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Apparently pleural effusion is a normal response...


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Apparently some degree of pleural effusion is a normal response to injury or inflammation. My surgeon has expressed no real concern as he does not see a tumor mass anywhere, and the amount of fluid is unchanged or moderately decreased.

He told me a story about a child with a large prosthetic (chest wall) who was wrestling with his cousin on Christmas. These were growing boys, maybe early teens.... well, they crashed onto the coffee table. Broke the coffee table. Prosthesis was fine. Hospital scan showed... pleural effusion in response to the injury later that same night.

I do remember coughing very hard for about a month while clearing a series of chest colds, the end of December and into January.

The other thing the surgeon mentioned was, he didn't want to stick a needle or anything else into the chest cavity because he might compromise the sterility of the prosthesis, which would then HAVE TO COME OUT and be replaced. I'd just as soon not have a panel representing 5 ribs be removed and replaced, thank you very much!!.

Thank you for your prayers and good wishes. The end of the month I'm 4 years from initial diagnosis, in August when I go back for more scans it will be 4 years post surgery. And they've added... A VIRTUAL BRONCHOSCOPY to the panel of CTs. Wonders never cease!!

Also got to see the young resident who assisted, who is now married and launching his own career. He'd like to come back to NIH eventually...

So that's the GOOD NEWS for today.

Love to all,



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Glad to hear it, MaryAnn!

(Hey, I found the cookies - we can celebrate...well, we COULD have, but I et 'em all already...THAT'S why he hides 'em - I ask him to! LOL)

Can buy more, just have to walk to New Jersey to work off the darn calories (Double Stuf Oreos are 70 calories EACH!).

Good news, good news, good NEWS!



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