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Friday's AIR


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Who Hoo! For those that go to work, this is the last day! Yeah!

I'm up quite early (3:30AM). Obviously thinking about my 3:30PM meeting with my Onc.

On the one hand, I'm excited to hear that nothing grew and to "go forth and live". On the other hand, I'm ready to hear that it might be time for the next "fight of my life". Either way is okay, just thinking about how much my life will change if it is time to fight again.

No matter what, it is still time to "go forth and live". It is just that one way is easy, the other way involves strength and stamina that I need to muster again.

My life is good, and I've been very blessed. If it is the "fight" time, I'm ready. I'm in good health, and able to tolerate whatever they have planned for me.

I hope all of you have plans to go out today and live fully, without fears, or trepidations. Life is short. Let's do all we can to make it as full and meaningful as possible.

It's way too early to be up, so I'm going back to bed to get a few more hours of peaceful snoozing!

Take care. I'll be back soon with an update!

Hugs and love to you all.

Judy in MI

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Good Morning All,

On holiday for the next four days,weather changed,typical,overcast but a least is warm and dry.Going into Glasgow just to avoid the royal wedding,it will be on all the TV channels and newspapers,I am such a republican in this respect,I only believe in a meritocracy,not people by accident of birth being superior and it grates that we are officially designated subjects to her majesty and all her extended family of aristocrats(hundreds of them-all getting a cut of the tax payers cash).I want to be recognised as a citizen of the UK,thought in my lifetime all this would disapear into oblivion.Well thats my rant of the day,sorry about that.

My sister Irenes son Craig is getting married to Lorna in June (Mia's Mum and Dad).Funny how nowadays you have children then you get married?.Lorna is English so will enjoy all her Scots male guests wearing kilts.I am thinking of buying rather than hiring and it takes six weeks to have one tailor made.I am officially entitled to wear the Clan MacLaren tartan with my mother being a Paterson,which is a sept of the MacLaren's,I will google it to see what it looks like, since I really liked the one I wore to the Oran Mor last Christmas,it is called Bannockburn after King Robert the Bruce.

After my shopping going up to my sister Dots house,her husband is down loading all the episodes of Spartacus,I missed it just being in TV recently because I thought it repeats of the last series Blood in Sand,this is a new series Gods of the Arena,I dont think Jims downloading is kosha, so dont tell on me dont really want to spend time in prison.

My parking fine I have decided not to pay,since they made a mistake in my registration number and I did try to pay it online but there is no fine against my car only one against the registration they created by mistake,OK I might end up in jail with this one,but I prefer to have a little bit of fun with them,see if they can get their act together?.

Well have a good day all,hope today passes quickly for all you workers,may get back tonight,bye.

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Morning All! There was a bit of light in the window when I got up today. Was really glad. Am tired of getting up while it's still dark.

Judy, you know we will be waiting here for your results. Just know it's going to be o.k. Where of where is Libby. I know she's a first class worrier will to take that on for any of us. Post the results as soon as you can.

Eric, Stan and I think all this US press over that wedding is rubbish. Can't believe people get all heeped up over such things. I do understand your feelings about the tax dollars. Goodness knows we in the US are outraged where many of ours are going.

I'm tired today. Hate to think the outing to the Cancer Center wore me out. It is stressful though. Their two tiny parking lots are a nightmare, especially when there is only one spot left. I had to work really hard to get in and out. I'd forgotten to take my backup paperwork with me so when the nurse asked if I'd had a recent scan, I almost flipped. I called and confirmed they'd received my stuff by somehow it never got scanned in their computer. Then I had to leave without a chemo appointment. The receptionist would email Audrey and she would call me. Just happened Audrey was right there and we actually walked out together. Oh, I hate that place!

Got all that off my chest. Thanks. Have a great day.

Judy in KW

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Well even though you all seem to not be into the Royal Wedding - My DVR came on a 4a.m. this morning! I won't get to watch it til late tonight since going to see the Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast - exciting!

But before that I have to sit here at work all day with toothpicks holding my eyes open cause I am tired tired tired. (Don't know why). I have a bit of work to get going on - maybe that will put me to sleep...wait wake me up. No I guess I better get smart about this and walk across the hall and make a pot of coffee.

Of course if it was 5p.m. and I was on the way home I would be wide awake....

Better get busy,


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Just had to pop back in and have a voice about that wedding too. Eric, I totally agree with you. Who are these people? How did they get so filthy rich when they basically do nothing of value? It's amazing to me to even consider a Monarchy.

Now all we'll hear about for days is Harry this, whats her name that. I can't even remember..................oh wait....I think it's Kate? Ack. Who cares.

Off to Bible study.

Judy in MI

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Am getting like you Annette. Had to come online to check with our accountant about fixing a screw-up I made with the bank and just had to pop in when I'm supposed to be working lol. It's o.k. if you are into the wedding. Just means you are still a romantic and there is nothing wrong with that.

Judy, you are obviously not into the wedding. The groom is William not Harry lol. Good you are doing Bible study before your test results. Should help.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 55 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 86. I rode to work all five days this week, in spite of having to dodge some storms.

MI Judy, I know what you mean about shrinking in height. I was about 5' 11" for many years. With my spine now shaped like a mountain road, I'm closer to 5' 9" these days.

Eric, here's what happened with the Spartacus series. Just before they were scheduled to start shooting the second season, the star, Andy Whitfield, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. So, while he was getting chemo treatments, they delayed the regular season 2, and made the six episode prequel, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, which was set 5 years before season 1.

Just after they started work on season 2 again, Whitfield's cancer recurred. So, they delayed again, and they're going to replace him this time. It seems unbelievable that someone in the kind of shape he is could be diagnosed with cancer, then recurrent cancer, but as we here all know too well, it happens.

Let us know the good news about your scan as soon as you get it, MI Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Good Evening All,

Its 8.40pm,just home from my Glasgow shopping,left Sally at home she is in my black books again,unable to go to work on Thursday,firm told her not to come back in on Friday,had to scour the house before leaving for money and alcohol.Well from a not promising weather front this morning the sun burnt off the cloud cover leaving us with a glorious sunny day,I just love the buzz of the city,its shopping precincts full of happy shoppers,the street entertainers,one group in particular they call themselves Clandonia,three guys with big old fashioned drums they beat the living daylights out of and a piper,they make you want to dance in the street,I saw them previously at Christmas doing a show in George Square,I even bought their cd which I often play driving in my car.

Went into this Kilt shop to enquire about hiring or buying a kilt,well since I want to wear one for my American holiday for seven weeks buying is the cheaper option.I asked to see the Bannockburn one I wore to the Oran Mor night at Christmas last,amazingly,he said the designer of that kilt does not allow it to be sold,its only for hire??.So I searched to books and found one a close match,well decision time-he gave me a price,which I hummed a bit about-OK he said I will throw in the jacket free of charge,thats my boy,its a deal.I asked if it could be ready for 11th of June (Craigs wedding) said if it isnt ready in time,he will give me a free hire of any kilt ensomble in his shop,isnt that nice?

Where to next?,tummies rumbling,off to the recently refurbished indoor shopping mall called Princes Square,its just beautiful,dont shop here unless you have a load of cash,prices here are not for me,but the food cafes are great,I had a lovely Italian meal and a Peroni for less than £20,which is very reasonable here.Did some more wandering the streets,bought a new USB (8GB)going up to Dots for Jim to download the Spartacus 1st series.Spent the remainder of my time at Dots,downside she loves royal weddings and she kept the TV on to watch the replays,well I didnt complain,as Jim took away my USB and downloaded Spartacus.

Bud,I didnt know that about Andy Whitfield,such a shame particularly with him now having to be replaced,I love John Hannah playing Batticus he is Scottish you know,makes a perfect villian.Mind you its a bit rude and violent,but like the Godfather films they make for good viewing,I will put it off if the Minister arrives.

Judy MI,thanks for the giggle mixing up Harry with William sure Kate would be suitably horrified at the very idea.

JudyKW,I have Libby's home email address and have e-mailed her twice over the months,even just to tell me she is OK and just taking some time out,but sadly she hasnt replied,it does make me feel a bit uneasy.

Well that's all folks (now where have I heard that before?)oops before I go Hi Annette I hadnt forgotten you,hope you will enjoy Beauty and the Beast later tonight,checking my watch-think you have 2-3 hours to go,it is tonight?isnt it?.Bye

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I will be leaving work shortly and we will be off to eat dinner at a new Mexican restaurant that just opened. Then it's to one of the parking garages for Virginia Commonwealth University. The theater is a right across the street from the garage so not even a long walk. I am so excited. When we went and saw Wicked I got a Flying Monkey toy - I have to keep it in the drawer because my cat will play with any stuffed animals. Keith gave me a little bunny for Easter and that thing is never where I leave it. The cat has been known to open the drawers in my dresser and pull everything out so I have to be careful where I put things he might like.

Hmmm - kilt.... humm seven weeks..... note to self - there will be no tourist sites for Eric that involve walking up open stairways. LOL - Keith is supposed to stop on the way home from work and pick up a bunch of brochures so we can make up some plans for Eric to pick his favorite from - - I'm so looking forward to July now.

Oh and I had the television recorder set to start at 4 a.m. - so after the show - I just might watch the royal wedding - I am one of those sappy girls - I read on-line where at the alter he whispered to her that she looked beautiful - isn't that sweet. Thank goodness he looks more like his mum than dad.

Guess I better get myself on the way home for a fun night out,


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