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Insurance so irritating


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My oncologists and I have been waiting for a preauth number for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute so I can make an appointment. Dana-Farber won’t make an appointment without that, which is sad. We have been waiting over a week and my oncologists decided to change location and call Yale New Haven’s cancer institute because they’re in CT so I won’t need any preauth number. 
just sickening that insurance companies don’t care if my cancer spreads and the best place in my area, Dana-Farber won’t make appointments without preauth if you live out of State.
just venting.

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Welcome to the forum.  You must be very frustrated, I can understand that any delay of treatment after a cancer diagnosis can make the red lights flash, but unfortunately it does happen.  In my case I was lucky as my surgery was approved quickly and treatment administered in a timely manner.  I hope to hear an update that you are on your way as well.


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Hi Lou, you are an inspiration I will say. When I'm feeling scared or down, I come here and read some of your comments and other survivors stories. How I wish my tumor was in a lobe that could be removed but it's over the heart and inoperable which stinks.

Insurance can be a problem but you have to have it. My chemo was $63K and I paid nothing, PET was $69K and I have to pay $500. I have some co-pays for Drs appts. too.

But time isn't something I want to waste of getting approved to go somewhere as I would rather use that in trying different medicines if needed.

My first appt. is Thursday the 13th at Smilow Yale and the Dr will tell me their thoughts on treatment and also share them with my Drs and then a decision will be made whether it's infusions or clinical trials, target, immunotheraphy. We will see. I'm a nervous wreck as I didn't sleep last night thinking what if they can't find anything that will work. My nurse at Smilow said that pathology is already looking at my biopsy pieces of my tumor and we're waiting for the Tempus report of my dna. I'm praying and hoping they find something.

Have a great day LouT

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I’m really sorry to hear about the insurance issues, somewhere along the line we all have them. Tom G and I published a blog on this site on how to fight with the insurance companies. It’s under the Blog header.  You’ve paid the premium and unfortunately have to fight for what you are entitled too, high quality health care.  
If you are in any way not satisfied with Yale, by all means break out the war chest to get to Dana Farber.  The good news here is the molecular testing was done, once the results come back treatment becomes pretty straightforward.  Hang in there.  

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Insurance companies as you know act like they are God, very annoying. I'm confident in Smilow Yale as my Drs will be making the final decision on treatment. Thank you for responding.

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My insurance has been great this last year until trying to get approval for SBRT radiation. It was declined and my radiation oncologist said I was a perfect candidate even at Stage 4. The tumor in my lung was the only place that showed a small growth on my last scan and he said SBRT was what I needed. The cancer is in no other major organs. It had spread to a few bone areas and lymph nodes. We went ahead and scheduled the 3 treatments intending to somehow pay the cost ourselves. In the meantime, an appeal was filed by the radiation oncologist and they reversed their decision. Seeing the cost of my treatments this past year is an eye opener. 

Like you, the time wasted getting that approval is the worst part. You just want to get on with it and attack this nasty disease. Hang in there and good luck.


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