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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Don't really know what to say. No humor here but I am really enjoying the humor from my friends onsite. Thanks.

I feel pretty awful. I went to bed at 6:30 pm and got up at 4:30 am. Was wakeful all night but didn't want to get up until Stan did. Bless him and morning tea.

This morning's problem has been consistent ongoing gas pains now moving into naseau. Time for Zofran. Wendy consulted with a surgeon who recommended a stick on collection bag vs any kind of tube. She delivered and put it on yesterday. I didn't have a great day but tolerable. It seemed like the insertion site had sealed and no drainage all day and night. It was driving me crazy and I had Stan take it off this morning so of course, I'm spotting drainage again. Sigh. I'm tired and miserable and hope for a better day tomorrow.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in Port St Lucie

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Although I'm glad to see your post - I so wish you were feeling better - but it sounds like the drainage is slowing to a trickle so that will be a good thing - then the next thing to not concentrate on is the nausea. I'm betting it is just like seasickness it can overwhelm you and once it has you in its grip it's hard to shake it. I would gladly take it for you if I could.

I am at work and should be feeling great because I am not stuck at home with the kid (poor keith). Since my mom is in the hospital he is back at my house and not working on re-entering her house. Lord knows what will happen Monday at court since both the Foster Care Prevention Person and the Probation Officer found out she was in the hospital. So again I will have to bring his self to work with me tomorrow and leave early to get him to the counseling session at 4p.m. - What worries me is after court on Monday - when the bracelet comes off and he still has 4 more weeks of counseling.

Anyway - things are hopping here at work - so I have to run - I'll check back later.


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Hello from South Africa

Went to my daughters graduation yesterday. First I went to work as normal, had a wastefull meeting and then drove to Johannesburg, its about 4 hours at 70 mph.

Arrived just in time to get changed and off to the university.

First took our own photos outside and then went for proffessional photo's inside.

We all entered the hall and the graduates sat to one side in some sort of order.

The ceremony got under way and after the boring speaches the candidates were called to order and started the graduation in ernest.

In past times it was a rather quiet affair with only clapping. Now its cat whistles and loud congratulations. It started with the blacks as they are very vocal and the whites and others all joined in. It was actually a very pleasant evening. Afterwards we went for supper at a restuarant. Now this is where it got interesting. There were my two daughters an d a very good friend of the family and her two daughters, so I was the only male. All the girls were very happy and it showed by the noise they made and even had the manager running around serving them.

We left at about 1030 and got home at 11 pm. After a quick shower I went to bed.

I had to get up at 4 to get back to the site as it seems as though everything goes word not allowed-eyed when I go away.

Anyway got to site just after 8 and 123 all the problems were sorted out and then I did a quick trip to our town of residence to get some drivers eyes tested. Then back to site. One good thing is that today at 5 we close and only restart work on the morning of the 3rd May. Hows that for a mid year break.

Done all my weekly and monthly reports and so I can sit back and relax.

Have a wonderful Easter Break all of you and I hope all news is good..


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Good morning!

Judy, I hope the Zofran helps take that nausea away. I so remember my chemo days. I slept whenever I could, and my sleeping hours varied from day time and up all night and then the other way around. I just let it tell me when to rest. My nausea was kept fairly under control, but it was always there, in the background. With the metal taste in my mouth and that, it made it difficult to try to eat anything.

Annette, do you think you may be heading towards getting custody of your nephew? I seem to remember you posting some time in the past that your sister died. Is he her son? I'm worried for you and hope and pray that whatever happens, it will be good for you and Keith.

Ronnie, thanks for sharing the graduation story. Sounds like it was a lot of fun! Your work schedule sounds grueling, but then you said you are on holiday until May so that's not so bad! Enjoy.

It's another cold, rainy day here. The winds died down so at least when I leave my car I'm not being PELTED by the rain.

I'm sitting here looking outside at the birds. I noticed a large bird sitting very high in the trees, which told me it was likely a hawk. They sit very high over looking their world when looking for a tasty bite. Anyway, he was looking intensely at my bird feeders that were laden with yellow finches, red winged black birds, sparrows, and doves. It certainly had to be tempting for him. But I've seen hawk dive toward the feeders and they go so fast they inevitably hit the house. He may have experienced that before, so he decided to fly off and look for breakfast elsewhere!

I have to say that I'm not liking my husband being around all the time. It's totally messing with my schedule. He has his schedule, and I don't know it. So right now, I planned on showering and getting ready and he is, so I'm here. I'll be running late for Gilda's Club, but I can't really tell him he can't do what he's doing when he has a business appointment.

I have decided that if he does decide to go into business for himself, the office must be moved downstairs. It would be a giant job to dismantle book cases, etc., but everything I do has to go around if he is on a phone call, keep the dogs quiet, don't watch TV, etc. The biggest one is the dogs. I don't watch a lot of TV, but if a show is on that I'm interested in, I can't watch it if he is here.

Not complaining, but kind of am. LOL

Judy in MI

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To answer Judy (MI) - yes he is my sister's son and she died in 2003 from a drug related illness at the young age of 43 (she was my younger sister until then cause I am still 29) - he was only 6 at the time and my mom got guardianship of him. Sometimes of late I have the sinking horrible feeling that it will not be long before I have to find a place for mom and take him or find a place for all of us because my mom just seems to be losing her mind.

Honestly after last night I don't think I can handle that kid being mine full time without some kind of mind altering stress stopping medication. Since he was supposed to start staying with my mom I had moved his ADHD medication to her safe - so I had to go get it yesterday morning and I grabbed a Zyrtec for him too. Then I totally forgot and said something later about oh my I think I gave him one of my Ambien. So the little .... turd ..... went to group and the group leader said he was acting jittery - and he said it was because his aunt gave him Adderal and Ambien this morning. Well last night, you would be proud, I did not kill him - I went over to my mom's and played on her computer and thought about it til I realized that I pulled his stuff from her safe and I checked and regained my sanity (which somehow I think we must lose when teenagers are breathing the same air). I now realize I wouldn't have given him any of my drugs in the morning because I don't take anything during the day - I only take stuff at night - so he's a silly rabbit and I am gonna take his Trix away.

Now what was I talking about - hmm - I'll be back I seem to have lost my mind and I must walk around and find it before anyone notices.


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Oh my, haven't posted for awhile and so much has happened.

Judy KW, I have all things crossed that you start to feel better. My daughter and her family are in Port St. Lucie this week at a 'club Med???' Coming home tomorrow.

Annette, I inherited my husband's son when his mother could no longer handle him. It was a time of great stress. He died last year at only 43 from all the damage he had done to his heart from drugs/alcohol. My dear Earl had great sadness about him.

Judy, first you article was amazing. Being a caregiver is not for the faint of heart. However, being a wife of a retired or work at home husband is grounds for justifiable homicide.

I am not having a good week. My water heater broke before I got up yesterday morning, so I took a cold shower and could not wash my hair. People in work were quite frightened. Got home from work and my laptop had died. Only 1 1/2 years old, guy in work says it is probably the power supply.

I had to spend $$$ on things like a new roof, a water heater, etc. I like to spend $$$ on vacations, new clothes etc. Hahaha, not for a while.

Becky - hair, Annette - hair spray = my mother once brushed her teeth with tile grout and took a hair coloring (the purple stuff that took the yellow out of gray hair) pill as a vitamin.

Gotta go back to work, need to pay for the hot shower I had this morning.

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Good Evening All,

Another lovely warm and sunny day today,looking forward to the Easter Weekend,weather forecast says this spell is to last through the holiday weekend.Actually woke up this morning at 3am-couldnt sleep-so decided to post in Wednesday Air whilst you were all still in Tuesday,one hour later,just as I was closing I touched the space bar and -woosh-post gone??.Started again now,into the post 15 mins and -woosh- gone again,think laptop will become skyward out my window, if it happens again.

Now what was I writing this morning?,wish I would write things down instead of making it up as I go along.Well I told my work mates about my leaving date of Fri May 13th,well actually Sat 14th,got to stay and officate and judge the inter-college competition-20 coming so far-we have arranged for the students accompanying lecturers to visit Rennie MacIntosh's designed School of Art (world renowned for its architectural style)would have preferred them to visit the new Museum of Transport (still under construction) £70 odd million to build,but it dosnt open until June.Anyway big retiral night out to prepare for,meal and speeches,39 years of teaching I do have a few anedotes to share with my buddies.Another popular thing these nights have introduced is the computer projector,old pics of the retiree at various times in their lives,put on a continuous loop.Just got to find a suitable and convenient venue to suit my guests,mind you maybe only Bill will want to come,and I am not very sure about him either.

Annette sorry to hear about your Mum being unwell again,hope she gets well soon as.You mentioning Scottish Castles has found my next challenge,may take a bit of time,well I will have some spare shortly LOL,first group-Invarary,Loudon and Culzean Castles all of them within easy reach of Airdrie.I dont know if you knew this or not,but,President Eisenhower was gifted by the Scottish people in gratitude for his efforts during WW11,the upper floor level of Culzean Castle,its the most beautiful of Castles-Google it and see,its very setting is also spectacular.Ike actually did visit the castle and referred to it as his Scottish White House.

Hi Judykw I am really sorry to hear about your health probs,hopefully you are beginning to mend,there is nothing worse feeling nauseous,it can really get you down,nice to hear Stan and Wendy have been taking good care of you.

Hi Stephanie,sorry to hear about your step-sister,I must have missed your news about your participation in the Race for Grace event,has a nice ring to it dont you think?take it easy dont go spraining ankles now.Wish you well for your chemo session the following day and that everything runs smoothly.

Hi Bud Enjoying your holiday?,think you were really needing this one in particular,hope the fish are biting, and you and Rose can get some relaxing time in.

Hi JudyMI hope the goulash night went well,cooking for 30 ? oh dear,if it were left to me it would have been jam butties.

Becky sorry I wasnt about for the chicken cult sagas,sounds right up my street.

Time to go,I have bored you enough,sorry if I missed anyone,good night all.

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Okay - Eric - first I was laughing when you said you had a "few anecdotes" - I'm thinking 39 years of teaching and some of the stories you have shared here - few - nope doesn't fit - maybe a gynormous amount (not even a word - but it would be a number larger than enormous).

And I have to ask what exactly would jam and "butties" be...

Have you firmed up any of your travel plans - drop me a pm so we know exactly how long we get to entertain you - keith is anxious to make plans. History - Annette - sigh.


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Good Morning Annette,

8.25am here sitting at my office desk,quiet before the storm at 9.00am.Jam butties? and its partner chip butty (might end ie?).UK is very class conscious particularly England,working class,middle class and upper class,everything you do,say,schools attended you name it,you will be pigeon holed into one of them,I spent my life trying to ignore this.Working class would say toilet,you say rest room,middle and upper class lavoratory,etc middle class would not eat jam or chip butties,that bread spread with a layer of butter then a layer of fruit jam,or alternatively bread,butter and filled with french fries-delicious,so I guess I am working class(bet the queen enjoys jam and chip butties but it is kept as a state secret).

Well I arrive in Philly on Sat 2nd July forget the time,3.00pm ish I think-will check later,probably stay overnight in Philly travel by train to Richmond Sunday,certainly want to share July the 4th with you,how long will you have to entertain me? how long is a bit of string?methinks you might put me on the next train back after only ten minutes in my company LOL,anyway my intention is to entertain you,in my kilt and wee short peely wally hairy legs.I will post again to-night after the bowling.Bye.Did you Google Culzean Castle?

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