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New here, new to message boards in general


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Although I've been an IT guy for over 30 years, this is the first message board I've ever joined. Anyway, my diagnosis, at this point, is up in the air. I have a small tumor on the upper right lobe, PET scan showed no spread and am headed in for a needle biopsy tomorrow. Just about no chance it isn't malignant, as both thoracic surgeons I've seen were nearly 100% sure it was cancer and it lit up in the PET scan. At this point, it's just a matter of what kind. So strange and ironic for me for so many reasons. Before I go into them, let me say that while I am a bit scared, I'm also strangely energized. Been taking each poke, prod and test one thing at a time and holding up pretty well emotionally.

Okay. Strange and "lucky" in that it was caught due to a CT scan for what now appears to be an unrelated growth under the opposite armpit. That growth didn't light up, nor did any nodes in between in the PET scan. Still don't know what it is, but it likely saved my life.

Strange and miserably ironic because my sister died of lung cancer less than a year ago. She was diagnosed as IIIB, inoperable but responded so well to chemo and radiation that her tumor shrunk enough away from her aorta to be removed. She wound up surviving three years, although the last several months went very badly due to complications from a fall.

Guess I should have said up front that I am 59 years old and my sister was only 56 when she passed last year.

Not sure how much to add to my intro. I am a branch chief at the FDA after a long career in private industry. Quit smoking over 17 years ago, but apparently not soon enough, eh? Sister didn't quit until long after her diagnosis and then started again several months before she died. You couldn't put a gun to my head to make me smoke one of those things at this point. I'll always be glad I quit, even if it turns out it wasn't in time.

Anyway, trying to keep my sense of humor and get through this. Like I said, I'm strangely energized and know that it's very likely going to be IA and I'll make it through. I'll leave on this. It's amazing how fast your attitude about life can change. Up until a few weeks ago, I was dreading turning 60. Now, I can't imagine anything better.

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Good Morning Truke,

Welcome to LCSC and greetings from Bonnie Scotland.Its just gone 6.20am here I just got up for a wee trip to the bathroom,coulnd'nt resist a wee check in here to see whats happening,before returning under the blankets.

Congratulations in getting off to a early start for a look see for cancer cells,most people unfortunately are dxd beyond the curative stage.Stage 1A is certainly curative.

Best wishes for your treatment plan after all the preliminary tests are completed,despite all my worries when I was at your stage on my cancer journey nearly five years ago,I sailed through my neo adjuvant chemo and surgery to remove the upper portion of my right lung,popularly known as a upper right lobectomy,yes you do become a kind of geek learning all the associated lung cancer medical terms,I wont bore you with any more at the moment.

I do detect a wry sense of humour in your post and a positive and optomistic attitude to your journey into a new adventure with lung cancer,I think that is so important and one to maintain.

I am off,back to bed,great to meet a new friend,the other buddies will be along shortly to welcome you,what a great bunch of friends they are too,bye for now.

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Hello Truke

Glad you did find us. Don't beat yourself up about smoking. So glad you quit years ago, that leave you in better shape to fight this disease. The majority of people diagnosed don't smoke or never, ever smoked.

I was Stage IIIb in Dec. 1997. I had a "golf ball" in the apex of my right upper lobe. It was causing pain in my chest and down my arm. Thanks goodness I went to the Doctor.

I am still here, cancer free after months on chemo, radiation, surgery and more chemo

It can be beat. Keep us posted.

Donna G

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welcome to the place no one wants to be but is glad they are right now.... take os me time and check out all the forums for a bit and get comfy . we want you to be around a LONG time also...

Ask questions whenever you have them and want to.. some one is always right around the corner to answer or help out... let us know how treatments are going and such and what treatments your getting..

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Welcome Truke. It sounds as though you have caught this very early, and the earlier the better. And a good sense of humor and positive energy is a definite plus when fighting this awful disease so it sounds as though you are way head already. I was diagnosed 2a the first time and 3b almost eleven yrs later - and am still here and doing well. I smoked also, but quit 15 years ago when I was first diagnosed. I agree with you, and nothing could induce me to ever smoke again. As you learn more about this disease, you will be surprised to find how many people with this disease never smoked at all or perhaps smoked for a short time in college years earlier. As someone said - if you have lungs you can get lung cancer.

Please come back and let us know what your treatment plan will be and how you are doing.


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I too would like to welcome you Truke. I'm happy to see that this issue has been caught early for you. You seem like a very strong man and I admire that.

Please keep us updated and post all you want here. There are so many wonderful people here and many success stories as well. ((hugs))

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Hello Truke,

I read your post and saw a little of myself in your words. I like your attitude! Sorry you have to go through all this - waiting for biopsy and results is certainly a stressful time. Thoughts and prayers going out to you. Please keep in touch during your journey - this groups was a tremendous help as I started mine.

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Hi Truke,

I just wanted to say welcome. I read your post and of course, like a lot of us, this was an incidental find. Mine happened as a result of a routine chest xray that my breast cancer surgeon ordered because I was a smoker and the last chest xray I had was two years prior before my breast cancer surgery.

I had a 1B tumor in my upper left lung, adjuvent chemo that wasn't great, but wasn't really terrible. i worked full time throughout the treatment.

I just got a clean bill of health a couple weeks ago at my annual lung surgeon's visit. And I do truly feel fantastic. I quit smoking the day I got my CT scan results and was told to go see a lung surgeon. It truly was the best thing I ever did. Staying in shape is one of my priorities now and I don't feel that the missing lobe is holding me back at all.

I hope you have the same great results. Please keep us posted on your progress.


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Hi Truke!

Welcome to the board, It may seem a little tricky at times or maybe even confusing. Please feel free to ask a question on any board. We have a great group here of helpful folks. It warmed my heart to see that you are looking forward to 60. Happy early birthday!

It's been almost a month since we have heard from you. How are you doing?

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