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T-Bone's Scans


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T-Bone, those radiation treatments can really wear one down but at the same time can do wonders killing the cancer. Hang tough, it will probably get somewhat worse before it gets better but that is good. Think about all those cancer cells dying because of radiation.

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TBone, I've been thinking about you, although I wasn't on the message boards for a few nights, there. I am glad to hear you're feeling a little better -- Just keep that up! :) Also glad the big test day is over.

Thank you for explaining (?) the nicknames, ViVi! :) I've been picturing you all as good characters in The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood... with brother TBone added in for spice.

Thoughts and prayers comin' your way,


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Good Morning, All;

It does get quite confusing with all of the names in the family. Added to the MATHA/CATHY/KATHA/KALI/CALEB/COULTER name grouping is FRED/FRAN/ANN/ANNA/ABBY, TERRY/TINA, BOBBY/BOB, and we have JOHN/JAKE/JOHN. (OK one of those Johns is actually kin but the other can't get rid of us).

We used to laugh when we were kids and Mama would go down the list ad finally get to whomever she was calling. It ain't quite so funny as we are all doing it now.

Thanks for all of your support and concern. And rest assured, we are a mobile family and have been known to go great distances when a friend needed us. So just let us know what, when, where we can help.

And, Elaine, consider me your's.

Love to you this and every day,


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