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Friday's air


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What's up - where is everyone - don't you know you have to check in early to start your weekend early. I have work to do - wait a minute - I have goofing off to do - well I have a lot of work to do which will probably make me do a lot of goofing off. (Is it 5 yet?)

The mornings are so pleasant - the drive into work is nice and cool - perfect for sleeping. What is wrong with this world making us go to work on such pretty days.

I am looking forward to a busy weekend preparing for the nephews disciplinary hearing on Monday - can't think of anything else right now - not even work - I am totally OCD and I seriously think I may need to go and see someone after this circus is over (will it ever stop?).

Anyway - I better attempt to work - or look like I am doing so because I have to leave early this afternoon to drop the kid off at his mentors house. (He has now gone to 3 AA meetings - seriously he is doing well - knock on wood!!!!)


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Good morning everyone. I guess I will open the Air today but suspect someone is doing the same thing at this moment.

I have been MIA for a few days. Was getting back to my walking and doing some deep cleaning. The weather here is just beautiful. Temperatures did get up to 96 day before yesterday but a good stiff breeze made it feel great. Unfortunately that wind plays havoc on my already miserable sinuses.

Never the less I was still starting to feel pretty good until I got the wind knocked out of my sails. I got a very formal letter from management that I was in violation of the rules. I have never had something like that and it made me feel like a criminal. The problem was, what else, my car. It seems that all of a sudden word came down from the higher ups that all vehicles in our parking lot must be running and road legal. My car being on a non op because of failing the smog test was not. I have til the 25th to move it or have it legal. No money for testing or repairs and my daughter and granddaughter coming in less than a month. It all really had me upset. I just didn't know what to do.

I called my nephew to have him come with a trailer and pick it up. I was just going to leave it down at his house until I got the money to fix it after my family leaves. Well he started checking and talked to someone who has a shop and does work for him. Last night he picked up my car to take it to the shop. He is going to have it fixed and take care of a few other issues with it. He will pay it and I can pay him back a little each month. You can't imagine what a relief that is.

I have to go out on the bus this morning. I need something that they only seem to carry at Wal Mart. Of coarse that is two buses and a couple of hours for one small item. So sense I have been home bound sick and have been craving Chinese food I guess I will take the extra time and a few dollars and treat myself. I almost feel guilty spending that much but I do nothing for recreation. I was supposed to go to the fair tonight but no car to go and my neighbor I usually go with is going out of town. So the price of the fair ticket should pay my lunch.

I love orchids but never tried to grow them. I had a green house in Louisiana and had just about every other kind of plant but never orchids. I love to plant things and watch them grow. That is one thing that I really miss living in an apartment. I don't even have house plants because each year I would let my neighbor keep my Christmas Cactus while I was gone. They would bloom while she had them then I would bring them home. Finally I just gave them to her.

At one time for about 20 years living by my inlaws we had joint everything. We raised cattle and pigs, rabbits and ducks, geese and I had my chickens. Believe me when I say in the hot humid days of summer in South East Louisiana when it would rain every afternoon, the one thing that you didn't want was ducks :roll: The are a nasty creature. They would come running slapping those flat feet in the mud and their own mess. I fed them every day and grew to hate them On the other hand fresh beef and most of all home made butter. Nothing could be better.

I watch all of the cooking shows on Food Network. Most of those things they cook are strange but once in a while something looks really good. What always looks best is the food on Dinners Drive Ins and Dives. I think I gain a pound every time I watch that show.

Well Ann nice to see you here my friend and I am happy for you for you appointment. You are coming up in the world.

Judy KW hope you stay feeling well. Sounds like those orchids were just want you needed to get you up and about again.

Bruce I hope that you get some rain and you too Bud. As far as retirement goes I seem to be always busy so never really took full advantage of being retired. Lately I have started to back off a little and try to not say "I'll do it:" every time someone asks for a volunteer. I need to spend more time on me. Maybe that is what having my car off the road was all about.

Anette hang in there with the kid. What you are doing is a very honorable thing. Good luck on Monday.

MI Judy sorry you are still being a night owl. I have had trouble falling asleep the past two nights, not fun. I was falling asleep last night waiting for my nephew to pick up my car. When I went to bed my sinuses decided it was time for everything up there to start breaking up. I was awake it til well after midnight and up again at 5:30am.

Now I have got to run so I can get on of the early buses. I will be gone for several hours even with walking a lot between bus stops. I hope the wind stays up at least a little so it is not too hot. Have a great day everyone and if I forgot anyone I am sorry. Will try to keep up with all of you now that some of my issues are not getting me down.

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Lillian, maybe the letter from the management was a blessing in disguise. Now you will have your car and be able to pay the cost off slowly. Seems to me it would be better to do the bus rides when summer starts to fade - it's just too darn hot out there right now to walk all those miles. I know I was worried about how you were making it so I am glad to hear that your nephew is helping you out - makes me have hope for my nephew!


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 78 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 103. If it reaches that this afternoon, I will have ridden home in 100+ degree heat every afternoon this week.

The wind is really kicking up again here. I think I'm still going to do a club bike ride tomorrow, but may scrap my Sunday fishing plans unless the wind eases a bit.

I bought a electrical plug convertor from the UKs 3 pin type to your 2 pin type,hope its the right one? This one has two flat pins kinda sloping towards each other at approx 60 degrees,does that sound right to you?

Eric, that doesn't sound right to me. The flat pins on our plugs don't slope towards each other. Wall plug outlets here look like this:


I'm thinking your adapter should look like this one (perhaps without the round ground pin):


Bruce, you came from the city, bought your farm, then bought animals from locals? That sounds like Eddie Albert on Green Acres.......LOL. Did you ever watch that? Is there a Mr. Haney there?

Time for me to get back to work. There's just a bit over 6 1/2 hours left on my countdown to the weekend. Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! Wow, what an Air yesterday. Took me forever to read it through and want to respond to everything, but what a challenge. I did this in Word and come in to find Friday was opened while I was typing.

Lily, hope the weather isn't too bad for walking between buses today. How wonderful to hear your nephew helping you out like that. I do hate that about associations, the rules are there for a reason but no one seems to apply them with a degree of common sense.

Alan, what I have is actually a shade room, approx. 12 x 30. It just a frame attached to the house with mesh on the top to filter the sun. I was in the Orchid Society here for a few years but found them a bit clickish.

Bud, stick to the retirement plan. If you don’t, by the time you do retire you could wind up not having the energy to do all the things you want to do. Believe me, so many plans, so many projects—up in smoke.

Bruce, I recall Alfalfa is a beautiful crop and yes, a garden definitely counts. We had an acre of ground and my uncle’s land beyond that so we had a huge vegetable and flower garden. Stan had a tiller and we canned and froze fresh veggies for winter. I'm going to get that canning and freezing stuff from our ag organization together and send to you one of these days. I laughed so hard at the gay bull joke. But honestly, I could picture exactly what you described—that’s how bulls run.

Ann, payroll sucks but I don’t mind reconciling bank statements. I have five a month. Of course, that is when they balance the first time in QB and QW lol.

Annette, I have to admire the way you keep fighting for Marco to stay home. Frankly, I’m not sure he’s really suffered significant enough consequences to keep him on track. I hope for your sake he has. I just think some facilities for young boys (not jail of course!) have great programs with good results. The son of one of our former members here has a son who went to one that seemed to really turn him around.

Judy, I know how your dogs feel. One of my fondest memories of camping as a kid was in the park that had chipmunks. They are so adorable. I chased them all week sure eventually I could catch one. Of course my plans for it were quite different than the dogs’ lol.

Don’t get me started on the subject of scents. I am so allergic and get headaches from perfume, men’s cologne, strongly scented candles and potpourri. Eucalyptus is a big offender in craft stores and in some flower bouquets from the grocery. There are stores I would shop in but can only remain a little while because the scents will give me such a headache. There out to be a law lol!

Eric, it is not just how active you are that amazes me, it’s how late at night your social events take place. A charity event that starts at 8:30pm with the walk at 10:30pm! I have a fit if we have to meet friends for dinner at 7pm (meet at seven means eat at 8) instead of 6. Evenings are just not my best time anymore. And I used to be a night owl, up reading or in the computer til all hours. Stopping for a bite after a stage show. Sigh.

I’m taking a real day off today. Have done essentially nothing and will get up and get ready to meet Maggie for lunch soon. And I’ll be downtown too, right off Duval. I’m happy.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

P.S. Bud got in ahead of me. Good job with the pic Bud. Eric's description didn't sound right to me either.

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Hi Bud,

Thanks so much for the plug socket pic- I have been had,I've got the wrong one,yet it said on the packaging-universal-suitable for use in the USA.I was advised by Donald the guy I met from Philladelphia, on Arran, to buy the conversion one here in the UK as it would be more difficult to find one in the US.At least thanks to you I can now shop with a bit more confidence and get the right one.

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Hi Lillian,

Thanks for such a decriptive post,I really enjoyed reading it.What a super end to your car off the road story,I am so pleased to hear of you getting back on the road.I quite forget that walking about in most parts of America at this time of the year is a bit different from Scotland,we average mid sixties,although in prolonged cloudless skies, the sun can push this upwards to the eighties.So if it isnt raining our climate makes for comfortable walking in.

JudyKW,there are currently in Scotland all kinds of walks for various charities,in the big cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh,these traditionally take place late at night,in actual fact,tonights Star Trekk starting at 8.30pm is really early as all the other are described as Mid-night Walks.One in Edinburgh is particularly interesting-a mid-night ghost walk,through some of the back streets in old town Edinburgh,where there have been recorded sightings of ghosts or scenes of infamous murders that have taken place over the centuries eg where Burke and Hare, plied their trade,fancy a tour with me? Whooooo!!!

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Eric - Bud's picture is great but I wanted to point out that the round one below the two straight ones is not necessary. It is really funny because I have one on my computer power cord but not on my calculator adapter. I know I purchased an adapter many many many years ago when I was in the Navy and we were going to Spain, France, Africa, Singapore so I don't know why they wouldn't have one here if you can't find one.

Oh you know what - I bet I know what kind of plug they gave you - it is the one they use for huge appliances like washing machines.

If you go back you are looking for one that carries much lower voltage - I want to say 240 or even 120.

Hope this helps.


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I'm thinking your adapter should look like this one (perhaps without the round ground pin)
Eric - Bud's picture is great but I wanted to point out that the round one below the two straight ones is not necessary.

That's why I said "perhaps without the round ground pin". That round pin is indeed optional, Eric. An adapter with only the two flat pins will work. Those type plugs are for 110-120V AC devices.

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Good afternoon, everyone. I have only and hour and a half and then I'm throwing open the door and flying out of this office for the weekend. No...not counting on flying with wings today. It's been a really rough Friday and I have my broomstick ready and waiting.

We're going to drive about an hour south to Port St. Lucie (where KW Judy's daughter lives for dinner. American Legion Post 318 in PSL has a great Friday night "Neptune's Feast" dinner that is absolutely unbelievable!!! They have fish, fried shrimp, shrimp scampi, clam chowder, salad with a wonderful homemade dressing, bread and dessert for the low price of $7.00. And the real bonus is that the food is wonderfully prepared and it's an all-you-can-eat meal. Tonight is the last one of these dinners until the snowbirds come back to Florida, so I didn't want to miss it. We're taking some friends along with us and meeting friends when we get there, so it should be a really nice evening. Wish all of you could just pop here and join me!!!

Lil...I am so glad to hear that a solution was worked out to your car problem. Like someone said, it's probably a good thing that you got that letter since that helped you get the ball rolling. I know you'll sleep much better tonight, knowing that problem is solved.

Annette...you're wonderful for taking so much time and patience to help your nephew. It sounds like things are getting on track.

Bud and Eric...All this technical talk about plugs and outlets is way to much for me...lol! You would think at this stage in life I would at least know something about electrical outlets.

KW Judy...glad you're taking a day for yourself. That's a great thing to do every chance we can. Funny, I think it's every bit as good for the mind as it is for the body. Just knowing there is nothing pressing to deal with can do wonders.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


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Busy place today. We had a little drizzle here today with chilly temperatures. Just enough to make it uncomfortable standing around at an auction I went to.

Bud you have the chain of events pretty accurate. But I think it resembles three's Company with the bull reminding me of Jack. LOL

Eric I would guess that Annette is right in the type of plug you have is the type on washing machines here. I also have that type for an RV plug in on my house.

Sorry I don't have time to reply to everyone individually but wish everyone a good weekend.

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Hi all! Lots of posts today. That is awesome. I'm a late arriver due to a busy but good day. Just finally sat down to check you all out! It was good to see the exchange between all on the electrical plug! Wouldn't Eric have been surprised when he got here with that washer plug.

I'm going to not reply to all of you but I did read them. Just tired and want to catch a quick nap!

Judy in MI

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