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Morning All! Ann, Annette, Bud, LaDonna and anyone else I missed, the work week is over today. Yeah for all of you.

Cannot tell a lie. Been playing on the Farm again. With Stan away, I'm getting into it again and that's not really a good thing lol.

I'm off to town today. Picking up the quarterlies at the accountant's office. Just an excuse to see her and my friend Sally and just generally get out of the house. A trip to Sugar apple for Papaya Juice and grocery store are also in order. My side effects from last chemo wasn't bad at all except some real uncomfortable mouth issues. Will try the juice and if that doesn't work I stocked baking soda for the bs and salt rinse, yuk.

Wish I were traveling around with Eric. He picked some of my favorite cities to travel to.

Bud, would never have guessed your TV series. Stan and I love Castle, Bones, The Mentalist and NCIS to name a few. We watch too much TV lol!

I'm taping Diane Sawyer and the evening news. I'm just lovin' that Made in America thing they are doing.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 80 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 105. Being on the southwest edge of the metroplex, Crowley gets a bit cooler at night than DFW. Yesterday morning, while I was noting an 80 degree temperature as I rode to work, DFW Airport was recording 84 degrees, which set an all time highest low temperature for the day for July 14th.

KW Judy, I missed the fact that you were wanting two windows side by side. I just switch back and forth between two tab windows. "bs and salt rinse"? I get lots of bs here at work, but I never rinse with it.......LOL.

Late Happy Anniversary, Katie!

My weekend plans are kind of up in the air, depending on whether the garage door guy can do the installation tomorrow or not. My HOA Gestapo has already notified me that my garage door needs to be fixed. Nice to know they're doing their job. The door cratered on Monday, and by Thursday I had received a letter in the mail. That's fast......LOL.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all,

The clock is moving very slowly today. I am trying not to snack since we are going out tonight since it's Keith's birthday weekend. I think I am going to slide from work a little early and try and 'run' over to the mall. Would like to get him a little present - just can't get motivated - always knowing that another of my 29th birthdays is just around the corner.

I used to make notes about the air as I read so I could make sure I responded to everyone - I have been very lazy of late. My mom called and they transferred the kid back to our County for court on Monday - still don't know what they are going to do. I know when we went and visited him Wednesday he told us that even during his substance abuse program he was 'using'. Very discouraging since I thought he was clean while staying with me. I'd like to ring his little neck but he pretty much is doing that to himself.

We are having a little pool party Saturday - haven't decided what we are going to eat. Since I live in an apartment there is a communal grill that I refuse to use. I have had some pretty horrible thoughts about what might happen to that grill when the teenagers take over the pool in the evenings and Keith is not capable of cooking on a grill until he cleans it. Seriously - that's like cleaning a coffee pot, I always thought that part of the good taste came from the old coffee not soap.

I hope all of you read the lizard story - cause I have been having some fun with it. I had my friend call Keith and tell him she saw a picture of him on his deck on Utube. (He was not amused - I thought it was hilarious.) A co-worker sent me a picture of a "Lizard Lick, North Carolina" sign so I wrote him and told him to keep his lizard inside. (He was not amused - I thought it was hilarious.) Yesterday - my administrative assistant came up with a brilliant idea. So I went home and had him run out for subs - while he was out I downloaded Ray Stevens' "The Streak" - which I played when he walked back in. (He was not amused - I thought it was hilarious!!) So how am I gonna top that. Maybe I can get him some iguana boots, or a lizard skin belt. Hmm. If you have any suggestions - please tell me.

Better hit the work button - where was that now...


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Good morning! It's a muggy 75 here, creeping to 85 by the end of the day. The next five days are all high 80's and low 90's. Not my favorite time of summer. I end up spending a lot of time indoors, just do not enjoy that muggy heat.

I encouraged a friend of mine, with SCLC, to come here and write. She said she did once, but can't remember how to get back in. I put a call into her, to try to help her with that. She's not real comfortable with computers. Her brain mets are back. She did have the WBR, and got five months of great quality of life. Now the doctors are talking about possible stereotactic surgery. If you pray, please pray for her.

It was a tough night at Gilda's last night. Three of us are going to be at the Cancer Pavilion at the same time next week! Two of us for tests, and the 3rd one for tests and chemo. Welcome to our world, when we are hooking up to talk at the Cancer Pavilion!

Our group has been together for years now. And we are at a stage where four out of twenty regular members are in late stage of their disease. Three of the four have lung cancer. When I first was dx in 2007, I couldn't find anyone else with this disease. They hooked me up with a mentor who was 88 years old. She was a lovely woman, but we didn't have much in common other than the disease, and hers had been in remission for decades.

Now, we have six in my group with LC, and the other cancer group (we have two groups now because we have so many) has at least five. This was unheard of four years ago.

Anyway, most of the group had tough stuff to deal with in the past week, so it was a tough night to get through. Sometimes we come in and laugh and share and have great times. Someone will make a cake, or a pie, and we'll eat and just have fun. Other times, it's just tough stuff. It seems to come in waves.

Anyway, I'm jumping off here. Need to shower, and I have a book I want to finish before meeting up with my g/f that does my hair. So have a great day all!

LOL Bud and the bs and salt rinse. Judy I remember those days, and trying to talk without my tongue touching any part of my mouth or teeth because it hurt so bad. I was religious about the rinse, and extreme in my oral hygiene. I hope it gets better soon. Glad to hear you are so busy though!

Judy in MI

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Annette, we posted at the same time, so I missed all the fun with the lizard stuff! Tell him to get a sense of humor. This is all great fun.

So sorry about Marco, but I think you are right, he is wringing his own neck at this point. How sad that when you are in substance abuse rehab, drugs are readily available.

How far away are you from Cambridge Mass? There's a great little bar there called The Lizard Lounge http://www.lizardloungeclub.com/main.html

He might enjoy that!

How about a Bearded Lizard T shirt? Especially funny with the beard. I'll try to copy it here but not sure it will work. +bearded_dragon_got_crickets_kids_tshirt,110106411

I found a cute Iguana wind chime on this web site: http://www.thejunglestore.com/Gift-Cata ... 4Aodwn8qyw

That would be a "cute" surprise for him when he comes over! LOL

Okay enough with the lizards. Got to go!

Judy in MI

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Happy Friday Everyone!

Having a tough day... Got what I really needed to get done at work today, but just can't concentrate on anything today. I'm just tired... Haven't slept good the last couple of nights which doesn't help, but have made myself get up and go to the gym in the mornings.

Talked to Dad last night. I could tell he was trying to sound ok for me but was pretty sad...

Sounds like quite a few have some good weekend plans.

We hope to get out on the lake in the boat this weekend. We haven't had a chance all summer to take it out. Probably won't be out long because it gets so hot, but hope to at least get out in the morning...

Sunday we're going to see Harry Potter!! YEAH!!! Can't wait! I have been looking forward to this one for so long.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm going to get me a cup of coffee and have a brownie that Jimmy made. :) So much for the 45 minutes on the treadmill this morning....

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Good Evening Everyone,

To-night I am in Framingham,Best Western Hotel,I have really fouled up this time,I had booked this one through Expeadia,you know the group that fixed me up with a hotel for the Isle of Arran,eight miles from Brodick,trouble was it was on the mainland with no ferry connection,well they've done it again.Prior to confirming this booking I asked the guy for its exact location,-one minute Sir,I will check it out-its right in Boston City Centre,OK says I, confirm the booking.I get a taxi at Boston South Station,its a $100 ride plus tip,from Boston City Centre,no other means of travel available to and from this hotel.I could have spent this ammount on a more expensive hotel for the four nights,and saved all the travel time on the traffic congested roads.I have sent an email to customer services at expeadia,in complaint,will have to wait on a response,if they even bother to reply.Wish I had Googled Earthed-Framingham's location.

Well my last night in New York,meal back in Rosy O'Gradys,then off to see the Jersey Boys,music was just great,well worth seeing,mind you if you have to choose between that and Mamma Mia,the latter is the better one.Got back to my hotel,about 11pm,there a bar next door so I thought I'd pop in for a wee quick beer,sitting at a stool at the bar,chatting to the barman,when I hear a girl nearby shouting to her friends "He's Scottish",next I am surrounded by a group of guys and gals of the younger species,Scots,Irish and English,they are all expats living in New York,what a welcome they gave me,its party time,the guys have formed a soccer team and take on Americans all over the districts of New York,they call themselves Manhattan Celtic,they won the league trophy for this year,its hugh and has pride of place on the bars gantry.I wish I discovered this place earlier in the week,since they go in for a couple of pints every night.I didnt leave that pub until about 2am.Everyone inviting me back to New York in the future,dont book a hotel you can stay with us.Kinda made me wish I stayed in New York a bit longer,but Boston was now booked,oh well.

Sorry not been taking wee notes of your postings,but I do remember JudyKW mentioning the places on my route,come on dont just sit there pack some bags and you and Stan can join up with me,I would just love your company.

Annette,pass on Happy Birthday to Keith,enjoy your pool party this weekend.

Hi Bud,big brother is watching you,get that garage door fixed.

Happy Anniversary KatieB,(thanks for reminding us Bud,I kinda even forget my own)

Hi to everyone else I havent mentioned,but you are all in my thoughts everyday,particularly Sara,hoping everything is going well with her,looking foreward to seeing her at Lincoln Park on 13th Aug in Seattle,and maybe some other weel kent faces to boot.Goodnight everyone have a great weekend,see you all tomorrow.

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Oh Eric,

If you are stuck with the hotel, there is a commuter rail line that runs from Framingham to Boston. I think it is $6.25 each way. Ask at the desk for help! Or sweet talk them and see if another Best Western in town would be willing to have you in some sort of trade? You don't have time to be wasting on long commutes! There is too much history to be seen in Boston. The line to Framingham terminates at South Station!

http://www.mbta.com/fares_and_passes/?e ... ebar=false

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Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for your suggestions,I asked the guy at the desk yesterday about public transport,bus/train?he told me no buses, nearest train link is 9 miles away.I have been up since the back of 3 am,it now 5.15am,I have just booked into another hotel,central to Boston, I hope,its the Boston Park Hotel and Towers at Arlington Street.

I am just going to have to cut my losses at Best Western,I was a bit impatient searching out a Boston Hotel,from my New York room,I really should have explored a bit more,before jumping in,mind you I was totally mislead by the expedia representative,saying the hotel was in the City Centre,I should have double checked,as I have done in the past,by phoning the hotel first bfore confirming the booking,or even Google Earth its location.I dont really think there's much chance of any refund,its put it down to experience time-again LOL.

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I stayed at the Boston Park Hotel in 1983 just after a renovation and loved it. The room was a bit small, but looked out over The Commons. Central, central, central! I hope you are up to taking a walking tour (self guided or not) of the history trail. It will get you all over town.

It'd be worth a note to Expedia to let them know of your disappointment with their service. You never know. I've not used their services.

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