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Tuesday's Air


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Good morning All! OMG OMG, first Becky opening yesterday and then Mike

goodnight everyone! I will turn the light off. (click).
I love it! Another peek at Becky's humor:
if only those never-smoking women would just QUIT SMOKING, LC would go away forever... Vote for me!
Gotta love her. Envy you all seeing the trees in color--am looking forward to a trip up the East Coast from NJ in Oct we're planning for next year.

Got some office stuff, laundry and misc HH done yesterday. Planned a day to town today. I invited Stan to go along. Hope I don't regret it lol. Seriously, I want his company but hope his hip holds out til I get done what I want to do. Time to start shopping for Thanksgiving--I can at least get the wine.

Been up since 6 but have been sitting around reading the paper and drinking tea. Told you all I like a couple of hrs to wake up. Don't have time to read more now so will check-out the "Oprah" link later. Stan's already in and out of the shower sigh.

Anyone heard about Janet? I know she's on FB but I rarely get there anymore. I've been catching up around my home and office (again) after a run where my cancer hadn't been so kind to me. Thank goodness for these more tolerable times.

Gotta go. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 69 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 71. We have another round of storms coming in a little while, then a front this afternoon will make things turn colder for a few days.

The Fort Worth Bicycling Association is the biggest cycling club in this area. I know quite a few members, and join their club rides occasionally. I didn't know Mark Carter that well. He was a past president of the club, a lifelong health and fitness nut who'd ridden more than 100,000 miles on a bicycle. He was diagnosed with lung cancer a few months ago and died on Sunday. Mark was 59. It's a story that's all too familiar to those of us here, but has shocked the FWBA community. Just after we start the Breathe Deep DFW walk on Saturday, Mark's family and friends will be attending his memorial service.

I'm coming down with a cold this week. It's been just over a year since I had a cold. It's always nice going over a year without a cold, but the downside is that when I do get one after not having one in a long time, it's sure to be a bad one. I hope I don't get too sick this week.

I read an article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram this morning about something I'd already noticed: many trees here are blooming right now. The extreme heat of the summer made them go dormant, and now that it's milder and there's some rain, they think it's spring. My garden has behaved the same way. The tomato and pepper plants which just wouldn't produce anything all summer have gone crazy the last month, with tomatoes and peppers everywhere. Last week's freeze has the squash plants looking puny though, a reminder that it really isn't spring, and spring and summer plants won't be around much longer.

Time to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Short nights lead to long days...went to bed late, woke up at 4:00 by a dog giving herself a bath, then again at 5:00 by same dog losing her dinner under my bed. I don't have to actually get up until 6:00, but all those breaks in sleep lead to a very grumpy girl.

Oh, and so does this wonderful job. Seriously.

BUT, it is no longer Monday and after today the calendar just has "WTF". My sentiments, exactly!

Cool and rainy here, I'm just freezing at my desk, wondering if I should find my snow boots to keep my tootsies warm.

Bud, hope that cold is just a runny nose that ends soon. Hate the full-fledged thing with all the symptoms.

....and let Judy enjoy getting all of her errands done before hubby has to haul butt back home and get his hip out of commission!


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Cloudy here today and around 50, which isn't too bad. I still have a few tomatoes ripening in the garage -- which is just unheard of at this time of year. Like Bud's, they didn't do much and then all of a sudden - boom. Way more than we can use, so the neighbors are all enjoying also.

For the first time in way more years than I can remember, we are actually going out of town for Thanksgiving. I am so excited!!! I don't have to drag out all the china, iron the "good" tablecloth, and polish the silver (well silverplate actually), and spend the entire day tied to the kitchen. (My husband's told me to use paper plates for years, but old habits die hard and I always figured my mother and grandmother would be turning over in their graves at the thought of paper plates and napkins). We are going to my son's in Redding where I'm told he and his girlfriend are taking care of everything. Wonder what I'll do with myself. Maybe play games with my grandchildren? :)

Becky - I enjoyed your description of your interrupted sleep - sounded very familiar.

JudyKW - am glad you are getting out and feeling better. Bud, hope your cold turns out to be mild. I know I dread a bad cold more than the flu I think. I try to be so careful washing my hands, etc. - but sometimes those darn germs still find a way to sneak in.

Have a good day everyone.

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Hi Folks, Just a quick update. I haven posted for some time and I most likely wont be posting much for awhile. This last year has been kind of overwhelming for me. My sister passed away about a year ago from COPD and my 38 year old son passed away unexpected 5 months ago from heart disease. Also my wife is now unemployed and filing for disablity because it seems she has so many complications from her type 1 diabetes including low kidney function. We are in the process of selling our home and taking the equity and buying a much smaller home. At least we wont have a mortgage payment to worry about. We have lived here 20 years and dont really want to move but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I wanna get moved before we have snow blowing up our butts. I keep a pretty close watch on my wife but cant seem to keep her out of the hospital. I dont know if I could handle losing another loved one. Sometimes life is hard but it beats the alternative. My ct scan is in Dec. and I am praying for good results. I may not be posting much for awhile until all the dust settles but want you all to know you are in my thoughts and prayers even if I am absent. May God bless you all.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Following a beautiful sunny day yesterday,we get overcast and cold today,at least its dry.

I attended my yoga class this morning,skipped the swimming bit and went home instead,I don’t want to steal Buds thunder so much as to share it,I also have developed a cold,just hoping it dos’nt develope into man-flu.

Finally having tried to make contact with me from last week ,Sarah of the Evening Times managed to catch up with me this afternoon.This turned out to be more of a conversation than an interview,we chatted about all the things I have been getting up to in recent months,working with the Roy Castle Found as an advocate,my joining the SIGN committee as a layperson,also my links with LUNGevity and my tour round America,you know me,I could talk for Scotland in the Olympics,but bless her cotton socks ,she listened to me rambling on, maintaining apparent interest.Since it was now way past Sarahs stopping time she requested we continue this tomorrow.

Also tomorrow the guy is coming to install my new plastic door.Not much planned for the rest of the week,Saturday,up and out at 7am,Mens Breakfast at ABC,I have to set the tables and serve breakfast,1 million calories/plate,how on earth am I supposed to lose weight?.Sat evening off to the Bon Accord in Glasgow to see the Morgan Lee Band-yes again.Remembrance Sunday Service,in commemoration of all our soldiers who have lost their lives serving their country,it really is a lovely service.I have my poppy for my lapel.

Hi Becky,welcome home,its so good to hear from you,and the good news you have a job-Hooray-the bad news its minimum pay and even then they seem reluctant to pay up,well hopefully something better is coming along.

Hi Judy,me younger than you?well only by a smidgeon.Hope Stan is now getting the attention his hip requires from the Doc,and they can help relieve his discomfort.You have’nt mentioned Dominick for a while,hows he getting on?

Hi Dianne,Prep for Thanksgiving?sounds a lovely family occasion,wish we had this in Scotland,maybe another chance to get Jennifer to visit LOL.Have a super time.

Hi Bud,sorry to hear of your cycling friend Mike Carter,its so sad,particularly since he had only such a short time left to fight it.

Hi Mike ,What a sad time you and your family have been going through,my sincere condolances for your loss of both your sister and your son,I cannot imagine how I would deal with this.I do hope your wife is awarded the benefits she has applied for since she has lost her job.Wishing you well in your search for a new home,I hope you find something that ticks all the right boxes and that you are blessed with good new neighbours. Keep in touch.

Time for a hot lemsip and off to bed,good night friends,see you tomorrow.

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Wow where to start. Judy glad that you are feeling well enough to go on a shopping trip. Hope that Stan was able to keep up so you could get it all done.

Becky sorry that you are having problems sleeping, especially when you have to be at work early. I hope that you stay warm and well. Bud you are sure brave riding to work with a front on the way. The cold doesn't usually bother me but at times it does. For some reason the cold in Louisiana seems much worse than it does here and we get snow just about every year. Stay well and keep riding as long as the weather lets you. You are an inspiration to a lot of people.

Eric can you send me some of your energy? I can't believe how much you do in a week.

Mike my heart goes out to you for your losses. I pray that your Scan is clean. I think that you and your family have had enough to deal with for a very long time.

Ok Diane so you are going to be in my neighborhood for Thanksgiving. It would be nice if we could at least meet for coffee. How long are you going to be here? I am leaving for my nephew's in Red Bluff the day before and coming back home on Friday. I used to be like you. I would cook and clean everything for days ahead of time for that one big meal. I had china from my mom and silver from my husband's grandmother. By the time the kids would get there I would have all of the tables set and everything ready to put on the table. Now I go back there and help with some things but don't cook a lot. I sit back and let them do all of the work. To tell the truth sometimes I miss doing it all myself but know that I have gotten soft and probably couldn't handle it all any more.

Speaking of Louisiana I got my tickets and will be leaving 3 weeks from today. As usual I dread it and look forward to it at the same time. One day I will have to share one of the stories that I have written about my train trips. My memories and imagination tend to work overtime when I travel, especially here in California.

Well time to find something to eat so I can get to Bunco in time. Have a great night everyone and Becky, get some sleep.

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Let's see. Gray and rainy outside - well, dark out now. Seems cold too. Did not leave the house today, but I did get dressed!

Big cat puked a few times today - hopefully just hair ball time. But it did mean some laundry to do. He has the guest room as his bed and let's just say the cat cover on the bed was looking a bit yucky.

M made soup from the dried beans from our garden - the entire crop of ones he was able to get to mature. The last half dozen tomatoes have ripened and are awaiting eating. Cover crop and favas are sprouted, still waiting for the leaves to fall so they can be raked up.

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