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On Thursday I go for my next CT scans. I found a new medical oncologist and feel extremely positive about our plan moving forward.

Since there is a group of nodules that have continued to increase in size in my lower right lobe, the doc wants me to have scans every two months.

Sounds like by this summer, results may be coming out from some Phase I clinical trials for KRAS in NSCLC. There may also be new trials beginning.

I'll be keeping everyone posted on what transpires, but meanwhile, I'm in scanxiety land for now and hoping for continued so growth until the day I can begin treatment and reach NED again.


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Right there with you Ro!  I’m so happy you found an oncologist you’re more comfortable with.  I’ve been praying for the clinical trials for you. Scanxiety stinks all around.  

I’ve got a new meditation CD- Fight Cancer by Bellaruth Naperstack.  I figure she’s one of the big guns so I’ve been using her CD before the scans.  At least it feels like I’m doing something!  

Keep us posted!


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We'll be thinking of you, Ro! We're happy that you feel comfortable and confident with your new oncologist. Please keep us posted on how things are going!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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