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Marisa Update


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Hello everyone. I'm sure that alot of you won't remember me but I'm also sure that alot of you will. September 2009 I was diagnosed stage 4 with a 3.5 cm tumour metted to my brain. By November I was totally psychotic and had to be hospitalised for weeks and weeks as a result of that. Mid January I was released from hospital only to be rushed back a week later for emergency surgery to remove the brain tumour. The surgery was successful and there has been no reoccurance. The little beast has though decided to travel to my liver and breast but thank God it stayed away from the brain. I am considerably weaker and weigh in at 81 lbs now but my quality of life is GOOD! I have no pain whatsover and never have except for the discomfort after the brain surgery but that passed. I have no regrets whatsover that I chose no treatment and often wonder if I would still be here if I had chosen treatment. All the best to all!


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MARISSA!!!!!!!! So nice to hear great news about you!!!! Got ME misty eyed so happy now!!! Time fora ben and Jerrys diet to get some weight on ya huh!!! :):wink: Glad your doing well and know a lot of folks will be happy to hear this news today!!!!

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I am so happy to see your post. I have been meaning to write to you but I have been very busy. You my friend are a miracle. It is good to know that you are in no pain and that your spirits are high. I think about you often and you are always in my prayers.

I am working right now on a new project. Sense most of my neighbors are seniors and disabled people we have never been able to participate in Relay For Life. This year we have started the first ever team to Rock for life instead of walk. On May 13th we will have rockers in our recreation hall and our team will take turns rocking. We will follow all of the other activities that the Relay does. So far our 10 team members have passed our goal of $12 by about $300. We still have a month to go.You are one of the reasons I am working so hard for this. Take care my friend.

Love Lillian

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Hi Marissa,

I was not around this place in 2009, but am pleased to "meet" you. It's good to read how well you've done. And you are right, who knows what would have happened if you chose treatment.

My Mom was Stage IV, with brain mets. She took care of the mets with radiation, and refused any other treatment. I'm convinced she bought herself some quality valuable time by doing that. I was very proud of her for being brave enough to do that.

Judy in MI

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Marisa, so good to see you! Congratulations on the extension of your quality of life. You are an inspiration.

Have been thinking of you lately and even clicked on a thread on Grace with your name but it was a caregiver. Thanks for the update. I really appreciate it.

Judy in Key West

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