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CT Scan


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Good morning everyone. This morning my husband goes in for his follow up CT scan after having four rounds of chemo. 🙏🏻  We will know results around 2pm today. Praying for clean scans and that nothing new has cropped up AND that the chemo worked. If all is clear and looks good, follow-ups will be every 3 months. Will keep everyone updated and fingers crossed. 

He is: stage 2b and had a pneumonectomy of left lung. He had cisplatin and taxotere the first two rounds and only the taxotere the last two rounds because of tinnitus.

Meeting with his oncologist also instead of the PA 🤪😊

hope everyone is well and will keep you posted.


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So...good news and not such great news. 

The good news is no recurrence etc. all clear . Thank goodness. The not so great news: he has a pseudoaneurysm from the the left posterolateral margin of descending thoracic aorta. Was not there before his pneumonectomy of his left lung. Was actually in the CT scan in January a month and a half afyer surgery, but the radiologist didn’t see it. Thank goodness they saw it today . So...now we meet with a vascular surgeon 🤦🏼‍♀️

Has anyone heard of this? Anyone had this happen? Seems pretty rare...so nerve wracking. While writing this, we see the surgeon Monday at 1pm. 

This is unreal. But the positive is we have one first clear scan. 


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Thank you, Michelle...I am just speechless over this new issue. Just can't catch a break is how we are feeling. Was so hoping for 3 months of peace until next scan but I guess that's not to be in the cards. Have been trying to research this new issue and all I see is it's rare?? wish there was more information on it with someone who has had a pneumonectomy on the exact same side this pseudoaneurysm is ...maybe Tom will have heard of this ;) or anyone on here. praying because I'm stumped on this. 

thank you for your support!!!! 


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