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Wednesday's air


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This is Lillian. After a month of trying I finally got on with a new user name I set up. For some reason I can not log on to my regular page when not on my home computer. I hope I can type this and not erase it by accident!

Most of you on facebook have seen how things have gone sense I left home. I am enjoying my family and spending probably too much time relaxing.

Many of you know that November 29th is a date that will always be a day of bad memories. That was the day that so much happened with Johnny in 2002 that led to his death on December 2nd that year. I seem to plan my trips so I am busy that day.

I spent the night of the 28th at my nephews house in Red Bluff and caught my bus to the train on the morning of the 29th. Sometime during the night my niece Jacci got out of bed and died. She was found the next morning on the kitchen floor. She had pnumonia and that was listed as primary cause of death. I still think there is more to it because I can't imagine someone just dropping dead of pnumonia. At any rate it has been very hard to wrap my heart and mind around loosing her. She was only 57. We lost her mom last January. She was so young when Jacci was born that my mom pretty much raised the 3 of us together.

I am so glad that I spent Thanksgiving with her. Those dates will have more reason to haunt me now. I guess it is just meant to be.

I am glad to see that you are all having a good start to the new year., Judy MI I hope to catch up on all that is going on with your tests.

So sorry to hear of Geri dying. I wanted to respond but was having trouble getting on here.

I have been eating a lot of things I don't normally have but so far have not gained any extra weight. I am hoping that stays the same. We went to New Orleans Monday and ate Mexican food at Poncho's then after walking the Riverwalk we stopped and had coffee and beignets at Cafe Dumond. Oh so good! I have had shrimp fried twice sense here, fried perch and fried speckled trout. I still hope to have some boiled crabs and maybe some crawfish but crawfish are still pretty expensive so not sure. I did have King Cake for the first time in 2 years last night. In fact I think I will close this book I am writing and have a piece with another cup of coffee. Happy New Year everyone.

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Morning All! Good to see you Lily. Glad you are enjoying your time with family. Sorry you all have to deal with yet another loss.

We're on count-down for Stan leaving for OH again. I've been feeling down and out this week and he asked if I was sad he was leaving. There's no good answer to that. Yes makes him feel bad for going, no means I don't care lol. Truth is I'm starting to get this way every week going into chemo. I'm so tired of it. I will definitely inquire about that break in February. Am charging my ipod and nook color for the day-long infusion. I will never master angry bird!

We're going to town today to run some last minute errands and then for pizza. Don't think there'll be any eating it at the beach. It's cold!

Diane, I'll have to google "quacker" and see what comes up. Bet it's a feathered friend lol. Ginny, what a great idea giving yourself a BDay party. Sorry you're taking a turn with this winter's cold/flu. Ann, we did start cold yesterday but even colder today. The local Weather on Demand said it was going to be 39 last night. I prefer Miami's forcast for us--low forties. It's just the thought of it. Janet, I'm still digging deep for energy and it's returning gradually. Just in time for another infusion tomorrow. I'm trying to plan a trip to the mainland to see Jersey Boys and hope I'm up to it. Have to get busy on MEI taxes first. Sigh.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Still have the cold, but the goods news is I am glad I am going to live. Even did a load of wash last night and you all know how tough it is to load the washer and turn it on.

It was 14 degrees when I left for work this a.m. but it had warmed to 16 by the time I got here. Supposed to be up to 50 by Saturday.

Just booked a bus trip to see Book of Mormon on Broadway for next September and got the next to the last seat on the bus.

Judy, even though I am sure you are used to Stan being on the road, it is always tough to see them go and you being alone. Earl was away one night a week at a customers. I always turned the perimeter lights on when he was away. House was totally lit up. Earl said it was like putting a neon sign on the lawn, saying "Husband away, burglars welcome".

Back to work.

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just starting to get dark outside,weather these last few days extremely miserable,wet and windy,in fact the West of Scotland yesterday had gales of over 100mph,loads of trees fallen and overturned high sided trucks blocking roads.Out gyming and swimming today,I have a new friend at the gym,his name is Jim,he is 78 years young,a widower,which I presumed for years,but he only lost his wife a couple of months ago,he was in the kitchen making a cup of tea,when he returned to the living room to pass the tea to his wife,she just slumped over in her seat,she had had a heart attack.Well Jim and I go through our routine together gym and then to the pool,Jim dos'nt swim so while I am doing my lengths Jims in the in the sauna and steam room.After showering and changing we go up to the reception area and share a coffee and a bleather,Jim always passes me a chocolate biscuit,in fact a couple of days ago he had to leave early to go into Glasgow,he left a chocolate biscuit for me at my locker.No wonder its taking me so long to lose some lbs.

Jennifer phoned mid afternoon yesterday to cancel her dinner with us,as she was going to see a puppy thats for sale,gosh I have forgotten the breed,think its French,two words? bijou?.Well it cost £500,blooming heck,seems I have to dog sit Thurdays as both Chris and Jennifer are out all day and evening,they have named the dog Dodger.I told Jennifer I was looking for a baby,not a dog.I had to cancel Jennifer and Chris for dinner today,everything was at the ready table set,potatoes and veggies on the cooker,steak pie waiting to go into the oven,what could go wrong?Sally of course,decided an alternative day for herself.I visited the butcher this afternoon and bought a lovely piece of Scottish Brisket Beef for tomorrows dinner with Dot and Jim ,I really hope I dont have to cancel again.

Hi Lillian,sorry about your loss of Johny and Jacci,I remember one of my work colleagues some years ago whilst on holiday in Spain,failed to wake up from her sleep,she was in perfect health,mid forties,her death was recorded as Sudden Death Syndrome.I am so pleased to hear you are having a great time in New Orleans,oh I so want to visit that city.

Hi JudyKW,I am so sorry that this chemo regime has been so protracted,wishing it will come to end soon as.Its a shame you could'nt travel with Stan,please pass on to him my best wishes for a safe trip and return.

Bye for now everyone,now whats for dinner?

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It is 21 degrees out - sunny - but 21 degrees. Have I mentioned I hate being cold! Yesterday I finally felt a little more energetic and changed the sheets on all the kids beds and did some laundry - Ginnyde, if only you lived closer we could have done it together and had coffee and stale Christmas cookies while we chatted! The problem with doing the laundry here is that my husband installed the dryer in the garage (long story - and he has never been forgiven!) so when it is 21 degrees out, you have to be out there stuffing cold wet clothes in - and it takes twice as long to dry!

I slept all night last night - and then some - went to bed at 12 - woke up at 10. I haven't done that in a very long time. Hopefully, by next week when the farm reopens from the holiday, I will be back on a good sleep schedule.

Lily, I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you are having a wonderful time with your family and enjoying every second. I was in New Orleans once, just for an afternoon (we were moving out of Houston and back home to New England and stopped for lunch) It was so much fun I wanted to stay!

Judy - my husband rarely goes away. Maybe an overnight 4 or 5 times a year and I LOVE it! Those are the days I have whatever I want for dinner (last time lobster and wine), eat it in my pajamas in front of the television and then get into bed with the tv on nice and loud! I am never afraid because I have this big loveable Golden Retriever, who, although he wouldn't hurt a flea, has a very ferocious bark!

I got an ipad for Christmas, haven't downloaded Angry Birds - do you suggest it? I am more than a little addicted to Doodle Jump. Ginny - The Book of Mormons is supposed to be wonderful!! I am going to see Jersey Boys in April on Broadway. I don't know anything about it, I am going with all my cousins and my Aunt and Uncle - I think it was my cousins Christmas gift to them.

I am off to the Gap today - I have to return a sweater for my daughter. I will probably stop by Michaels too, I can't resist it. Oh, and the book store. Ha Ha - I guess I am feeling stronger!!

Have a wonderful day everyone -

peace - Janet

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I seen the Jersey Boys when I was in New York in July last,it was brill,for a Scot the best bit was I got a ticket for $47,the seat was described as stage slightly obscured by the overhanging balconey.Well it was very slightly,and didnt detract from my enjoyment of the show.I am off on Friday night to the Playhouse theatre in Edinburgh to see We Will Rock You,my sister seen it last week and said I am going to really enjoy it.If it comes your way,Mamma Mia is well worth seeing,it was much better than the film.

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Just ducking in to explain to Judy in KW that Diane is probably referring to a football game involving the University of Oregon - they are "The Oregon Ducks".

Up here, we are Huskies.

My undergrad mascot is the Banana Slug. Seriously. Well, we didn't have a mascot when I was there, but it has been adopted since then.

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Sorry Judy - Stephanie's right. I was referring to these obnoxious "devices" - I call them quackers - that the Oregon Duck fans seem to feel the need to use when celebrating a game. Now though I have to admit I am fascinated by the idea of someone adopting a Banana Slug?!!

Lily - welcome back. I am so sorry for your loss, but am glad you are having such a nice time with your family. Judy I hope the upcoming chemo goes easy and you get to enjoy your break really soon.

The weather here is cold, but sunny - very unusual for this time of year. I love it - but it really isn't good. Our local ski resort (Mt. Ashland) had to close already - no snow - and I don't think Mt. Shasta in Cal. is open yet either. Not to mention that no snow means no water this summer -- but I can't deny I sure like the sunshine even if it is cold!

Hope everyone's day is going well. I am already getting behind on my year-end stuff - just can't seem to stay focused (probably all this sunshine). Back to the salt mines.

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Stan made really big points today when I finally said I really didn't want to go to town. He suggested I didn't need to go. Neither of us need the pizza and our neighbor would be glad to take him in for his rental car. Yippee, seems that's what ailed me all along.

Well now Eric, two dinner cancellations in a row would be just too much. Hope it comes off for you. Your connection with Jim at the gym sounds very nice, babysitting the dog once a week not so much.

Janet, Stan has travelled most of our lives together. I've never been afraid even minus the dog. I'm with you about eating whatever I want whenever I want. With him not cooking, I may even lose some weight. I wouldn't be the one to recommend Angry Birds, I'm not past level two lol.

Wish I could do JBs on Broadway but I hear the troupe at Lauderdale was great last year. Ginny, am sure I'll know the words too lol! As for New Orleans, I was there with a group of girlfriends, I think 5 of us. With enough wine, I remember we joined a congo line. What a blast! We waited in line to get a table and order those famous pastry thingies. Terrific.

Hope I didn't miss anyone. Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

Diane, I was pretty sure it was an obnoxious sounding quacking device. I heard about the lack of snow on the mountains, another blow to local economies.

Stephanie, I loved the story of the birth of the Slugs. Those students had their priorities right.

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Darn it....I keep losing my posts. I posted around 1:30 today and popped back in to add something, just to find my post didn't make it the first time.

Oh well...it's now time to head home for the day so I'll wait until tomorrow to catch everyone up on my little bitty corner of the world!!!

Hope everyone stays warm tonight. I love the cooler weather when I'm home and all cozied up with all my furbabies!!!


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UCSC also offered a science class "Biology of the banana slug." (I did not take it.) Each student had to go find a slug and try to keep it alive for the quarter. They made little shoebox environments, kept them fed and watered. Not sure what else (well, maybe I know and don't want to admit it.) I took statistics instead, as well as intro to oceanography and astronomy. Heavy duty science coursework!

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