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Let's share memories of Steph here


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Hi All,

There are a lot of us here who "knew" Stephanie (ts) here. If we didn't know her here at Lungevity, her presence was well known at Cancergrace. In addition, a bunch of us got to meet her and get to know her a bit at the Hope Summit in Washington DC last year. And from what I've read here, she was at the Seattle event as well. Since so many of us "know" her, I wanted to start a thread, in her memory and hopefully filled with memories of her. She will be missed.

Judy in MI

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Stephanie and I "met" on-line here when I first joined in 2010. From our posts back and forth, I recognized a person of high intelligence, with an inate curiousity about life and it's irony. Plus, who could not know about her culinary fine tastes?

It was at the Hope Summit, last May, when I finally got to meet her. I expected this out-going power horse of a person for some reason. Strange the mental images we have of a person based on the personality we see here. But my surprise when I met her was to see a very tiny, diminuative and shy person. On Saturday morning, she sidled up to me and said "I'm sitting next to you. Then you can talk for both of us since I know you can do that!" LOL. How did she figure that out?

But Stephanie was strong in personality, opinions, and backbone. She just didn't like being the center of attention. She lived with cancer with grace and dignity. I so enjoyed the sharing she did of her trip to Italy, of the mouth-watering foods that she loved.

She would write often of the amazing baked goods she prepared for M and her for breakfast or a snack.

Stephanie, you will be missed here more than you wanted. I know, you didn't want to draw attention to yourself, but you couldn't help yourself.

Judy in Michigan

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We never met but I will miss her insightful words of wisdom, comfort and humor here at LCSC... RIP Stephanie..

If You would like to know more about Stephanie click on this link;


one of her very first.

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I was already in love with Stephanie's intelligence, wisdom and appreciation of a good latte and dessert. When she put that picture of herself when she was that sweet child, I loved that too. I also have her granola recipe and will think of her every time I make it.

Stephanie's contributions to LCSC and CancerGrace are in my mind in the league with Ned. I will miss her forever as I do Ned.

Judy in KW

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I cannot find the words that would adequately describe my feelings when I heard of Stephanies passing.One might say,that this was not to be unexpected,given her medical prognosis,as her cancer had developed in her liver,I suppose naively,I was hoping to meet her again at the Hope Summit again on WashingtonDC in May .

I treasure that brief moment in time,when I put my arm around her,to have our picture taken,to hold her,never thinking that we both shared a lung cancer diagnosis,that we could still share unlimited time together.Alas,never thinking that this, would be the last day we would have together.As KatieB described,I spent most of my time chatting with her male friends,who shared with my common interest in the architectural world,now wishing instead I had spent my limited time with Stephanie.

Who was this Stephanie person I had come to know and love?,I suppose such feelings would be developed after years of sharing her company?,that was not the case,I could only claim to have have known her through posting in LCSC,over the last two years or so.What was so special about Stephanie?,well I suppose unlike me,she had no history of smoking,and yet she accepted her diagnosis with a resignation I find totally amazing,her courage and humour in living with lung cancer just amazes me,to think of all the feedback she received from her medical team from her dx in in 2008 until recently,which,co-incidentally,was when I was dxd,she accepted gracefully.

Since my dx on Oct 2008,unlike many others here in LCSC,having completed my treatments in Jan 2009, ,I accept that lung cancer can be such a pernicious cancer that it may revisit me,sometime in the future,please may God allow me to be so courageous and stoic as Stephanie was in facing this trial.

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This is such a great idea!

I know in the last few days I've learned a lot I didn't know about Stephanie. I think that might actually be what I will always remember...and maybe she has taught me about everyone here. Every avatar and name here is MUCH bigger than what we see here. She touched people, she was smart, had interests and what strikes me as a very gratifying existence. And I don't think I ever got a full appreciation of that until now.

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Stephanie was a friend I never met.  She was a support whenever I was down, when I got good news and bad.  She was a member of the sisterhood of crazy Tarceva hair.  She was a confidant  about this cancer life filled with fears, side effects, and sadness. She was caring and giving to so many both here and at Cancer Grace right up until the week she died.

Stephanie and I planned to finally meet in May.  Even though we both had stage 4 cancer, it never crossed my mind that wouldn't happen.  I was so excited to meet this person I only knew through the written word, but just KNEW I would be friends forever with.  

My heart is broken.  I HATE lung cancer, but I love Lungevity for giving me the opportunity to get to know Stephanie. I will miss her so very much.

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