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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

I am in Canada just now,I left Boston at 7.00am yesterday,rail ticket to Niagara Falls was actually two,one to New York-4 1/2 hours,Lft New York at 1.15pm arrived at my hotel at 11.30pm,its is over the Rainbow Bridge in Canada,someone told me the Falls are better viewed from that side.I thought I would have travelled directly West from Boston to Niagara,cutting down the travelling considerablely,since there is such a rail link,so why New York beats me?.

The hotel is well located but pretty basic,when I opened my hotel bedroom door,there was a pneumatic drill going,boy was that noisey,turns out this was the air ,well rather a warm room than a sleepless night,so its off for good.Wish the hotel was the Boston Park Plaza LOL.

The Hotel mentions free wi-fi,so I tried to post in last night,my netbook tells me no network,I later discover,its only available in the public areas,so until 5 seconds ago i was sitting on a pack of towels,with another large pack to serve as my table,in the lobby on the first floor,that is until the maid came along and removed my table an chair,so I am now on the floor continuing my post.I am sorry I havent read your posts yesterday,Amtrak has wi-fi on all their trains,yeah right,with so much time on my hands,I tried to post in,their net link just dos'nt work,grrr.

The taxi driver who dropped me off last night offered to drive me to Tornonto for $300,and would return and pick me up again 5 hours later,thinking about it?I would have to add another day here,since I was intending to go to Cleveland on Thursday.Need to go now,bodies beginning to ache sitting here,have a great day everyone,I am just off to enjoy all that the Niagara Falls has to offer,someone told me you can walk behind the Falls,sounds fun,I will also go on the Maid of the Mist,hoe my camera can cope with the Mist?.Bye,will post later with how I got on.

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Eric, so sorry about all the wi-fi issues. We sure don't have that all figured out yet, do we? It's tough to have wi-fi when traveling because your network hops from tower to tower, and it makes it very difficult to get anything done.

All your traveling is making me tired, LOL. But seriously? Hope you enjoy the Falls. They are spectacular.

Well, I fired off a letter to my Neurologist today. I copied my Onc. and PCP on it. Everyone wants to address their own issue, and I think all 3 need to work together on this. I told them I am not changing the dosage on the spasm meds right now. It's making my muscles spasm and it's not acceptable when I am dealing with a possible new primary lung tumor. In addition, my hernia is giving me fits. I remember another reason I hired the cleaning of my house out, my hernia! It's damaged and may need surgical repair.

I asked them all to work as a team on my behalf. Maybe we could do the hernia repair at the same time as the lobectomy (if that is needed at all?). The Neurologist and Onc. need to be talking just in case the medications for the spasms would interfere with the other stuff.

ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is making my head spin, and my brain hurt. Why so many issues all at once@!#*@%@#

The hernia issue is escalating. I'm unable to eat much at one time because it hurts. My stomach is constantly upset, which tells me that the repair is going to need to be done sooner rather than later.

Ok, enough bit*hing for today.

I'm off for blood work. A girlfriend is going with me to the CT. I just want a friend there to chat with so it distracts me.

It is very hot, humid and gloomy today. 100% humidity.

See ya all later!

Judy in MI

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Good morning everyone, busy busy busy here - deadlines to miss and such. Came in early since tonight I will have to drive my mom out of town about 45 minutes to go see the kid. He has been behaving and actually earned a phone call yesterday. Guess it is easy to behave in a confined environment. (I am in a confined environment here at work but I can manage to get myself in trouble - not his kind but trouble of a sort).

Eric - I have never been to Niagara Falls so I am looking forward to the pictures. I'm excited to read about all of you adventures.

Looking forward to hearing from both Judy's - hope chemo goes well down south and CT's good up north. (Judy MI - the eating thing may not all be hernia - your body does strange things when you are stressed - I can tell you from the past several months there have been days that food had no room with all the acid that was churning. - Of course, I was able to make up for it while Eric was here - maybe we need to get him to come by and meet you - his charm certainly made me feel better!)

Speaking of Canada - aren't we missing someone on the Air!!! We have llamas and tutus to talk about....

I better get myself back to work or I may be forced to work this weekend...and well that would make Friday not Friday and we just can't have that!


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 78 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 103.

Lillian, it sounds like you're having a great time with your visiting family. Glad to hear it.

LaDonna, I didn't realize you were in Venus. That is indeed close to Lake Bardwell. I do miss fishing that lake.

Katie, it's always hot here in summer, but this is not normal. 1980 was the year that set all records in number of days 100 degrees or over in this part of the country. There were 69 100 degree days here and 50 in Oklahoma City. I notice that in Oklahoma City, they're starting to talk about breaking that record, with 30 100 degree days already. We had too many 99 degree days early this summer to break the record here, but it's still going to be one of the hottest summers ever.

I seem to have finally reached my target weight this week. I would have suffered less on some of those early summer rides if I had reached it in May like I did last year, but I guess the old saying of better late than never applies.

Good luck on the scan, MI Judy! Have a great day, all!

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Judy, I don't get why all your drs. can't be on the same page. You would think they could have a conference call or something. Seems like all the problems have a common denominater. I too have an umbilical hernia. It doesn't hurt or anything, I was just told to keep an eye on it to look for changes or any pain. I hate it though. The drs. said they could fix it any time I want but I'm afraid it will just break again. They also said they could arrange to repair it next time I go under for something else. Good luck with that scan. I hope they offer up a few choices for treatment if need be. There are so many things they can do these days other than surgery. I really wanted surgery though just to know it was gone. I'm thinking of you, Man, you have sure been through it.

Eric, The train thing is a bit confusing. Where i live, Amtrack does'nt own the rails west of here. They have to share them with huge freight companies. So when the train I need to catch to Philly comes from Pittsburgh, it's always late. I guess it's easier to pull over on a siding and let a 50 car freight train go by. For me to get a plane to D.C.,I first have to go through Boston and it's $400. I can drive there in less than 2 hours. It's all stupid.

The concert in Baltimore was really good. We were'nt the oldest people like I thought we'd be. The performers were. They sounded just like they did 40 years ago though. It had to be the HOTTEST day of the year too. The Red Sox were in town to play the Orioles too. All the venues are within short walks of eachother. There were more Sox fans around than Balt. fans. Their stadium is empty anymore. Not like when Cal Ripken and those guys were there. Don't go there unless you're really hungry. So many great places to eat and sights to see. Pretty city.

KW Judy, It's taxetere right? That stuff never gave me any issues at all. I hope it won't for you either. Mine was just once every 3 weeks. I guess it's effects last that long before they dose you up again. 2 different oncodocs agreed that was the best choice for me at the time. It seems to have worked, so I'm thrilled. I hope you do ok. Not just ok , great.

Have a great day all and stay cool.

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Oops, I forgot KW Judy's chemo. Good luck with your chemo, KW Judy!

There seem to be a lot of umbilical hernias going around. An umbilical hernia played a part in my lung cancer being diagnosed. A chest x-ray before my January, 2007 umbilical hernia was one of two that got compared and caused them to bring me in for a CT scan.

Getting different doctors on the same page is a common problem in this country. We struggled with some of that during Rose's cancer treatments. One thing I like about the VA is that every doctor has access to every other doctor's comments and conclusions.

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Hey thanks for the good wishes! Alan, if your hernia is not giving you pain, do NOT have it repaired. It is a long recovery, and you can't lift more than 5 pounds for a long time.

Annette, I am quite sure the stomach pain and upset is due to the hernia. This will be the 4th repair for me. How you know is the spot that is bulging is where the pain is, and it gets noisy when you eat. Those are two strong indicators of a hernia. So I eat less but more often!

KW Judy thinking of you right now. Hope that chemo is kind to you and very angry and mean to the cancer!

Alan, the concert sounds like it was so much fun! We went to see Tom Petty 3 years ago, and oh my gosh we had sooooo much fun!

Hope everyone is handling the heat okay. It's murderous here. I got out of my car, inside the garage this afternoon, and hurried to get inside. It was dangerously hot in there. They are saying heat indexes at 107, and my car registered 101 on the way home. Whew!

Bud, they are saying the hottest summer for us since 1988!

Judy in MI

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Evening All! Long day at the hospital--wait for blood draw, wait for report, wait for pharmacy (think that was the longest wait!). In the meantime, fluids then the premeds and finally the taxotere. Did I say my side-effects, most particularly the nausea was due to slow drip? The onc was thinking the premeds might be different and I was considering it. No, two hour infusion that was one hour at the Center. Not complaining. If the nausea is as mild with my meds as last time, I'll be a happy camper. But 10am to 4:30pm! Then back tomorrow at 10:30 for Neulasta shot--wait again for pharmacy. But I'm feeling good!

Eric, your trip sounds great but did you ever consider a down day just to rest up, maybe call for room service and not go out til evening for dinner. I think going going everyday like you are must be exhausting. Am I sounding like a mother lol. The computer issues are frustrating. You should see a computer addict like me when I'm traveling and it's a bust. I am working on it and getting better distracting myself.

Annette, I wondered how far away Marco was. 45 min is a significant drive when you work. Hope he continues with his good behavior. You at least deserve that.

Bud, reach a weight goal is huge. I'm trying to pick a realistic goal--I'm never going to weigh the 106 lbs I weighed before dx. I've lost 5 lbs but seem to be stuck here. I haven't given up the sugar yet lol.

Judy, I hope you can get some communication going. I've noticed, much as I love my onc, she isn't interested in much of anything going on with my medically if it doesn't relate to the cancer. I wish they would all communicate better. They stay so busy and rooted in their own specialties.

Alan, I was surprised to here you had no problems with taxotere. I was led to believe it was a rough one. My side effects have been naseau, spitting breaking nails, some facial skin rash, mouth issues including blisters on tongue and thrush (mouth and throat) and overwhelming fatigue. I was told to expect to lose all my hair by second infusion. It's been coming out gradually after the last couple of infusion and faster now. I'll shave it if it gets thin and straggly but I'm not there yet. I noticed in your profile that you had cyberknife. I've heard great things about it. Wish I were a candidate.

Hi Randy :lol::lol::lol:

I've been way to long-winded again. Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Yeah, I know, can't shutup. Yes I did get Cyberknife. It worked for me. At the time, I was blown away by the technology of that big computerized robot. It's amazing what it can do. I learned about another new technological wonder. It's called Proton Therapy. You can google or bing it and you should. I thought Cyberknife was awesome and it is, but this thing is just plain crazy.There are currently only 9 sites in the U.S. More on the way. You can follow some links to learn more. I hope I can have it someday if "it" recurs. I hope new patients can get it. From what I read, it can replace surgery in alot of cases.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Moisture inside camera panic over,I recharged the battery,re-instated it,and the camera is working perfectly.Tomorrow is all arranged,I am going to Toronto,meeting up with Jane (Trawna),she has kindly agreed to meet me,thinking of doing it with some style,wearing my kilt and the Breathe Deep T shirt,as KatieB says,plenty of pics please,well that shouldnt be a problem now.Hope you enjoyed my pics today,its funny I had a walk up the town centre just opposite here to the American Falls falls,it occured to me with the sight that beheld me,that on one hand we have one of natures most beautiful scenes,and on the other,we have Canada's Niagara town centre,it is really such a tawdry place to visit,it is just full of casinos,penny arcades,Franensteins Haunted house,waxworks,fast food places,one bar I went into just to have a cool down beer,sitting at the bar stool the barmaid asked if I wished to see a menu,well the place was simply jumping with people,I could hardly hear this lady for the background noise,sorry not my idea of a place to eat,I left after the beer back towards my hotel.I was thinking to myself,I am I such a snob,thinking along those lines,maybe I should appreciate more that some people there were actually having a great fun day out with the family,well I am settled in the hotel lounge and got chatting to a Dutchman who is also working on his laptop,when he said to me,isnt it a shame to have such a beautiful natural wonder like the Niagara Falls to have opposite such a grubby town centre,my wife and I only stayed for a couple of minutes and left.Well he had no idea how much better he made me feel regarding my thoughts.

Hi Randy,It was was Christine I had missed,she left as I was arriving at the Falls.Shame I would have loved to have met up,she really is such fun in facebook.

Hi JudyKW,I hope everything went well for you today.I know what you are saying about a day out,but it things just seem to run away with me,as mentioned I am meeting Jane in Toronto tomorrow,I am really coping well with my holiday adventure,I suppose I can rest up when I return to Scotland,but hey in the meantime,its party on.

Hi Judy MI, You really are not having the best of things healthwise just now,spasms,hernia and the thoughts of a recurrent tumour,well I am really hoping your tumour concerns are misfounded,and the others can be successfully dealt with.Best wishes for better days starting tomorrow.

Hi Annette,Hope you enjoyed the Falls pics,you just gotta see them sometime.I agree do with you regarding JudyMI,I would have loved to meet up,it did cross my mind to visit Grand Rapids en route to Chicago,I think thats somewhere near where Judy lives we will see how things go,both for Judy and myself.Nice to hear wayward earning some brownie points for a change,could this be a turning point?.

Hi Alan,Good to hear from you,gosh you are another that I would have loved to have met,I passed near your neck of the woods twice,my train stopped at Baltimore station too.The Red Sox? is that the ones from Boston that wear funny Viking helmets,I seen them in their hundreds,but I didnt have my camera with me at the time,drat.Catch you next time round Buddy,take care of yourself.

Hi Stephanie, Nice to hear temps in Boston are warming up for you,seventies is just perfect for me,so hopefully August will be similar,really seems Seattle temps and weather is much as Scotlands,so if its pouring down on 13th it will make me feel at home LOL,looking forward to meeting you.

Hi Bud,With the temps I am experiencing since I arrived in the USA,just adds to my admiration of your cycling abilities coping with temps above 100 degrees C.Well just going next door for one nightcap before turning in,goodnight everyone,sorry if I failed to mention anyone,not intentional.Bye.

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Hi Stephanie,

I just had to chuckle to myself,typically I read my post after I have posted in, so reading the word Boston? instead of Seattle,where did that come from Eric?sorry about that maybe, Judy KW is right I need to rest up for a bit.

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