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Morning All! Happy Friday for those of you working outside your home. Some of you might be lucky enough to already be off.

Congratulations Bud! How nice it must be to be knocking off those 5 miles a day early. Your shoulder is bad but your knees are working. Stan stopped riding a bike years ago because it bothered his knees. But then, he is a bit older than you. For that matter, he's older than I lol.

Judy, are you in trouble!!??!! With all docs gone, I wouldn't be able to even remember what was missing until I went to get it. On the crime shows, they have techs who can find stuff still hidden on the hard drive. Any chance of finding on of them. I have an AT&T Mobile device and am thinking of getting rid of it. It costs a bit of money (my phones, cable and internet are next to the biggest bill we have a month) and I get frustrated traveling through areas when I can't get on. I think of all that money I'm paying....We'll see.

Ann, that's so funny. It happened in the company BR. Edges and corners that had obviously not been cleaned in awhile. Another edge of floor going into the main living area--very visible and obviously neglected for some time. Oh well, I'm finishing the touch up in the LR, DR and kitchen today. Think I'll do it with one eye closed lol.

Stan was dressed and ready to go to his appointment early and came back in saying he forgot the doctor's name. I got up to help but by the time we found it, he'd be just on time. They ask (like all docs) you to come in early to fill out all that paperwork. That's why I wish I could have gone with him. He HATES paperwork and will be a bear by the time he gets to see the doc.

O.k., up and doing to get ready for tonight. Just drinks and appetizers so without the cleaning, it would be a snap.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening Everyone,

What a mix up with the airs,I hate these interlopers selling their wares,why do they bog off somewhere else,nuff said.

Sorry for my absence,I have an excuse me note from my mother,sigh,if only.Bud thank you for the kayak film,its really amazing,I have never seen anything like it,it certainly can shift and easy to manouvre,just ideal for Loch Lomond.

I am just about to get ready to go out to a party,my former colleague Margaret is having a 50th birthday she has a twin,and they have booked a pub to hold the party,so Bill and May,myself and Sally are going,the good thing is no taxi's to pay for May dos'nt drink and is driving us there and back.The pubs in Blantyre (David Livingstone's birthplace,but I dont think he will be standing us a round)

Talking about pubs did you hear about Sir Alex Ferguson,manager of Manchester United, last week presenting a cheque on behalf of UK pubs to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation for £500,000 ($750,000),Alex lost both his parents to Lung Cancer,and is a brilliant advocate for us all.Is'nt that a nice bit of news at the end of 2011?.

I have been buying the Evening Times everyday this week but so far my feature has'nt appeared,hopefully it will appear soon.

I went to the bank yesterday to ask about any developements on my stolen debit card,the lady looked at me blankly and told me there was no record of this incident and anyway,its not a branch matter,its will be a police enquirey,I left the bank a bit creast fallen,really is a poor way to treat a good customer of over forty years standing,maybe I was expecting too much,there seems to be little regard for customer loyalty with big businesses today.I did contact the police,they told me they were sending someone out to meet with the bank manager today,so I hope this person will ruffle some feathers,the police were far more sympathetic and supportive of me and just as keen to catch the person as myself,so fingers crossed.

Hogmanay to-morrow,a traditional favourite day for Scots all over the world,phoneslines will be jambed with everyone abroad phoning friends and relatives to wish them all the very best for 2012,I think there are more Scots living and working overseas than actually live in Scotland,we have always been a nation of wanderers,all wanting to find out whats over that next hill.UK TV gives the reins to Scottish TV,for bringing in the new year,I usually sit up watching these progs to just after the bells,but not this year,we that Myself Sally,Jennifer and Chris are all off to a big family party being held in Irenes BILs house,all the usual suspects of couse,gosh its the same people we were with on Christmas day,night.Methinks I probably wont get home until well into daylight the following day.

Whatever your plans are for Hogmanay and Ne'reday,I wish you all a super time and may 2012 for all of us be our best year yet.Byee.

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Happy New Year to all my LCSC friends !!!

I wanted to hop on now and send wishes for a happy and healthy 2012, as I may not be on the computer again before Saturday evening. I have exactly 34 more minutes before I open the office door and RUN out for the weekend. I love getting out of here at 3:00 on Fridays. It just makes the weekend seem a wee bit longer. Although we have to work on Monday (ugh) it will be a nice weekend.

Tonight our Legion Riders are having their All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken dinner. Not a very "festive" menu but we do this every month that has five Fridays and today is the 5th Friday. It's amazing how many dinners we serve on this night.

Tomorrow night, we're having our first ever New Year's Eve party at the Post. We're having a buffet dinner with a prime rib carving station, live band, champagne, favors and free rides home...yippee!!! I'm going to be one of the designated drivers, as I'm not a big drinker. Should be fun to drive people home that are too wasted to remember where they live. I should have some great stories for this board on Monday!

So...hope everyone has a great weekend. I love you all!!!


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I'm back! And was successful in merging Eric's Friday Air into this one. I feel so smart right now. LOL.

Went to the computer store today because my @#%@### cellular air card stopped working again. Turns out that when I connect to other WiFi hot spots, this card can't remember it's password. All I have to do is log in and enter it and it's all good. Sheesh, I've spent hours on this trying to troubleshoot it!

I updated my Care Page with the latest on my biopsy. It's scheduled for next Wednesday, the 4th. I follow up the following Tuesday to get results of the biopsy and my PFT. She told me verbally that I have moderate obstruction when I exhale. Not sure what that means, so I guess I'll find out soon.

KW Judy, I'm not in trouble about deleting his documents. They are on his back up hard drive, and all I have to do is retrieve them back to his desktop. No biggie. LOL.

Ann, the fried chicken dinner sounds yummy! And the New Years Eve party sounds even better! Yum! We are going to a small party tomorrow night, and the hosts are serving scallops and a beef filet. That sounds good too. We won't make it to when the bells ring. I like to go and eat, socialize, have a couple of toddies and then home. Sounds like you'll have fun driving the drinkers home though!

Eric, that stinks about your debit card. Hope they catch the person who stole it! What a shame that the bank didn't take action on it. What jerks.

A friend of ours just got here. He's a builder and is slow right now. We have 9 years of dings and holes in the wall that he's going to patch for us. Next project will be painting what he patched. Dogs are responsible for almost all of them!

With that, I'll head out. It's nice to be back on line and in touch again.

Judy in MI

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Eric, you must have been posting while I was locked in mortal combat with that spammer. I was deleting his posts, but he was still online making new posts faster than I could delete. I finally figured out how to ban him, then was able to delete all of his posts. There must have been 30 or more. By then, my lunch break was over. I never saw your post or I would have merged it.

It's supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon. I'm thinking I'll be fishing in that kayak again. Have a great day, all!

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can you ban spammers Bud?? I ban them by IP address then delete!! glad you got it all cleaned up though!

I didn't know until today that I could. I would have never caught up with today's spammer otherwise. I'll settle for banning them then reporting them to Katie so she can breathe fire down upon them.

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Katie - I had shingles when I was 37. No idea why but I put it down to stress. Wanted to get the vaccine when it came out, but my doctor talked me out of it. He said it was expensive, insurance wouldn't pay for it, and he didn't think it was very effective. Don't know if any of that is true. Am soooo sorry you have this! Maybe those of us who get it young get to skip this particular joy when we're older?

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