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Might be starting a new chapter


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Since I had a clear scan. And I've been feeling better and better as time goes by. And mostly because I was capable of playing 18 holes, I have decided to get a job.

Really don't think I can handle the stress of my former life (actually I know I couldn't do it well) I am aiming at trying to get a job with the government. I'm financially good so pay is not an issue. Good benefits are. Have a pre interview on Thursday. Looking forward to it. 60 is too young to retire 



PS: My oldest son has a second interview tomorrow. His degree is in Computer science and it's been a struggle getting interviewed. The graduating class of 2020 really got a raw deal.

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Congratulations! A clear scan and playing 18 holes sounds like incredibly fortifying good gifts of hope and life.   I will pray that you and your son are offered the perfect jobs that will bring you both great satisfaction.  May both of you radiate your confidence and competence in your interviews this week. 

All the best, Jeng

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Yep, 60 is too young to retire. Also, for me, too old! I retired when I was 57. I wanted to travel, but I knew I couldn't afford to either travel or retire long term. But, oh well .I did travel  off and on for a year and then  I spent a year working in Poland. After that, I began working part time or temp jobs off and on and traveling when I could. I'm really glad I retired when I did, because  in the last 13 years, I've had  3 primary cancers and the kind of low budget travel that I could afford wasn't a possibility, or at least not a good idea.  5 years ago, while I was in the process of being diagnosed with lung cancer, I again "retired" from a  part-time job that was supposed to have been temporary but lasted 3 years. I thought I probably wouldn't work again, you know, with my age and lung cancer and all. But here I am at 76 working at a homeless shelter. I took a break for a while during the pandemic, but went back after I got the Covid vax. 

I was inspired to ramble on by Tom's post about applying for a job-- I don''t know what the point of my post it, except to say that lung cancer  (or any cancer) isn't a death sentence and I'm keepin'  on keepin' on. 








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