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Problems with "Unread Content" on Forum?


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Hi everybody!  Yesterday I had pop up in my "Unread Content"  screen about 30 messages from Septemeber 2020 to the end of last month. A lot of them were from  the last week or so of September. This is strange. I read everything  that shows up in my Unread Content, usually the day it's posted or the day after. 

I started skimming through these allegedly unread messages and so far I'm not sure whether I did or didn't see them before. My memory isn't what it used to be🥴. One of them was from ME, so I'm sure I did see that one.!

So I wonder whether I'm not actually getting everything I should in my Unread or if these just popped up randomly.

Has anybody else had this issue?

Later: I checked this out again and found that there are a bazillion (well, maybe not quite that many) allegedly unread messages, a lot of whIch I know I read and several more of which I WROTE. Also,they don't go away after I read them. 

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I originally jumped in saying that I was surprised how old some of the posts were under my "Unread Messages" heading and then I realized that I can control how far back the tool will search for messages.  The default is "365 days".  I changed mine to "Since My Last Visit".  This way it's dependent on my visits.  It appears that you'll have to select that view (Since My Last Visit) every time you login.  It's not hard to do and surely is better than chasing posts that are weeks and months old.  I hope this helps.



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