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Setback news today

Robert  A.

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Hello group, haven't posted in awhile since things seem to be going good, today we did a teleconference with my wife's Oncologist after doing a 2nd scan last week. The Dr. said the tumor in my wife's lung had gotten larger after the 1st scan showed shrinkage. My wife was has been on a Keytruda maintenance since the 1st scan had reported shrinkage. Today the Dr. said she is going to start her on  Docetaxel in the next few weeks. Has anyone experienced this and gone on Docetaxel? Needless to say we're bummed.

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Hi Robert,

I'm sorry to hear about your wife's setback. I haven't  been on Keytruda, so haven't experienced what she's going through. I just wanted to say I wish her and you all the best.

Bridget O

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I failed immunotherapy then Carboplatin and Alimta. Still more growth. So I totally understand how bummed you are. Just keep plugging!

i am currently on a targeted drug for my rare mutation Kadcyla. Won’t know till more scans if it’s working

Docetaxol has been mentioned to me as another option. Keep us updated how it goes

As long as they keep giving you options - you keep going

Prayers yo you both


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