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Morning All! Happy last day of the week for our worker bees. That will probably now include me. It's been mostly a cancer filled week. I had great plans today around my lunch with Jemmie until Stan reminded me I had to go back into town this afternoon for my shot.

Been up since 7:15 but have been in the computer renewing and updating my McAfee Antivirus. Guess they figured I wasn't going to buy it at the inflated price. This morning's offer was back to the original "early" offer even tho it was expired. I did some research and wasn't impressed with any change right now. Don't like McAfee for past marketing reasons but it's kept me safe this past year.

Hope you all have a great day. Will try to check in later today so cheer me with lots of fresh Air.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 53 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 88.

I don't use any of the anti virus software. It always seemed to me to cause more problems than the viruses it was supposed to protect you from, so I gave it up years ago.

Eric, there always seems to be some muscle soreness from exercising, but much less so if you stay at it regularly. KW Judy is right, exercise alone won't make most people lose weight. You have to do that with diet. If you exercise 12 hours a week or more like I do, then you're approaching the point where the exercise itself can help lower weight, but most people don't do that.

KW Judy, it sounds like you need one of the new tablets, rather than a laptop, for travelling. I bought a cheap one the other day. It's an android, like so many of the new phones. I'm trying my hand at android programming but don't have an android phone yet, so I decided a cheap tablet would do for testing until I'm due for a new phone in the spring.

I'm planning on doing some fishing tomorrow, then riding a 200K on Sunday. I'm not having a good mileage month at all so far this month.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all,

Well yesterday was a waste. I managed to get a yogurt in and a couple spoonfuls of mashed potatoes. Haven't been up long enough to know how it's going to go today. Decided to just lol around in bed and be lazy. We'll see. Think I'll start with some toast with peanut butter on it. My husband claims that will cure what ails me.

Since all I've done is lay around, I don't have much to report. I was wondering if anyone has heard from Sara lately?

Watched Charlie's Angels last night. Girls gorgeous, story line was ok, but scaling the outside of a building in stilletto heels? Really?

Judy in MI

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Afternoon all,

I tried to watch Charlies Angels too - I like Drew Barrymore and I thought she wouldn't put her name on anything horrible. I wasn't really impressed - I mainly just had it on before Grey's - which I fell asleep on. Woke up early and went to work since I have so much to do and I am for the most part still sitting here in a fog. But I guess I have spurts of productivity.

I actually brought a container of yogurt in to work and had it for breakfast. Not bad for me and I may make an omelet for dinner - something fast and easy then I think I may just relax and write in a journal I have started.

I agree Judy (MI) - where is Sarah and Karen - starting to worry about them. Hope they are just busy and relaxing (not like Eric and Bud relax though)! Here I stand next to my bed and life two little barbells for a couple of minutes and I think I am accomplishing something - but it's more than nothing I guess and I want to take advantage of all the weight of have lost over the last couple of weeks and keep it off (about 16 pounds - believe it or not).

Anyway - just wanted to drop in and say hi - what is everyone doing this weekend? It is absolutely pouring out but I don't know what the weekend weather is like.


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I don't think she will mind - I did chat with Sara this week - she is doing well and getting ready to go back to work (and maintenance chemo)! Has been out enjoying the cooler days of the end of summer. Said she will come back on line to say hello soon. I told her being away because she was busy and having fun was completely acceptable! Yay!

Another blue sky day - yesterday was gray but warm. A very nice second summer, especially since we didn't get much of a first. Plums in the freezer, most of the tomatoes have ripened. All the talk of exercise - maybe I'll push off and go take a swim. It's been awhile.

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Hi again all. Had a lovely lunch with my friend then off to the hospital for my shot. Of course it wasn't in the fridge where it should have been so had to wait for the someone to make a special delivery from the pharmacy. Good news is I got a friendly nurse today instead of my regular prickly chemo nurse. They have substitued my neulasta with something called leukine. Am not feeling to go about it. The possible side-effects sound more/worse but I haven't done a comparison yet.

Bud, I thought about a tablet but that would rule out working with it on the road. We use QuickBooks for our business everything. I wouldn't worry about a low mileage month. You will surely make up for in no time. Happy fishing. We ate a snowy grouper Stan caught deep dropping--awesome eating fish!

Judy, sounds like you have a flu bug. It might lay you low for more than a day or two so rest up as long as you need to.

Annette, glad to hear you are eating again. Weight loss can be good but not too much anxiety weight loss. I rarely watch a TV show anymore. DVR most of it. Stan hates commercials and I get tired of hearing him witch lol. Truth is everything starts around 9 pm and that's when these old folk are off to bed.

Stephanie, so glad you were in touch with Sara. That is really all we need, to hear our friends are well. And I agree about being away because of being busy and having fun. Plums in the freezer? You lucky duck. And I wish I was a swimmer but not much. I think it's one of the best exercises. Wish you more sunny days.

Judy in KW

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I'm here, I'm here! Hello everyone, I am back at work, just part time for now, so trying to adjust to actually having a schedule again and that sort of thing. Sorry I have not gotten on for awhile, I am off all my chemo right now so trying to enjoy that while it lasts. Have had more energy so we have been able to enjoy the weather and get out and about.

I please to spend some time catching up on how everyone else is doing as well. Thanks for asking about me, I am doing pretty well. Go back in the beginning of October when I will most likely st art Alimta. Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler temperatures, happy first day of Fall everyone!


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Good Evening Everyone,

Holiday weekend in Scotland (Fri and Mon)although not everyone benefits.I have been given by my sister Irene, 4 complimentary tickets for an open top bus tour of Glasgow,so if its dry tomorrow I will be taking the tour with my other sister Dot,husband Jim and if compis mentis,Sally,I say this deliberately,since after my big mouth statement yesterday about keeping her under control,she has managed to slip under the net today?.OK I give in,where she got the money is beyond me?.

Bus tour of Glasgow?me being born and brought up there?what on earth I hear you saying, would be of interest to him?,well I am a Scot first and foremost, these tickets are worth £11 each, anyway I have heard that the history narrative on board is really good.joyed TV last

I really enjoyed TV last night,following Billy Connelly's trip on a motor tricycle down route 66, was a new series of Gordon Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares,this was one about two brothers running a restaurant in New Orleans,it was brill,I never get tired of seeing this prog,I know he is a bit over the top,but I so enjoy seeing it.

Bud,thank you for your observation on exercise,diet?,gulp,I didnt think it would have to be this serious in losing weight,I just love food so much,mind you one ray of light you gave me,12 hours exercise plus can be effective in weight loss,well I am doing 4 hours/day/times 5 days,hooray I can shed some pounds.

JudyMI,peanut butter toasties?,yummie,for goodness sake I am trying to lose some weight here.

Thanks Stephanie, I have been thinking of Sara,its so good to hear she is doing well and enjoying herself.I am so looking forward to hearing her when she gets up to posting in.

Hi Annette, I am so pleased to see you up and about the forum again,look after yourself,God Bless.

Time to go,again I have'nt typed this in word hope this goes OK,Byee.

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Sara, we can be pesky can't we? I emailed her because I was so worried. Now so relieved that she is feeling so good she was trying to make the most out of what is left of summer! Yeah!

Steph, my girlfriend and hubby went to Seattle last week for a vacation and they LOVED IT. They did the island, and whale watching and so much other stuff. She said she's move there in a minute if they could. It was fun hearing her memories because it reminded me of my wonderful vacation there almost ten years ago now.

Turns out my "flu" is really just extremely busy symptoms of allergies. I finally relented and bought some Allegra D today. I don't like to take that decongestant because it makes my heart beat all floppy, but I'm desperate, so I'm going to give it a shot.

Beautiful night tonight. Perfect fall night.

Judy in mI

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