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Darrell is still a Survivor!

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Hello, some of you might remember me, others I'm sure don't know me. I just wanted to let every one know that my husband is still cancer free. He was a stage 3B back in 2003.

This website really was my life line in keeping my sanity and gave me soo much support and education on LC..

Darrell has been released now and they aren't even doing CT Scans anymore. This kind of makes us nervous but they will do one anytime he feels the need for one. They said no reason for him to get anymore radiation than he already has had. They consider him cured.. but it is always in the back of our minds.. but we live our life now to the fullest!

My only advice is ask, ask and ask.. always know what is going on and what your options are and to KEEP A POSITIVE MIND! I know at times that is almost impossible to do, but I believe it helps.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you that are battling cancer or have a loved one with it. Stay Strong!!

Love to all of you that helped me through my horrible time and gave me the truth and support that I needed to help get my husband and myself through it. I will always be so grateful! :D

Christy Rinker

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I rememeber ~ I joined over a year after you, but recall reading all your posts as I, too, was dx'd 3B. Congrats to you both. I so understand the anxious feeling of not being checked out anymore. I now am on yearly visits and that makes me feel less than confident. I am going to send you a PM as I THINK perhaps I have you in my email buddy list. Not sure, but will check it out. So........for this moment I am toasting you both with a nice glass of merlot!!!!


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Thanks for the toast! I am so glad to see you are a suvivor also.. I hope and pray for your continued Good Health! Like my husband says even though he has aches and pains from getting older, at least he is getting older! We now have one 3 year old grandson and his daughter is expecting another baby in Nov. 2011. They live with us. Our grandson Kyler is such a joy to my husband and I.

I will look for your pm...


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TS, ,


I will say a special prayer for you and your family!

Just don't ever give up! I didn't think my husband had a chance but he beat the odds and so can you and others!


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Good Morning Christy,

Its a pleasure to meet you,missed you first time round.I just want to thank you for returning here to give us an update on Darren,I am so pleased for him with his continued success,it is just music to my ears.Wishing you both many more years of sharing the joys of life to-gether.

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Christy, congratulations to both of you. What a wonderful outcome.

Darren's cancer journey was before my time but it's uncanny that he's the second or third person whose recent update was positive and included the dx "3b." Yes, that's me too and I'm sucking up all this positive news to bolster my positive attitude. I've had a recent downturn and really need this. Thanks.

Judy in KW

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I'm glad there is still people here that remember us!

I remember too well how important it is to hear the suvivor testimonials! It gives us hope and everyone needs hope and a positive outlook! My husband refused to change his life because of his cancer, he continue d his routines and even drank his beer at night until the radiation made his throat to sore and then he switched to wine. Even when he was too weak he still went to all of his sons football games. Lots of time it was against what I thought was best for him, I was able to talk him into wearing a mask which wasnt easy.

I think in some ways his cancer was harder on me if thats possible, I was so worried about losing him that I couldnt even enjoy the little time I thought we had left. Someone sent me an email from this site calling me out on it, in a way that it made me open my eyes and realize I was wasting valuable time and I didnt even realize that I was doing that. I printed her email out and read it all the time and it made me quit focusing on the negative and truely live the life we still had. I was behaving as if he was already gone. I just couldnt see past the gloom that comes with this horrible disease. I was letting it ruin the time we still had! I will always be grateful to that person that opened my eyes to that . I know I still have that letter somewhere.

I know I don't come on this site much, but it was my life line and almost my only support system! This site truely kept my sanity! Thank you so much for being here when people have no where else to turn!

My love, thoughts and prayers are with all of you!


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