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Newly diagnosed Stage IV Lung Cancer

Brian R

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After being diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer, my doctors now say the spreading cancer in my prostate is actually stage IV lung cancer.

I had been in an active surveillance mode for over 2 years, with low risk(or so they thought)  prostate cancer.

A recent PET scan for the prostate cancer showed a 6cm tumor in my left lung. There are also bone metastasis indicated as well as several lymph nodes.

Not sure why they misdiagnosed the lung cancer. I have a new oncologist I like very much. She ordered molecular studies and will meet next week to 

discuss treatment options. Trying to keep a positive attitude going forward-it is scary not knowing what the future holds, but want to focus on the "Now"

and try and do whatever I can to fight this. Thanks for reading.




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Hi Brian and welcome here,

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, and that you were intially misdiagnosed. Focusing on the Now is a good idea. Please let us know how we can support you and whether there is particular information you would like here.

I wish you the best,

Bridget O

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Hello Brian.  Sorry to hear of your problem but am glad they have found out so now you will have a plan of care.

On the news it said you got some snow yesterday so I called my brother in Foxboro.  He said yes it was snowing.

Have you got family or friends there to help ?  Please keep us posted on what your plan will be and how you are doing.


Donna G

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Hi Brian,

I am sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis.  I only know of a couple of people who had actual prostate cancer, so am not that familiar with the treatment options available for it.  However, I am much too familiar with lung cancer - my mom has a recurrence of NSCLC and is currently on immunotherapy.  There are many different types of treatments available for lung cancer and I am sure you will meet some more of the folks who have/are battling lung cancer and are winning.  I am glad you found this site and the forums.  When my mom was diagnosed with her recurrence, I printed off these questionnaires to help me keep on track with my questioning: https://www.lungevity.org/for-patients-caregivers/asking-right-questions/questions-to-ask-your-healthcare-professionals

Take care,


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Welcome here.  I'm so very sorry to learn of your diagnosis.

Assume your mention of molecular studies means your oncologist has scheduled you for a biopsy to test for suitability for targeted therapy or immunotherapy therapy treatment.  The links may have some useful information about each of these new and effective methods for lung cancer treatment.  

I know about scary and how difficult it is to maintain a positive attitude toward treatment.  This might help.  A Harvard professor, Stephen J. Gould was a lung tenured mesothelioma (an almost always fatal disease) survivor and his essay listened to here talks about the importance of a positive attitude towards treatment and outcomes.  It also speaks to the misinformation and often misunderstanding of cancer survival statistics.  I know you've peeked.  Almost everyone does.  The statistics are necessary for establishing the measure of effectiveness for treatment A vice treatment B in a clinical study but absent that interest, they are irrelevant to an individual's survival or prognosis.

At this juncture, the most relevant information I can convey to reduce the scary quotient of our disease is to suggest that many of us here are long lived, late stage diagnosed, lung cancer survivors.  Your conclusion drawn from that point is if we can live, so can you.

Questions?  This is the place.

Stay the course.


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Brain,                                                                                 So sorry to hear about your reports from the Dr. My husband didn't always get the right information from his Dr either. I know how hard this is for you. You will be in my prayers, try to keep a positive outlook.                                               Jane

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