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Here we go again..


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I had BX on a 9.5 x 6 mm nodule in LUL 2 weeks ago that came back as squamous cell. I'll be seeing the pulmonologist Monday. I walk 2 miles a day and was surprised the BX bothered me as much as it did with soreness and SOB. I had my RLL removed by VATS in 2010 for adenocarcinoma (at age 49).  I'm wondering if anyone has had an upper and a lower lobe removed and if the upper is worse. I don't remember my BX before being a problem at all.. Maybe it was just because of the location, as it was so small and difficult to get to by a rib and my shoulder blade..  I guess I am just really, really hoping this surgery isn't any worse than the first one.. 

Thanks for any input..




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Hello Sherl,

I had my lower right lobe removed and (at least for now) that is all.  So, I can't answer your question about multiple lobe loss, but there are others here who have personal experience and they can provide personal experience for you.  Regarding the BX; my doctor tried to get a CT-Guided Biopsy but my nodule was too small and low in the lobe for him to feel that he could get a sample that would do the job.  So, I can't help you there either.  I have heard that biopsies leave people a bit uncomfortable afterward.

But, I welcome you to the forum and I'm sure you'll be hearing from others very soon.  


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Thanks for the reply Lou! I was very lucky the first time as well with a very tiny 1 cm  nodule that was totally removed within the right lower lobectomy and  did not require any further treatment. That time it was adenocarcinoma. I did follow up CTs yearly for 7 years. My doctor wanted me to do another one at the 10 year mark so I did. This one is squamous cell.  I guess I should not have been looking at pictures of the left upper lob because it sure does look to be a lot bigger and more important than the right lower lobe so I am anxious to talk to the pulmonologist tomorrow so he can tell me it's not the case..


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Hi Sheri,

Just want to say hello and welcome.  Even though the biopsy is squamous cell, if the team hasn’t already done so please ask for a comprehensive biomarker panel, particularly if you have a history of adenocarcinoma under the age of 50  There’s a possibility that you might have a a DNA mutation.  Be prepared for the doctors to poo-poo the idea and believe me when I tell you I’ve met patients with ALK positive squamous cell.  Lung cancer is so unpredictable it’s better to test than guess.
Keep us posted,


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You are an 11 year survivor. That is so awesome. It sucks that it has come back but it sounds like you have caught it early (again). You remember the drill, right? One day at a time. The last 11 years have given us so many different options. I dont believe in a God, but I dont disbelieve either (crazy I know). Maybe the plan was to get you far enough so you can get a cure?

Anyway. Please keep us up to date. Your already an inspiration 




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