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It is amazing to me how the medical world works. In two to three weeks, I go from a meeting with my Oncologist, to his wanting me to see a surgeon that same day, to asking for a CT PET, to being told that the Multi-function clinic will be contacting me for the next steps.

Then I don't hear from anyone for two weeks, right? Tonight, on a Friday, at 7:45PM I received a call from the clinic. She scheduled me for a meeting on Tuesday, December 27. She said that I would have my pulmonary function test, and then the four specialists would meet after that. She said I would hear by mid afternoon, what their recommendations would be. She debated as to whether I should eat that morning. I asked her what she was thinking, and she said it was possible that they might want to do the biopsy that same day!!!!

I told her that this was not going to happen. I explained that the last time, they explained that they would be attempting a biopsy, but if they got in there and determined that the lobe should be removed, that is exactly what they would be doing. And that is exactly what they did. I was in the hospital for 15 days due to complications. There is no way I'm going into this without time to prepare. I explained that once we understand how well I function from a pulmonary perspective, that WE would be deciding what the next steps are.

She said that she would note that. I've asked Randy to take the day off from work to be with me. He is. Together he and I will be making the decisions that we think are best for us. The medical team can recommend, and I will respect that. It is, however, a recommendation for us to consider. So with that, I wish you all the best Christmas. Remember the reason for the season, love one another, and celebrate the birth of our Christ Jesus.

Judy in MI

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Good luck Judy! I am happy that you are in a good mindset for this appointment on the 27th and prepared to make a well-thought out decision regarding your care going forward. I know that you will do what is appropriate for you at this time. Please keep us posted and you will be in my thoughts on the 27th.


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Hi Judy,

I am really sorry to hear of your situation particularly at this time of the year,when one's thoughts ought only to be about the joy of sharing the festive season with family,friends and neighbours.I do hope you can manage to find some time, despite all, to enjoy some peace and pleasure in the days to come.

I will be thinking of you and Randy on the 27th,you are absolutely right in taking things at your own pace and I am sure your medical team will appreciate and respect your thoughts on how things should proceed.I do wish and hope that further treatments as required will be easy on you and be entirely successful.

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