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The Eve of Thanksgiving


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I'll open. Is everyone knee deep in the kitchen today?

I go to my daughters tomorrow, there will be 17 of us, big table.

I am taking Emeril Lagasse's twice baked potato casserole, it is a tradition that I bring that. It is delicious. Just google it to get the recipe. A woman from the food chanel was asked what she takes as a hostess give. She said 'a side dish or dessert and the cookbook from which the recipe came'. What a great idea. Got on Amazon and they had Emeril's Potluck cookbook in stock and would ship it next day air for only $3.99. What a deal and I will have it today.

What is everyone doing tomorrow? Thankful for? My family and my friends. Still be able to work parttime. GOLF, of course. I am playing 9 holes tomorrow morning in a turkey tournament.

Our weather here in PA has been unbelievably warm for Nov. which makes me happy, lower utility bills and more GOLF.

I hope everyone is feeling well and can enjoy tomorrow.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 39 degrees with fog as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 68. It's supposed to be a little warmer than that tomorrow, a beautiful day for Thanksgiving.

We're having our Thanksgiving feast at Rose's sister's house. We're eating later than we usually do on Thanksgiving, so I'm going to take advantage of that and get up early and go fishing. I've taken my kayak to the Brazos River above Lake Whitney the last two weekends and really caught a lot of big crappie. My freezer is well stocked again.

Have a great Thanksgiving, all!

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Well, my job on Thanksgiving is easy, bring a bottle of wine and be thankful. LOL. My S-I-L insists on hosting it every year, and she makes so much food that there is no point in bringing more. Randy will do his special barbecue lil smoker weenies. Grape juice and ketchup I think????

Ginny, our tastes run the same. I love The Good Wife. Such a smart show. While I do not like any shows that the K women do, I did want Rob to win. He was so shy and insecure, and I think this show and his partner really helped him blossom. But I understand the patriotism, and hero part. And he was a good dancer too. So it's okay. I think everyone wins that attempts to do something so challenging. As for Rikki, I was just very proud of her gumption, and guts. She lost a ton of weight in this program. It's all very cool.

I'm so glad you posted about J. Edgar. That was high on my list. And I hate it when I spend good money to see a show and wind up being bored or worse. I'll pass now.

Muriel, my hash brown recipe was not from our book (I'm guessing). I pretty much cook from my head, without recipes. I took a can of cream of mushroom soup, 1/2 block of a large Velveeta cheese and melted them, and then stirred in a cup and a half (approx) of sour cream. I added in Mrs. Dash seasoning, and some garlic. I poured that warm mixture over thawed hash brown potatoes (a whole bag), and about a cup or more of diced onions. I baked it for 1/2 hour at 350, then sprinkled French Fried Onions on top and cooked it for another 20 or so minutes (until bubbly). I like to also add in cubed ham, or diced bacon, but didn't this time.

Lily, travel safe!

Hope everyone has a blessed and happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

MI Judy

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Thanks for the recipe, Judy. It sounds delicious and I'll try it soon. I'm always looking for good, easy recipes.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. If you are driving this weekend, watch out for the idiots who want to get "there" before you do (even if only by a car length).


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Hi Guys,

I have just arrived home from my Manchester LC conference for advocates,I am tired after all the travelling by train,tell you more about it tomorrow.Wait a minute you may not be here tomorrow-Thanksgiving Day-Gosh I am feeling a wee bit left out,anybody going to invite me to their party?or have I left it too late.

Have a wonderful day everyone,I am with you all in spirit,well I will be when I have a couple of wee amber nectars,tomorrow,just to feel I am joining in with the celebrations.Er,is it OK to have a wee drink on thanksgiving?,you know, when I consider who the guys were on the Mayflower?.

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is always ok for a wee drink on Holidays! We give thanks for all that we have. Family, Friends, Happiness, Health, wealth, and everything else in between!!

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