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Monday's air


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Well, I am not the least bit tired and it is now tomorrow, so I'll go from reading Sunday's air to opening Monday's...

Sweltering here. Managed to get sunburned, and I spent the day chasing bits of shade - and mainly the air-conditioned coolness of indoors. Must have been my sunny disposition (yeah, right) that did it...

Wow, Annette. Just, WOW. How old is the kid, again? Obviously old enough to know better... Hey, I have an idea - if you can't have the take him away, have them take YOU away. Yeah, that's the ticket. He can't stay alone, so some other arrangement will have to be made, you'll have a relaxing stay in a padded room with nice people to talk to - courtesy of your mental health rider on your insurance. Yep, win-win!

Judy, Judy, Judy. Gee, could it be stress that's giving you the Swiss cheese memory? Nah, you ain't got no stinkin' stress... Wishing you all the best tomorrow.

Northern Judy, sheesh! The C-PAP is definitely better than the snoring, but I found that a separate room really helped me sleep better when I had a spouse with that issue. Of course, he also had restless legs and kicked all night and I'm kinda sensitive to movement....woke up by tremors when living in Alaska, can't sleep in a moving vehicle, etc. I feel your pain.

-oh, and the need to sleep? Depression. If it gets worse, talk to your doctor. Seriously. Dealing with a brand of that myself. Could be why I'm still up...

Thursday night, I gave in and took an Ambien and a Xanax and headed for bed. According to my husband, when he got home, I was dead to the world. Funny thing is, his mother had called me half an hour prior to his getting home and I had texted him a message. Somehow. Thank goodness I'm not prone to sleepwalking, I could have been down to your house by the time I woke up (4:30 p.m.).

I don't remember waking up when he came home, but having mowed the day before, DID wake up choking, horribly sometime after noon. One of these days, I may drown in my sleep, I swear. I walked out to the couch so I could sit up and relax, and when the coughing subsided, laid down and went back to sleep.

...and when I finally woke up, I started piecing together what I did in my sleep. I had knowledge of family plans that I hadn't heard from hubby and didn't know about when I went to bed, it was crazy! Checked my phone history to see whom I had talked to. Good thing I didn't agree to new windows or something...

I think I need some chocolate, gotta ransack the kitchen and see what I can find. It's going to be another long night/short morning...

Take care!

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Morning All! Becky, I thought my brain was scrambled but compared to yours, my half is in good shape. lol

Have a few minutes before starting my first of three days at MDA. Getting scans is bad enough without worrying about getting copies of my orders and wondering how I'll get my CT cocktail to drink it an hour before my scan. They usually do the CT first but no--MRI at 11:30, CT at 1 pm. First of all, the MRI never comes off on time and as is doesn't allow for the drink an hour before the CT. Should be a long day. Meanwhile, I have to start working on the oxygen records transfer that will hopefully allow me to leave this antiquated equipment with the company here and get more convenient stuff in the Keys. In the Keys--what's the odds of that lol.

Anticipating not eating til late afternoon, I had Stan make me one of his famous breakfast sandwiches: venison sausage, egg, cheese on a bread round. It was great!

Stephanie straightened me out about Seattle. I was thinking it was a repeat of the 2009 conference. This makes it a little more difficult than just signing up and having the hotel and schedule provided right there onsite. Haven't discounted it yet but....I think I also got the recent Washington event mixed in cause I thought Janet would be there too. With two hospitalizations and thousands of miles travelled, I don't know up from down right now.

Wish I could talk to each of you individually but can't do that yet. The quality of my life sucks these days and I sometimes fear I'm losing this battle. Hopefully this trip will restore my faith.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in Orlando

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Morning folks

Yep another sunny, hot day here. At least it sound's like a good complaint.

Becky I'm glad that Judy KW posted first because I'm not sure I would want to follow your post. LOL Have you looked in the mirror to make sure you do not have a tattoo on your back like the guy in the advertisement ? LOL

Judy you have a busy few day's this week. You're not losing any battles and these results will confirm that. Never been to Seattle. LOL

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 70 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 100. We do have a slight chance of rain this evening, but I'm not counting on it. This is the time of year where we can get the strange phenomenon of rain on the weather radar, but nothing on the ground because it's all evaporating before it gets to the ground because of the heat.

KW Judy, good luck today. It sounds like it will be a long day. I hope the tests go well and you can get your oxygen replaced with something more portable.

MI Judy, I know what you mean about sleeping next to freight train snoring. Rose's has reached the point that I think she needs to be checked for sleep apnea.

Time to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning. Another dreary morning here in Northern California. Just a light mist falling but enough to keep me from going out to walk. I am always afraid of slipping when the pave is wet like that. More so with a mist than a real rain. It is supposed to clear up and get warmer but they have been saying that for several weeks and then it is changed. I am afraid that when the rain finally does go away we will go straight to the 110s from the 60s and 50s.

I was going to go out on the bus but decided against it. My medication is ready but can wait until tomorrow sense I still have enough for a few days. Not sure what lunch will be. I would probably have eaten out if I had gone and I really need to eat some of the food I have here. Just not in the mood to cook so it will be something quick.

I have been spending a lot of time reading and my poor old eyes get to where they say "enough already". I just love to read but spend far too much time without giving my eyes a break. I wait until all is so blurry that I can no longer make out the words.

Judy and Becky I would be so frightened if I did things and couldn't remember doing them. Are you sure it is not some of your medications doing that? Some of the adds for medications frighten me and make me think the problem. is better than the side effects.

Bud I can't believe you are still riding in that heat and humidity. I know how it is. It can go months without rain but the air still feels saturated. I will NOT complain when it gets up to a nice DRY 110 this year, if it ever does :roll:

Still saying a prayer for all of you who are facing tests and results. Also keeping your family in my prayers Judy and that the oxygen situation is taken care of soon. Still can't forget Annette either. I think by now I would have been pulling my hair out and possibly the kids as well, not to mention telling more than one official what I think of them :oops:

Bruce I never visited Seattle either and I lived just South of there. If it is anything like the area where I lived it is a beautiful place.

Well off I go for now. Will try to decide if I am going to read or do something else today. With Karleen gone on vacation most of the things that take up so much time have been put on hold.

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Lilly - thank you for your ideas - I have a notebook that I have been writing the really really mean things that I wanted to tell certain people. Tact is not my strong suite and I find that if I write the mean stuff out when I'm talking it doesn't come out as bad - unless you are really on my "not a nice Person" list. That list is about as long as Santa Clauses list of he knows when you've been bad - - but someone keeps writing about Karma on FB and so I am putting my faith in that and trying to be the better person.

Although I will keep in the back of my head the boyscout site for directions to tie knots. LOL

I am trying to get some stuff done at work since I have to leave early. My boss told me that I needed to try and make other arrangements for the kid . . . well let me think - the only person the probation officer said that could supervise him was me - and I'm thinking that that limits my possibilities just a touch. We have a meeting with her on the 14th so I'll talk to her about that then. The school administrator finally called me back and said there would be a disciplinary hearing - he doesn't know when but he can assure me that Marco is being expelled for the rest of the year. I can only hope that it doesn't ruin his summer school plans. I don't know if I am coming or going - wait a minute - I am going...going crazy that's it problem solved.


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Good Evening Everyone,

Think I should start off with some good news,think we all could be doing with some,so many of us having a hard time at the moment.Well Libby pmd me today,she has problems of her own to deal with,but the main thing she is well,I am so relieved,it was such a joy for me to receive her reply,I was moved to tears of relief,from her last post here,my mind had conjured up so many scenarios of what has happened to her-none of them particularly pleasant.Libby would love to post in to say Hi,but for whatever silly reason,says she has to gather up her courage to do so?I think Libby, if you are reading this,the Buddies here would love you to drop by,even just a few words?

Quiet day today,not much to report after such a busy weekend.Sally has been visiting Planet Pluto since last Thursday,the phone just rang there it was her work asking to speak to her,Sally is not verbalising at this moment in time,and was unable to take her call,the lady tells me that she failed to turn up for her disciplinary hearing last Friday(Gosh Annette you have a similar script to me)I tell the Lady I knew nothing about this appointment,well she said sally knew?anyway she has a new appointment on Thursday,think finally this is the end of the road for a working career for her.

I wont be taking her hearing on Thursday,I am off the Isle of Arran for the four day folk festival,so wont be back intil Sunday evening,I am so looking forward to a break from my home and Sally,gosh she may have the house burnt down by the time I return,whats she going to be like when I am in America,I can tell you when I arrive my phone of off the hook,no way I am cutting this one short for some Sally inspired domestic incident,I think after 15 years of this I deserve my break.

Going to spent some time this evening editing down my Millport pics, again so many to choose from,how can I possibly get them down below 200 LOL.I really have to say,these pics are my best yet,cannot wait to share them with you,what do you mean you are all too tired to view?

Welcome back Becky,good to hear your blethers,still firing on all cylinders,sorry to hear of your sunburn,gosh if only,haven’t seen that big old sun properly for ages here.Keeps coming and going behind rainclouds,grrr.

Hi JudyKW,Well MDA has arrived,I wish these three days pass quickly for you,and all the test news feedback is really good.Hopefully the oxygen is also discarded at the end of your stay.It is not surprising you are feeling a bit down just now,who wouldn’t be after all you have been through and going through?I imagine your life living on a tropical island,with your lovely home and family around you,orchids,humming birds and mutton snappers(where did that come from?)The sunshine being so strong that it hurts the eyes scanning your horizon,yeah I know all this I have been to Spain several times.Everyone here wants to surround you with love and support, just waiting for your smile to be firmly re-attached to your visage as soon as.

Bud-Brilliant idea,thanks-Lets go over this one more time,to see that I have got it right-heat from the ground rises to meet up with the rain going down, so that it evaporates before it hits your head,its so simple,why didn’t we Scots come up with this before,now how do I go about arranging the heat for Airdrie?

Hi Annette,The saga continues-snap-,its so frustrating that education is so important to getting good life chances particularly at waywards age and a few years further down the line,he is just throwing them away.Does he not have any ambition about a future career,earning a living doing something he would enjoy getting fulfilment from and financial rewards.Low paid labour in undemanding work is such a poor outlook for your future work life.He may have a chip on his shoulder given the particular disadvantage of having parents with their own serious problems,but that is no excuse for throwing in the towel at 15,I guess you have been telling him this for ages,and its just become a bit of a boring lecture to him,you do your best,what more can you do?.I really think some months doing boot camp might give him some serious opertunities to re-align his thinking patterns.

Goodnight everyone,tomorrows an other opertunity to have some fun in,well I am going to try anyway,bye.

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Wow. Big Air today. It's nice. Judy I trust that this go around will bring you good news. It's so frustrating, I know. But hang iin there.

Eric, I'm so sad about youir wife. It's just tragic. You are strong to not enable her. It must be so difficult.

Annette, I like the notebook idea and writing the mean things down. I'm going to do that with the mean stuff Randy's been saying. I'm going to write it all down and let it go. It's stress induced I think. I hope you can get something worked out. The last thing you need is to lose your job over this!

HI to everyone else! Spent a long day with a friend that is really struggling, and just want a glass of wine and to relax.

Judy in MI

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