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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Can't believe I'm up for two hours and still in my recliner. I swear I'll get to work after this post lol.

Eric, so sorry you've been having computer problems. It's the pits when you finally find time to post and you can't do it efficiently. You did get your photos on FB and I commented there. Great job taking them and getting them online lol.

Judy, I also saw your Randy and the good news for the Grilling Guys on FB. They gave you billing for the website also. Congratulations to you both.

Proud of myself that I started the bookkeeping for real yesterday. Unfortunately, I discovered I haven't done any of it except for the bank balances since January. Oh my, thank goodness I have a long table height eat-at counter in my kitchen. It's adjoining my office in our open floor plan with lots of room to spread out.

Well, off to the grind. I started yesterday and need to keep up the momentum.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Back to the grind for me. I was happy to see Eric's post from last night as I had been worrying about him. Hopefully he will have a good trip to New York - he could always come back to Richmond - we miss him!

I have tons and tons of work to do so I can't dawdle here this morning but I wanted to say something since I never even turned my computer on yesterday. After the drive into town went to the grocery store for us and my mom then had to hurry out to a Detention facility in another county where the kid is residing. (Sigh)

I do have a little funny to tell. I was sitting on the back deck at Keith's yesterday reading while he was inside cleaning up getting ready to head into town. He "dresses" for the shower and sticks his head out the door to tell me he is going to shower. When I look up there is a 1,000 inch lizard on the screen door. (Okay - I'm not in Florida anymore so it was probably about 5 or 6 inches long)- I said is that on the inside or outside. He looks up and says inside. He reaches up - swings the screen door open and bats the lizard onto the deck. I said - you killed the poor thing and he says no he didn't and takes a step toward it. It scoots off VERY quickly followed by a white blur that looked a lot like our cat - so Keith takes off chasing the cat. (Need I remind you he was dressed for the shower). Absolutely the hardest I have laughed in a long time.

After enjoying the stories Eric told while he was here - it was great to end the vacation yesterday with a huge laugh. Now it's back to reality where I think there may be a desk under here somewhere just can't see it yet. Then of course I have to get an appeal letter written to the school since they are recommending expulsion - not that it matters because they are trying to find an in-house substance abuse program for the brat (whoops - somehow the K I and D key typed the wrong word).

As you can tell the vacation did wonders for my sense of humor - don't guarantee it will stick but it does still feel good. Wait - am I at work - yuck.


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Good morning. I just finished reading yesterdays posts and will try to post before my busy day gets started.

Judy where I used to live was up one of those mountain roads. I loved living there but at times felt trapped because I would not drive that road at night. I had that drive down to town for work everyday. It is a beautiful place and I plan to take my daughter and granddaughter there tomorrow. I used to drive it everyday and now I both look forward to and dread that drive. I guess because my car is getting old and I worry that something else will go wrong with it.

MI Judy I hope that your spasms are going away. That is one of the worse pains. I know part of mine are due to weight gain and also because of muscles pulled in the past. Now for your time share experience. I always use the guide line on anything that if it sounds too good to be true it is not true. Didn't take my own advice on the campground that time but like you learned a valuable lesson.

Eric your pictures are wonderful. Having spent sometime at Williamsberg more than once they brought back memories. I love History and would always look for places that played a part in our country"s History. Sorry that you missed the ceiling in the governor's house. It is quite a display of guns up there. I have pictures.

As for the Netbook you answered one of my questions to myself. I thought about buying one for my trips to and from Louisiana each year. I have so many thoughts as I travel and would like to put them down while they are fresh in my mind. I decided against the netbook because of cost for one thing, I just can't afford anything extra yet. Reading your post shows that frustration doesn't always end when away from home. A computer is still a computer. I settled for the old fashioned player/recorder. I can get my thoughts down and not spend all of my time trying to type on that small keyboard. I will use it this December when I take my trip. I hope that you continue to have a great time. I look forward to your updates and hope I don't miss too many.

Well this is the day I have been waiting for. My daughter and granddaughter are on their way. They will be here this afternoon for a 10 day visit. Everything is ready for them here and I have a busy morning so waiting won't be quite as bad as it would be. I am not a good waiter. I will try to check in once in a while to read but will probably only post on Facebook using my phone. I hope all of you stay well and Eric that you have a safe and exciting trip. Now I have to walk and go buy donuts then attend a meeting that should take most of the morning.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 78 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 103.

I got up and went fishing at Lake Benbrook Saturday morning. I ended up staying later than I'd intended, as I so often do when I go fishing......LOL.

After not catching anything all morning, I started catching crappie just before noon and by 2:30 ended up with 6 nice ones and several smaller ones that I released. Benbrook is just a tough fishing lake; I suspect that may be an average to good fishing day for me on that lake. I still love being on the water, even if I have a tough time coming up with fish.

The lake level had dropped a foot in just nine days before Saturday. The park gate attendant where I launched my boat told me the boat ramp there would close if the lake got much lower. I hope the heat and drought here eases soon. Benbrook is already plan B for my fishing. I may have to come up with plan C soon.....LOL.

Since I spent more hours in the heat than I'd intended Saturday, I settled for a 48 mile ride Sunday morning, and spent the rest of the day vegetating in front of the TV. This weather will give you an appreciation of good air conditioning.

Back to work time for me. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning! Well, it's been a doozy of a morning! The heat index is insanely high, hence we have very severe storms happening. There's a tornado warning in a county close to me, and we are under a severe Thunderstorm warning for us.

The trees are moving, and it's getting dark. Whooooo Hoooooo!

Lily, you are so right. If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true. Hope you have a great time with your daughter and granddaughter! Sounds like you have a lot of fun planned.

Annette, I'm trying to not picture Keith dressed for a shower chasing the cat chasing a lizard. LOL. How funny!

Judy thanks about The Grillin Guys! The show is really taking off now. It's nice to see. Randy is kind of becoming somewhat of a celeb now! So funny!

Bud, hope that drought ends soon. I'd send some of my stuff your way if I could.

I hope the storms pass soon. I have an appointment in town at 1:00 and don't want to be caught up in this stuff.

Judy in MI

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Good morning all! It is a hot one here already. Yesterday we had our heat index reach 120, can't even breathe to be outside when it is like that! Must be July in Kansas. It is definitely getting me geared up for Seattle in August, that weather will be such a blessing!!!

Eric, I was able to look at some of the pics on Facebook, looks like you are getting to see all sorts of things, your brain will have so many images to go back with! I find it funny how you mentioned the difference in ordering food here. While we were in Ireland, that was one thing I noted, the differences in expectation, they did look at me nuts when trying to ask for something different than what was listed!

Getting my self ready for Round 3 of chemo to start again tomorrow now that radiation is done. Hoping that the nausea is now more under control, but having some anxiety about what this will look like. Oh well, ready or not...

Either way spending the day inside today, sounds like everyone is busy and having family coming in, all sorts of good things. Just wanted to drop in, hadn't written in here for a bit. Happy Monday everyone.


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Hooray I got part the Password Page.

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just spending some time chasing the cursor round this page,it does its own thing.Its so frustrating,this is my second go today at posting in.I have now arrived in Manhatten New York,my preferrence was to stay until Saturday,but it was so expensive,even the cheaper quotes were over a £1000,I could get a fortnight in Rome for less LOL.

My room here is very small,light on- to see, its a bit dark,despite broad daylight outside.Still chasing the cursor,just going to freshen up a bit before going out,oh another thing I have to share the bathroom-hope its not with everyone in the hotel?I was really spoiled in Richmond and Washington.Seems the Empire State Building and the Crysler Building are nearby,where's my camera?

I have posted some pics into facebook,including the Museum of the Confederency and WashingtonDC,the pics speak for themselves regarding Washington.I will get down to writing a wee summary of my time there later.

Sorry but I am a wee bit adrift with the blethers,Annette wish we had another week (at least)together,dont work too hard ease yourself back in.Thanks for the lizard/cat chase story with Keith if only I had been there with my camera,might have been a sight more enjoyable for the ladies here, than my museum pics?

Hi Sara,sorry I have lost all contact with you recently,you were in my thoughts through each day,I hope everything went well for you?.You have not lost your sense of humour,with your treatments-you were lucky the Irish waitress didnt show you the door.

The Judies,I have so missed your chats,missed the grillin guys story,can you get me Randy's autograph now before he gets too big to ask later.Hope evryone is having a good day,catch up with you all later,oops Bud,sorry,nearly forgot you,how are you?,hope the crappies are still biting.Byee

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It must be the heat- I meant to say, I wanted to stay here until Sunday,leave for Boston on Monday am,instead I am leaving on Friday.I might be stopping off en route to Boston,to meet up with Nick at a place called New Haven.

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Eric - - we should have gotten you a travel mouse (not lizard!). Even though you don't have a word program you could go {Ctrl-A} {Ctrl-C} every once in a while - then you would only lose what you have typed since you last "copied." I wish we could have thought of everything and helped you more for being on your own. Let Jennifer know she is not the only one worrying about you - you know me now!


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Hi Sara! Hope the next round of chemo goes better for you nausea wise!

Eric, you need to buy an external mouse for that thing. I'm sure it has a USB plug in on the side or back. Get yourself a cheap mouse that you can plug in. Then disable the keyboard mouse. That way the cursor won't be floating all over.

To disable the keyboard mouse, hit the FN key and hold it down, and then hit the "no mouse" key, which on my computer is F9.

I hope this helps!

Judy in MI

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