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wife of lung cancer patient


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My husband is 80.  Diagnosed with Stage 4 non small cell lung cancer in November 2018.  Just finished carboplatin and alimta after a trial at first on keytruda....Told about this website by a man waiting at an office...he is received targeted gene therapy, which I had not heard of....Here to learn more

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Welcome to the site and I’m sorry you need to be here. My lung cancer treatment was surgery based, but you’ll find out many folks here who have had chemo-based treatment. 

There are great folks here so feel free to ask any questions you’d like answers to.  


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Hi boxguy and welcome,

I'm sorry to hear about your husband's cancer. My lung cancer, like Lou's, only needed surgery. You'll find some people on these forums who have experience with targeted therapy. This is a good place to get info and support.

Hang in there!

Bridget O


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Hi boxguy,

Targeted therapy is an option only if you have cancer with an identified gene mutation.  In order to find out if you have any gene mutation, they'll need to do a biopsy of the mass, but from what I've heard, it's not common for a patient of your husband's age to have any gene mutation, but you can certainly ask the oncologist.  You could also go here and read more about targeted therapy.

Let us know how we can help you.


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Hello and Welcome.

Lung Cancer is always a surprise diagnosis, 90% of the time it’s Stage IV when discovered.  Your husband is receiving the standard of care for those who do not have a gene mutation.  As MB references, the testing is very important to confirm when it was done and what the results were. Ask the doctor to tell you what the pathology report and biomarker test results were. We can help you sort through it. There’s so much knowledge in this group. 

You can expect CT or PET scans every three months to monitor treatment progress. 

The cocktail your husband is receiving may have some side effects which are all manageable so it’s important to communicate everything no matter how small to the medical team. It’s not a matter of complaining but informing the doctor, they really need to know what the whole picture looks like.  

Let us know what questions you have- you might want to browse through some of the blogs on this site too. 

Glad to have you as part of this family. 


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