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Robert  A.

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Taking my wife to the Oncologist today & for her biopsy tomorrow. We went to the Oncology center on Friday to check if the Oncologist wanted to see my wife before the biopsy or if it was just a scheduling mix up by our PCP but were told to go ahead and come in today in case the Oncologist wanted to order more tests. Feeling anxious.

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Of course you are feeling anxious!  The first appointment with the oncologist is overwhelming. Remember you and your wife are in the driver seat, the doctor is the navigator. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, the only dumb question is the one you didn’t ask. Take as much time as you need so don’t feel rushed. Don’t beat yourself up if you think of something later today- just write it down because there will be another appointment. 
We have an appointment book to keep track of stuff and a notebook dedicated for the doctors. 

Here’s a little tip that worked for me: find out who is in charge of scheduling the doctor’s appointments in the office and make friends with this person. ($5 Starbucks cards work well as thank yous).  These are the people that can get you the better slots. They know these doctors well. 

Depending on how your wife feels try to get out and do something, anything enjoyable today. Nothing is too small.  

Let us know how it goes  






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Got back from our Oncologist a bit ago, we were very impressed with her nurse and her. She was very nice and put us at ease. They took 7  tubes of blood ans everything was good except my wife's potassium was 2 points low so they Dr. told my wife to eat some bananas or avocado. They scheduled a pet scan for next Monday and a follow up on Tuesday. The biopsy is tomorrow with results Thursday so we should know more by the end of the week. The Dr. is ordering bio marker testing also from the biopsy tomorrow also. Thanks to all for your advice and someone to lean on. Robert

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That sounds like progress to me Robert. Another lab to ask about is your wife’s Vitamin D level, if the potassium is low than its possible the D levels could be off too.  This is very common at the initial diagnosis and having the correct Vitamin D level is essential to help the immune system’s repair.  
One day at a time, one test at a time.  Keep us posted and we’ll get you through this. We’ve all been there.  

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