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Another interesting subject from South Africa

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When excavation started for the Bedford Dam where I work a very exciting discovery was made of a large fossil. As the excavating and also part of the construction continued further finds were made. Some of these fossils could be first time finds.

Quite a few tons of rock were removed to a university for furthe investigation.

There are some very well preserved specimens of both plant eating and also predator animals. Two large fossilised trees were also found.

So who says construction is boring.



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Hi Ronnie,

oh I just love stories about new fossil finds,one of the reasons I am going to Montana,I may even join in a dinosaur dig,anything else you discover about these finds please post in.Is there a link to the uni the finds were taken to?

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We had a stopage of about 1 month at the one area where most of the really good finds were made. They removed large rocks and took it to an area for checking.

Well the dam is complete and all are happy with what they found.

Post again later


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