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Non small cell cell cancer

Erica Ottaviano

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Hi everyone, my name is Rikki, and I had half my left lung removed 10 months ago. I then had radiation for six weeks as I was too ill to have chemo. Since my operation and radiation I have suffered, besides the usual things, with a very sore left breast. I now suffer even more, 10 months later. My soreness wakes me up at night and I am aware of the pain, now in both breasts, all day. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems. I am now 70 years of age. Thanks, in advance.

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Hi Rikki: Sorry to know about your diagnosis and pain. I am a 74 year old mail cancer patient so I can't help with your breast question. Our ladies on the site are certainly more qualified. One question though did you ask your oncologist about the pain and if so what was his reaction. Maybe you should remind him often and demand answers.  Are you now under his care and if so are you receiving radiation/chemo/immunotherapy and if so what type? Answering these questions might help us formulate an answer. I wish you the best.

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Hi Rikki. I had an upper left lobectomy in 2016. My pain is on my left side, under my arm and down my rib cage. It comes and goes but when it comes, oh wow does it hurt. I also have numbness in my left breast and some nerves that continue to work incorrectly. Touching my left side in the front is felt under my arm or on my back. 

I would definitely mention the pain to your team just to rule anything else out.  

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I am male but I also have very tender breasts/nipple. Was just discussing with my angle pulmonologist.

Nothing to really add but if I get some insight I'll let you know.

My story: Lobectomy VAT RLL

Diagnosis: Large Cell

Chemo followed by radiation.



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