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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It reached 100 degrees here before 11:00 am yesterday. It stayed over 100 degrees until after 8:00pm. In the middle of my ride home at 4:00 pm, it was 109 degrees (officially at NOAA; my bike computer was reading 118). My sandals got so hot they were burning my toes. Whenever I grabbed the bike's brake levers, they burned my fingers. I can't say that it was as much fun as my ride home usually is. So did I ride to work today? Of course. This afternoon's forecast? 110 degrees. I can hardly wait.

Late happy anniversary, Alan! Go over and wish your neighbors a happy anniversary, too.

Paulette, do you suppose there will still be Medicare for you next year? I'll soon be having to investigate all the Medicare details. Can you do both Medicare and VA health care?

Annette, better to climb into the toilet than to you-know-what in the bathtub.

KW Judy, we have some furnaces here at work. Have Stan come and work on them. It's nice and cool in Fort Worth.

Stephanie, I hope the Avastin continues to not give you too many side effects.

MI Judy, I hope your nausea is better today. Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! In case you missed Katie's post, we've all gotten so yappy that she's going to have to start deleting Air posts. We'll have two weeks saved at a time so if there is anything you want to go back and copy/save, now's the time to do it.

Bud, you really are a glutton for punishment. I worry you're pushing the envelope to far in that heat. I tell myself you know your limits but man....lol

Eric sounds like he is having what is mostly a great vacation. Don't know if I could do what he's doing for what, seven weeks. That's a long time to travel--wait a minute, I do that and more lol. Yeh but I've got my home under me.

Slept late, have a massage at 1pm so it's going to be a slug day. Have a good one everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hello All from South Africa

Warm during the day but freezing at night.

On Saturday we did a heavy lift of a bridge with a very large crane. Went well and its another step closer to completion. I have been told that I might go to Ghana for my next job so lets see.

Hope you all saw the photo of the snow posted last week

Bye for now



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Good Morning Everyone,

Bags are packed again,this is becoming a real routine for me,got to be out of here in 20mins,so going to be brief.

Sorry I have'nt even read the posts from yesterday,it had such a busy day,I was invited to a day out with Stewart and Lynne,we spent some time at their home in a lovely suburb of Minneapolis ,then we did a tour of the lakes around their home,it was such a beautiful day and evening.Stewart decided to drive round to show me his childhood home,school,play places,what fun driving up and down the streets trying to access these areas,most of the area's streets were cordoned off for street parties,it was amazing to see the number of neighbours that participated in this event,must try to introduce this to my neighbourhood when I get home.We finished up going for a nice meal in one of the local restaurants.Stewart has suffered a stroke recently,but has made a super recovery,he has to undergo surgery on Friday,to unblock a vein in his neck,to prevent a further stroke,he has already had this surgery on the other side of his neck.If you reading this Stewart,you have my very best wishes for Friday.

I really must close the shutters now,its just going on 11am.My train leaves tonight for Grand Forks at 10.15pm.Gosh I did try to maintain a diary of my travels and for the first two to three weeks I did,but too many diversions came my way and I let everything slip,my intention was to use this forum as a way to pool all my adventures and re-write my journey fully when I return home,OK who can advise me on a way to copy and paste all the airs,and where do I store them?Have a great day everyone,I dont know when I will be back,probably well into tomorrow.Byee.

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Ron, great pics. I wanted to tell you that here in the States we've had a couple of news reports on cranes doing a job and just falling over. I think one fell in the water. Stan says they were operator error. He is of the belief that people on lots of jobs here today are falling short because of lack of training. Glad your project went smoothly.

Eric, happy Katie is able to salvage your trip info. I used to keep a diary years ago. When I got cancer, I bought a beautiful book and intended to start again. It has maybe one or two entries. Don't know. Just can't get into it again. Lots of good things like that have just fallen by the wayside for me--kind of been there done that lol.

Where are all the ladies today--hello????

Judy in KW

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Today is suppose to be our hottest day yet - forecast is 100. I don't even want to know what the heat index is. And, of course, since it is the hottest day our central air stopped working! Yikes!!! The AC guy came out and fixed it. I was afraid it would be bunches of money but it was only $180. And since we found it early it only went up to 82 in the house. Now it's cooling down again. I hope everyone else is staying cool in the heat.


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Here I am! Had a delightful day, but didn't have time to check email or post here! Met my older brother for lunch and we didn't leave the restaurant until 4:00PM!!!!! I told him we need to do this more often so we don't wear out the chairs. It was such a nice time.

When I got home, I was chased down the driveway by the neighbor and her 4 children, on their golf cart. Gosh they are cute. Randy fixed their little tractors this weekend, and they regaled me with lots of homemade thank you cards and a lovely invitation over to their home for dinner next week. It was so nice. However, Olive is a problem. She is not used to kids, and she got aggressive. I had a nice time on Sunday teaching the kids to not be afraid of dogs, and then Olive pulls this bull.....don't know what I'm going to do about that yet.

Bud, I share Judy's concern. This heat is murderous, and I worry about you when you burn your fingers and toes. Sheesh, take a break. Thanks for the thoughts. The nausea is actually better today. Finished off the antibiotics last night and hoping it was just that.

KW Judy, hope that massage was as nice as it sounded!

Ronnie, great pics! Now I understand more of what you do. The weather looked beautiful.

Eric, glad Katie was able to save your posts in Facebook. That is nice.

Well, it's 5:00 and I need to get supper going. Take care,

Judy in MI

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Good afternonn yous guys,

Don't know if this note will go or not. Big computer glitches lately. Susan ordered a new tower from QVC. $$$ but no tax. Oh well, s#%t happens. Iwanted to thank you all for the congrats on 39 years. I agree, a trophy will suffice. I wound up cooking. We had to grocery shop so I sneaked back to the seafood. All that talk about fried fish the other day got to me. None of the fish excited me so it was scallops, clams, whole lobsters and corn. Not the North Carolina steamer pot, But really good.The best fish I ever had was in Marco Island when we beer battered some grouper we caught that morning. Yummy. KW Judy, I,m sure you've done that.

Turns out we couldn't resist going next door afterall. I guess they were stressed, I don't know. Good fences do make good neighbors. Too bad you can hear through fences.

Eric, again wonderful shots. Did your new friends happen to show you pics of how that beautiful lake looks in say February?? I'm glad for you that it's summer. Hey Bud, maybe you should have some insulated shoes and some mittens. You are nuts!!! Your story should make a documentery on ESPN. An ESPY award..Lets all nominate Bud for the Jimmy V award. seriously, that should happen.

I was afraid I might not get back here due to this glitch. It kinda got to me a little. I like your chatter and like blabbing too. Do I need a hobby? Just kidding, got those too. Neices arrive saturday, lots to do. They want to investigate their heritage, so a few trips to old homesteads etc. coming up. ( some old family favorite food spots too). It always comes down to food somehow doesn't it? Sure hope this got on the air. Katie, "airheads" really? OK.

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Good afternoon everyone. Hot and humid here today, we haven't had humidity lately, just the heat, but today the humidity kicked in. We apparently broke a record yesterday with the temp reaching 110 degrees. Might be a bit of a culture shock to get to Seattle next week, it is getting down to the 50s at night, nothing like a 50 degree swing! Will definitely be taking layers! This heat sure does make it hard to breathe sometimes. I have definitely noticed a difference which has also added increased back pain, probably from breathing differently. Always something!

Our fish fry was delicious, even though not healthy, fun and good to do every once in awhile. We went out in the boat the other morning to try and catch some more. The fish are hiding in this heat, even at 6am, so they weren't falling for it! Oh well, it was nice to be out on the lake, only ones out there, it was only about 87 degrees at that point and a slight breeze, so actually somewhat comfortable!

Had chemo again yesterday, so no sleep last night from the steroids, hoping for a good night's rest tonight. They switched up my sleeping pills, so praying for good results! Judy MI, glad your nausea is better, it can be so debilitating! Sounds like you had a good day today, how fun! Bud, you be careful riding in this heat, that doesn't sound like fun at all. There are so many posts since I have written, I know I won't be able to respond to everyone's, but I sure enjoy reading them all. Getting excited so meet some folks next Saturday! Everyone enjoy your evening!


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Paulette, how lucky you were to get someone out to fix your AC in this weather! Price not bad either.

Alan, hope you enjoy your new computer. Everytime I get a replacement I look for more speed and am never really satisfied with how much faster they are. But glitches, they make me crazy so sounds like time for a new one.

Judy, sounds like a grand afternoon. Last time I stayed that long in a restaurant was last year with my cousins in NJ. Such fun doing family catch-up, isn't it!

Sara, glad you enjoyed the fish-fry. And it's amazing, isn't it, how lovely it can be on the water with a little breeze absent a blazing sun. Sara, for my money you just can't beat meeting people from LCSC in person.

Judy in KW

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