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Back from Houston


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Hi everybody,

I got back from MD Anderson yesterday afternoon.I had sent all my scans and pathology reports to them a few weeks ago and they did not see the need for further tests.The purpose of this trip was to get a 2nd opinion and to see if there was anything new that could be explored and to coordinate any further treatments with my local onc here.

I was very impressed with procedures at the clinic.I didn't experience all the waiting and shuffling around that I have seen others mention on here.Maybe I just hit them at a good time but everything just worked out well for us as far as timing and logistics go.I was very impressed with the courtesy and attitude of everyone out there that I came in contact with as well.

I have been loosing my voice and the doctor out there thinks it is because of my lung tumor being involved with a nerve that controls the voice box.She recommended radiation treatment for that problem.She is calling my onc on Monday to discuss this.

After that treatment she suggested that I start a chemo regimen that is designed to improve quality of life as I continue to fight this monster.Stupid me did not get the name of the drugs involved but she said that it is the standard for this type cancer.She is also consulting my onc about this on Monday.So I am at home.Feeling good.Enjoying my family and waiting for Monday to see where and when to go from here.I hope that you all have a wonderful Sunday.I continue to pray for us all.TBone

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Glad for you Tbone,

You got your second opinion and a good consultation

will results from it.

You hit them at a right time, no waiting.......or were

they scare to make you wait ???????

Anyway, the deed is done and all went well.

Good luck with the follow up.


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I had a very similair experience at MD Anderson (no waiting, very professional & courteous, well run place.....).

I am sure that your ONC will find out the specifics about the chemo and the rest of what the consulting doctor told you when they talk.....

Best of luck..... glad you felt the trip was worthwhile. The main thing I DID get that was tangible from my visit to Houston, was that they specified in the patgology report that the tumor I had removed had prominient BAC features. that in of itself was very helpful.


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I'm glad your visit to MDA was a good experience. When I was there last Wednesday, their computers were down and the only delay I encountered was in the blood-draw department. All other appointments that day went smooth as can be! They are a great group of people and I hope you have continued success with them.

Wishing you much success with your new chemo treatments.


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Good to see you back! I'm glad your experience was positive in professionalism (and that includes not having to wait!). Sure wish they'd hand out silver bullets though, don't you?

Anyway, happy that you and the whole fam damily are back - expecting a flurry of activity from your keyboard as you catch up.


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