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Visit with lung cancer oncologist


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Not sure this is the correct way to post so others can read my comments, but giving it a try.

My visit with lung cancer oncologist was this past Wednesday.  He was more positive than I about the radiologist's write up of the CT I had the week before.  He said although some of the nodules enlarged & a new one (or two) were seen, they were slow growing & none was very large -- not approaching 5 cm, which he considered large.

Per his recommendation, I'll get a PET/CT Thursday, March 7.  They weren't able to schedule me to see him until March 15, which I believe is too long to wait to find out the results of the scan.  Because time is limited for me given that we have to pack up & move out of our house by 5 pm April 8.

We're moving to a retirement community in Lititz, PA, which is very close to Lancaster, PA, & Hershey (Milton Penn State Med Ctr), and about 1+ from Philadelphia.

Depending on which nodules "light up" & per onc's recommendation on which should be biopsied, I wish I could have that done before moving April 8, but the time seems too tight.

Right now I'm torn between researching doctors in the area where I'm moving & focusing on prep for the move.  The packing seems overwhelming but I know I've got to buckle down & do it.

Tom Galli, has advised me well, I think by suggesting I focus on the move prep, get done what's possible re diagnosing here & then continue after the move.  Any / all thoughts are welcome.



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Hi Irka 

I think Tom has given you some great advice. Diagnostics can be done anywhere & you’ll want to have a solid plan for when you move. We’re in our 5th home in 20 years & decided to DIY the last corporate relo.  Packing is overwhelming as you spend 80% of your time on the last 20% of your stuff.  

I know the time between the PET scan & results seems like a long time but it’s been my experience that if there are any serious issues your appointment may get moved up.  The frustrating issue about this part our your journey is all the appointments & the waiting which seems interminable.  It takes on average about 6 weeks outpatient to get the diagnosis & treatment plan organized.  For me I started inpatient which sped up some of the scan-a-mania but it took two months until we were rolling. 

I remember my trips to Lancaster well as a Girl Scout in NJ.  Loved that Caboose motel.  


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I live in South Jersey, right across the river from Philadelphia.

I think if I were you, I'd check out the University of Pennsylvania or Fox Chase Cancer Center or someplace like that.  An hour's drive isn't that terribly far, and those places do LOTS of lung cancer treatment.  If it were to come to pass that you needed chemo or radiation treatments, they might be able to work with a provider closer to where you live so you didn't have to do so much back-and-forth.  

I had my treatment at the MD Anderson Center at Cooper Hospital in Camden (right across the river from Philadelphia).  They are excellent, as well.  

Just a thought.  I'm glad the visit with the oncologist was encouraging.

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