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Thursday's Air


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I posted on the wrong day. So came back to open the Air for today. I guess I am slipping up on a few things lately. :oops: Anyway here is my post from yesterday that should have been for today.

Hi it's been a while. I thought I should drop in and check on everyone. Annette sorry to hear that your mom is not doing well. I will pray that she is better soon. It is so hard watching and feeling helpless when someone you love is in danger.

I was hoping to see a post from KW Judy. Have seen nothing of her on facebook and know that she is on treatment again. I hope she will post soon. As always she and so many others are in my prayers.

I have wondered about you Bud. Looks like you are in some small spot between the violet weather and the fires. Stay safe and keep up the great exercise you get on that bike. I am still walking every day but some days not as far.

I am sure that those of you on facebook have seen my report on our rock a thon. It was a huge success. Our team goal as a new team was $1200. We raised close to $2700. It took a lot of hard work and a lot of reminders but it was really worth all of the work. We got a lot of publicity being the first ever to do a rock a thon for Relay For Life. There are a lot of people out there like my neighbors who can't walk but want to do something. This was a perfect way to accomplish that. Not only did we raise the money and make a lot of people aware of things they didn't know about Lung Cancer but they got to feel like there is still something worthwhile that they are capable of. It was a win win situation.

Well time for me to have a bite of breakfast and get ready for my morning walk. Take care all and stay well and safe.

Oh Becky before I forget. Thanks for all of your help and it was great "talking" to you.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 71 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 86. It's another humid, cloudy, windy day, but the storms are supposed to hold off until tomorrow. It will be a tough ride home against the wind, though.

I bought both a dishwasher and a trolling motor yesterday evening, and ended up getting a great deal on both. We went to a nearby Sears appliance showroom for the dishwasher, but ended up getting so aggravated at them that we left the salesman at the cash register and drove down the block to a Best Buy.

There, we found a demo model of the exact same dishwasher for $60 less, and there were no insurmountable delivery problems; we loaded it in the truck and took it home then.

I had found the trolling motor on craigslist. It turned out to belong to a guy who does an area television fishing show. He pulled it off his brand new boat, replacing it with larger trolling motor. So it was brand new, but I bought it for less than half of what a new one would cost.

Now I have some installations to do. Have a great day, all!

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well another day of retirement-OK-wont mention it again,weather so changable,sunny and then showers.

Went out this morning,got a haircut unfortunately he left some of the gray still intact,just to complete the oldie reference,went to the supermarket to get my pic taken on one of these coin operated booths to attach to my application for a free bus pass,anyone over the age of sixty can get one and entitles you to unlimited travel on public buses any where in Scotland-I think?,the pass also gives you quite a discount when travelling by rail inside Scotland,dont think you can use it in England though.

Well since its remained dry and sunny for the last three hours,think I will attempt to cut the grass shortly.

Hi Lillian,I have been following your rock-a-thon for the Relay for Life,its so good to see everyone engaged in making it such as success,regardless of age and mobility.Please pass on to everyone,my admiration of their achievement.Think it should become a annual event?.

Hi Bud,Good to hear of your success in shopping,I was in Glasgow the other day,I am looking for a particular telephoto lens for my camera,for my USA trip-I dont want to be standing too close to a Grizzly Bear taking its pic in Montana-if I can get to be so lucky,I priced one a Canon 75mm-300mm at £238 left it to check today online,bought the same one on Amazon for £157 and it includes a UV filter and lens hood,some difference,think high street shops will end up closing down?.Now you got me again "Trolling Motor" not be the slightest nautical,I am not familiar with this term,OK outboard motor I got,so whats different about this one.

Going to cut the grass,see you,might get back tonight,well to read anyway,bye.

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Beautiful morning here (outside - as you know bunch of turmoil going on the inside - chocolate is helping!)

I started to open an air earlier - then realized it was already time to go up to the hospital - they are so picky about the visitation times. Then just as I was walking out some lung doctor called - just to say how not so good my mom was doing - but there may have been a little hope in his voice... I went and they do have her on a different mask - cause they bruised up the bridge of her nose badly with the other one. She was holding her own at 95 O2 stat. She was able to talk - although not making much sense - very much out of it. I say how are you doing mom - she says - just fine and you - never opening her eyes. She does smile when you say I love you. I hope she stays on this mask until this evening so my nephew can see her after counseling. While I was there the short little foreign dude (doctor) also came in and said - she is doing minimally better - but as is the case in a lot of "elderly" patients we just never know which way they will turn. I told him about my desire to visit in the morning (leave .... drive to DC - meet people I am so looking forward to meeting - perhaps accomplish something....drive and see her Saturday). He said that should be fine - just keep your phone with you.

I believe that after this is over I shall place the phone under a tire. My hand is curved like the phone cause I keep picking the darn thing up to see if it is still charged and on. I'm the one that is crazy and needs a nap.

Lillian - your Rock-A-Thon was so successful - you put so much into it you should be so very proud of yourself.

As for Judy - I would have thought she would have wandered down to the common room by now - i talked to her on Tuesday - she is in the hospital - they wanted to give her a bit of blood before her next chemo. She said they had a common area that had a computer and she would try and get down to that if possible - so as of Tuesday she still had a smile in her voice so I'm thinking there may be something wrong with the computer or they may have let her go and they are on their way home. I'm sure she will check in - in the next day or so.

Bud - that sounds like a successful shopping spree. A new dishwasher and 1/2 price on a motor - that was a find. My grandson (he is almost 4)stopped by on Sunday and showed me his new fishing rod - he was casting it and reeling it in very slowly. So cute - of course there is a fish on it already - but he thought it was cool to be fishing with daddy and pawpaw.

Eric - still retired - envy - yep definitely envy. I don't envy having to cut grass that is still a bit wet - makes it a million times harder. Oh - wait - I would like to cut Keith's grass he has a riding lawnmower - and I just turn on the music and drive and sing at the top of my lungs (isn't that a funny statement - I cracked my self up thinking - well you are really singing at the bottom because one of the top and the middle are gone).

Really I have not lost my mind - it absolutely has to be around here somewhere.

This may sound strange but I am gonna get busy working on some numbers so I can take my mind off the stress stuff for a bit - me and numbers are friends.

I will check back in later.


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Good morning!

Lily, good to see you here! We all got the link to the news on your Rock A Thon. It was awesome to see this! You should be so proud.

So, I'm dreaming, and in my dream I am at a golf tournament. I'm supposed to be helping all these famous celebrities at whatever, and I can't because I have this horrible cramp in my foot. I'm trying to walk it off, asking people if they know a solution, and finally a guy at the refreshment stand offers me a squeezed lemon with sugar in it. He tells me it for sure takes the cramps away. I'm sucking on this stupid lemon when I wake up and jump out of bed because I really have a cramp in my foot, a bad one and needed to walk it off. Sheesh! Welcome to my world.

Annette, it is not sounding good for your Mom. I pray she rallies and pulls out of this!

Now that I walked the @#%!@# foot cramp off, I need to get to laundry and finish up prep for traveling, so I can get to Gilda's on time, and then back home for an early night and good sleep, I hope.

Judy in MI

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OMG, what a hot and humid day....and it's a bit worse on the outside of the house. Had to drop the temp on the A/C, it just didn't feel "cool" at 78...or 76...or 74...set it at 68 for a bit, when it cools down, I'll reset for 74 and be returning from last minute errands so it will seem cold in here.

Really tried to get it down to just a carry-on, ain't happening. Now I need to check in and check a bag. Not that big of a deal, right? Just too much to take in regards to morning and evening toiletry regimens, being such a sweet young (looking) thing. There's the sacrificial chicken, the bowl to catch the blood, the goat's head...yep, sure is a lot involved for looking this young at my considerable age.

Have I mentioned how much I hate flying? I'm beginning to wonder why I didn't drive, it's ONLY about 12 hours... Oh yeah, big city driving, that's why! Interstate is no problem, but driving in a big city with crazy drivers and people like me who have no idea where they're heading..

I need to get out and catch my chickens, 2 nights + 2 mornings = 4 chickens! This might take a while...

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Hi All! I will have to make this brief but it was lovely coming here and at least reading todays Air. Lily, congratulations! Bud, nothing better than a bargain and the trolling motor sounds like an awesome deal. Eric, glad to hear you are enjoying your retirement. Annette, I'm sorry your Mom isn't more improved but am so happy you are still going to

DC. Becky, you too? I'm so jealous. How is Stephanie?

O.k. my health. Still in hospital. Took a couple of days before I could even make it here, then the computer was locked. By the time I got the code in, I wasn't up to making the trip lol. Blood transfusion was a disappointment. Lost half the pint because my temp spike again. They gave me the second that boosted me just high enough that I couldn't get another. Frustrating. Temp seem o.k. then spiked again last night. Real reason I'm still here is serious respiratory issue. SATs low, can't even get to the BR without oxygen. Got lots of test today. Will update when I get any info. I WANT TO GO HOME!

I'm going to cheat and copy and paste some of this somewhere else. I'm too tired to do another post.

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Becky - just in case she doesn't make it back to the common room - Judy is in Orlando at MDA I believe - I talked to her Tuesday and she didn't tell me or sound like the breathing was an issue - extra scary for me because my mom is in the hospital for breathing. Of course we are better off believe it or not she has had asthma and COPD for over 24 years. I would say that I could bring your chickens since I am driving but you have now spent all that time catching and making up your potions...anyway.

I better get going on the laundry then I gotta pick the kid up at counseling and go to the hospital to see my mom. I'm not sure if I'll get on in the morning so I may not check back until late Saturday.

I hope everyone has a safe trip if traveling, and if not have a great weekend.


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