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Morning All! Been up for awhile. It will be a low energy day, I'm sure, since I was up frequently through the night. I'm very frustrated that MJ will have two funerals, one in Chicago and one in NJ, and I won't be able to attend either one. I know what's good for me and what's not. Traveling is not what I need to recover. Bad enough I have to leave for Orlando this weekend.

It's been great reading so many posts on the Air. I don't have much good going on but enjoy just keeping up with the day to day of my friends. Annette, I hope you find the strength to deal with a full plate of problems. When I got down, I used to look forward to a planned trip. Ha to that now! But I thought a focus on Eric's trip would work for you. Those of us who won't get to meet him are really jealous.

Hi to all of you--Bud, Bruce, Ron, Alan and Stephanie, Donna, Judy, Ginny, Lily, Katie, Annette and anyone else I've missed. Forgive my frazzled old brain.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi Judy,

Just dropped by to see any mail has arrived.Its 1.15pm here just about to leave for Glasgow,its Stobhill LC support group meeting at 2pm.I am so sorry to read of MJs passing,I find it so hard to believe that cancer can so tragically effect so many of one family group.Please pass on to Dottie my sincere condolances,may she with Gods help carry this burden.

My thoughts are also with you Judy,may you find the strength to support Dottie at this dreadful time and to recover from your current bout of pneumonia.I wish I could offer you more than words to support you.I am sorry that I wont get to meet you this year,what about I try next year and head southwards via Texas to meet up with Bud also,that's something for me to look forward to in the not so distant future.

I will try to drop in again to-night,bye for the moment.

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It's a good thing some of us feel better while the others are being bashed about on the rocky road. I was feeling pretty darn good this beautiful (but hot) morning. I dragged the kid with me to go get the 3 month xray (results on Monday). Then dropped him off at school (yes a little early but tough - get a book - read - relax). Then my neighbor calls and says she saw him walking out the back of the school by the buses. Sigh. I called him and he told me he was in class and had to go - nope I say - I know you were out by the forest 2 minutes ago - gotta go my phone is almost dead. So we will have another head bashing ceremony tonight it looks like. Of course, he forgets that I have to call the school about his lost computer - wow is that an interesting... story...(lie)....

Right after he stole and totaled my mom's car last November he skipped school for a week. Turns out he had "hidden" his bookbag in the woods beside our apartments. Of course the next week when he went to retrieve said bookbag the computer was totally demolished. He reported it stolen to the school - and the Administrator was going to replace it as soon as possible - still hasn't been replaced. I am not fond of the Administrator.

Here's a "good" story for you. Keith's ex-Mother-in-Law has tested fate twice in the last few months. Several months ago they said "you have lung cancer" - did the bronchoscopy, no cancer - said let's wait and see. The "cancer" has grown 20%. (One doctor says it's an infection and one says its a tumor.) So yesterday she went under the knife - they actually went in by the esophagus and pulled the tumor out - it was not cancer. Lucky lucky lady.

We have turned the page on another month - and the next time we do Eric will almost be in America. I am more excited every day (partly cause he is coming and partly cause I'm taking of work to have some fun)! Eric - Texas is a huge state - truckers hate to drive across it on Interstate 10 because it feels like you will never get from one side to the other. I grew up near San Antonio in New Braunfels - what used to be a little German town is now a booming tourist trap (at least when the rain keeps the rivers running). I talked to my best friend from 3rd grade the other night for 3 hours remembering silly stuff - Sometimes I miss "home."

Well this girl better get busy - it is already 9 a.m. and not a lick of work done yet.

I'll check back in later


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Good morning. Judy I am so sorry that you have this new tragedy in your family. My heart and prayers are with all of you.

Annette your situation is so bad that I wish there was a way that I could do something to help you. I know how hard it is being a caregiver for one person but adding that responsibility of your nephew sounds like more than most people could handle. You deserve a lot of credit for holding on. Most people would have probably turned him over to the authorities by now and let him meet his fate in their hands. The one thing that you do have on your side is that we are here to " listen". That in itself is a big deal.

Eric you must really be getting excited as your visit draws nearer. My daughter and granddaughter are coming to see me in July and we are all very excited about that. What cities and states are you going to visit?

Bud hope your weather is better for bike riding than mine is for walking. I can't believe that we are starting the month of June with temperatures in the 50s and rain and thunderstorms each day. Did I go to sleep and someone move me to another state :shock:

Katie it is always good to see you here. I hope your weekend didn't get too messed up by the problems with the boards. I know that you are proud of your son. I think I would be like you though, doctor yes, law enforcement no, too dangerous.

Good day to all and those I may have missed. I guess I will get dressed and see if I can walk a little outside before the rain starts again. Waling inside just doesn't thrill me. I hate the stuffy buildings and love fresh air.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 74 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 96. And it's really been humid this week.

I replaced a broken tail light on my boat trailer, and replaced the bulb on the other tail light on it after I got home from work yesterday. I figured a hot garage project was just as good as sitting in my hot living room. The air conditioning man showed up a little later and got it fixed, so I now have a cool house again.

I ended up with just over 700 miles on the bike in May. I need to do that much or more all of these summer months.

KW Judy, so sorry to read about MJ. I hope that's the end of your family tragedies for a long time, and I hope you continue to improve and shake this pneumonia.

Annette, I don't know how you continue to put up with all you're going through. I can tell you flat out that I couldn't do it.

Lillian, wow that's really cool for June. We had a cooler than usual May this year, but it's definitely hot here now.

Alan and Ron, good to see both of you post in the Air over the weekend. We'd like to see more of you both here.

Bruce, I know what you mean about the rain, and where it is and isn't. We keep having flash flood warnings in parts of Texas while other parts are still having one of the worst droughts in a long time.

Sara, I wish I could have seen you throw out the first pitch. That would have been awesome to watch. I hope you give us a good report on it.

Time for me to get back to work. Hello to all those I missed. Have a great day, all!

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Hey folks

Another hot, sunny day on the farm. Moving the cow's to the summer pasture on Saturday. Will be gone alot over the summer for work and they are maintenance free there.

Sorry to read of MJ's passing Judy. This cancer is really giving your family a difficult time. Just not fair for one family having to go through so much.

Annette you really have your plate full. Sound's like everyday there is something new for the boy to get in trouble with. Hope that things begin to smooth out a little for you.

Did Sara throw a strike ???? LOL

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I was thinking - that something has flipped - Lillian I think I can speak for most Virginians....if you would be so kind as to take let's say 10 degrees - it would be perfect walking temperature for you and perfect breathing temperature for us.

Now how can we do this - there just has to be a way.


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Good morning everybody, Well where is my picture? I'd like you all to know me. I really do enjoy reading all your posts. It's neat to see that we have lives to live. Once in a while we are reminded of why we're here. So sorry to hear about another loss. Oh Annette, I wouldn't know what to do with that kid. I'm no expert but I think his behavior is a way to get attention. So much has happened around him. Remember when Montel Williams used to send that type of kid to boot camp? Then there's mom. Cancers the world's biggest reality check. We all need a simpler life. Joy and smiles are hard to come by at times. Every day I try to figure it out all over again. Reading these pages sure helps. Eric, you are a funny guy.By the way, Susan brought home a bottle of Glenmorangie the other day. I asked her what did you hit the lotto? I thought of you as I enjoyed a short one on ice. Judy, I remember how the O was for me. It dried me out. I got saline nose spray, it helped. Hope you are untethered . Bud, someday I'm gonna knock on your door and make you take me fishing. As long as I don't have to ride a bike to the lake. Lilly, I loved your post about your family. Mine is scattered all over and I rarely get to see any of them. We stay in touch by phone and email all the time so it's really ok. How many is 60000 characters anyway? There's at least a dozen reading this and I truly appreciate all of you. ALAN

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Good morning everyone!

I love, love, love it when the Air is busy and full of news, good, bad or otherwise. It just makes me feel so connected to you. And you all are important to me.

It's possible that the worst is over for us employment wise. He thinks he is going to accept the offer he got yesterday. Thank you Jesus! There are not a lot of folks in Michigan getting job offers. He is blessed to be in the position he is in, to get this. The last 3 months were devastating financially, but thankfully we saved when the times were good, and we got through it. Biggest bonus? He will LEAVE-THE-HOUSE to go to work. :-)

Alan, I totally agree with you. "Every day I try to figure it all out again." Isn't that the truth? Life is such a quandry. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you get a sucker punch that leaves you on the ground gasping for air. But we have to get back up again, and keep on keeping on. The key to this is how to do it with joy? I don't have all the answers. Just when I think I do, another punch comes around. Hmmm....certainly an interesting learning experience. Right? Right?

Today's weather is why I love where I live. We went from 90 degrees for 2 days with horrid humidity. Last night the storms blew through, and today is a blissful 70, with a lovely breeze. Off with the A/C and open the windows! It's amazing and lovely.

Annette, I can't remember who brought up the "boot camp" idea for the boy, but with all that he's done, I'm thinking that might be perfect for the kid. If you want me to ring up Montel, just let me know. :-)

You are in the middle of the classic angst of caregiving too. Sometimes there are rewarding moments, but there's a lot of pain a long the way. HUGS

Hello to everyone else! I read all of your posts, and thank you for them! Hoping for rain for those that need it, and sun and warmth for those that don't have that, and peace and love for those missing it, and all of that for all of us.


Judy in MI

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Annette I wouldn't mind having that extra 10 degrees as long as it is dry. The cold really doesn't bother me that much. I seem to breathe better. I have terrible allergies and also tmj . Those two things keep my head plugged up a lot and it you add a stuffy room it really does a number on me. Too many years in the humidity of Louisiana have made me appreciate just about all kinds of weather that does not include huricanes and high humidity.

Sounds like a very good idea the Boot Camp thing. I don't know how you hold on and do all that you do for your mom and him and still work. Believe me when I say that getting to that burn out stage is very dangerous for all of you. I hope you can find a solution to some of your problems soon. Have you talked to Social Services about some of those things? They should have some kind of program that will help you. I found out too late that there are resources but it requires a lot of searching and I didn't have the time so I know that you don't.

Alan I have come to believe that we are put where we are supposed to be for a reason. Just ten short years ago I never would have believed where I would be now or all of the things that have come to pass in my life in this past 10 years. I have lost a lot but I have also gained much. So I take it one day at a time and leave the rest to God knowing that He will put me where I need to be when I need to be there. What else can we do? I tend to worry and fret about things but that is my nature. Life is life and sometimes we have to roll with the punches.

Anyway just short walks for me and back to my reading. Take care all.

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Good afternoon everyone!

It is hot, steamy, and ready to rain here in Kansas. I want to go for a walk, but will wait until the rain hopefully brings the humidity down. I have such a hard time with that now. On the bright side, the weather could not have been more perfect for the Royals game last night. I actually felt well and threw out the first pitch to my husband-it didn't even bounce.

Several people asked if I was nervous, I said no, just excited. Someone wrote on the posts a couple weeks ago, maybe Annette or Judy? about fear and I thought about that last night. I have had two major surgeries, chest tubes, chemo, and terrible statistics thrown at me this year, why would I be nervous about throwing a ball in front of 20,000 people? The worst that would happen is I clang it on the ground and no one will remember that anyway, right?

Judy in Key West, so sorry to hear about another loss. Looks like lots of folks have been on this morning, I am not very good at responding to all yet, but enjoy reading all of the posts. Bud, I enjoy hearing about your fishing and boating. My dad is an avid fisherman, so I actually understand what you are referring to most of the time! Eric, we will be in Seattle for the Breathe Deep race as well, look forward to maybe meeting you there. Thanks for the support that I am feeling from these forums, it really is nice to just visit! Have a good eve everyone.


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Congrats on the throw - does that mean your catcher is part of the team? I look forward to meeting you in August - I think some of your family was at the Race for GRACE? I didn't find them.

So now I have to ask, since I am aware that John R. was local, is he your relation? It looks like he is CT based these days. A celeb.

Too many to respond to individually today - that's the problem being at the tail end of the day. Got to tend to dinner now.

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Actually, my husband got to be the lucky catcher,although he wishes he were on the team! I am married to John R, who is a second cousin to "the original" John R! Yes, I believe my sister-in-law and brother-in-law were there at the race. They are Scott and Amy May. Amy is the one putting together Breathe Deep Seattle!

Excited to meet you in August as well! I have only been once and it was for Christmas, so am excited to come during the summer months now. They live by Alki, so I look forward to walking on the beach. No beaches here in Kansas!

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