, MI Judy.

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