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My update (2)


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Hello, everyone.

I just discharged from hospital. I had done my surgery on February 14, they had removed my whole right lung since they found my second mass is cancer too. Now my stage is 3a.

My surgeon will see me on March 2nd, he also wants me to contact an oncologist soon for further treatment.

Just fell a little bit of sad. :(

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Hi Maggie,

Surgery is quite a trauma,isnt it?I had a upper right lobectomy myself,just prior to my surgery, my surgeon told me he was going to remove my whole right lung,well for reasons unknown to me,only the upper half was removed.

I can understand your feeling a wee bit down just now,just keep in mind such feelings are fleeting,it wont be long until,you will reclaim that big smile you shared with the world prior to your surgery.You have my very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Surgery is super-tough, but here is the good news-every day from here on should get better. I found recovery to be slow but steady. I got stronger (slowly) every passingday. Hopefully will be the same for you.

And then chemo-its not too fun either, but I tried to look at it as a prevention from future problems, and that helped keep me in the fight mode.

Please keep us posted and wishing you well in your recovery and treatment.


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