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Scan results..


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Well the bummer of it is that the mass hasn't changed much in size really.   My radiation doc had told me it looked like it'd shrunk to about half the size it was....so I was expecting shrinkage, but I guess not..?.😕  Why would she tell me that!!?? I prematurely celebrated my shrinkage!! LOL It's not really much different. Unless.... did it shrink a bunch and grow back again? 😫

But on the bright side, it's not getting bigger. I don't think?  Abdomen and pelvis are clear and I should be good to go for immunotherapy.


Onc appointment is next Wed. 

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Well the immunotherapy will take care of that in more ways than one. I asked my doctor last week what reason would be they  discontinue my treatment of immunotherapy .and she replied if your cancer continued to spread,   And it seems yours has not from your scan yesterday which is excellent.

Just had my third infusion yesterday and woke up this morning feeling great but I know there is possible curve ball just awaiting. lol


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Yes I hope that immunotherapy will help!  I was kinda confused so I just had to refocus myself and go compare my first CT scan with yesterday's CT. The mass does appear to be about half the size compared to my very first CT. I was comparing to the most recent PET in May- but perhaps she was referencing my initial CT, who knows.

Does anyone know why PET scans give a "one number" measurement but the CT scans give a "length by width"? 



Guess I shouldn't focus so much on size. 😜

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I know too well the roller coaster of good news....then, it is reversed....or treatment is added you didn't expect. It is difficult for my husband and for me to celebrate. It seems the rug is just pulled out from under you. Yet, we need these good news times....so, we create our own....like, side effect is lessening....energy is returning. Keep your head up and keep one foot in front of the other. Hugs.

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Thank you all! I shouldn't get so focused on the small things, I'll drive myself nuts. I'm sure I'll be doing the cancer Cha-Cha with this for a very long time. And it's really NOT bad news. I just set my expectations too high. I want it gone! Dead! I wanna be NED! 😜


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