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Back and Forth in La La Land!


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It has been a while since I have posted. Around mid Feb. I was admitted to hospital thru ER due to adrenal mass hemmorhaging. Got that under control after a couple weeks, was discharged and a few days later readmitted thru ER for two Pulmonary Embolism's. I now have a Greenfield Filter to stop that silliness from being life threatening. But needless to say surgery to have adrenal mass removed has been taken off the agenda.

During this last process of fun and games we found the cancer visitors in the lymph nodes near the L kidney, during CT Scan that found PE's. I had a Bone Scan last Monday, an MRI of Brain on Tuesday. Was discharged from hospital and had Whole Body PET Scan on Friday morning. I will see onc. on Tuesday, 3/16 for f/u discussion on all tests and discussion of chemo treatments from here.

Am looking forward to getting on with treatment and kicking my visitors out, once again. And of course getting my strength back. I am noticing daily improvements. Two steps back, one step forward. One day at a time.

Still smiling after I close down the pity parties I have a couple of minutes everyday.

I have lots of support and something else that just seems to work - like a lot of other folks here on the board. :wink:

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Thank you all for the Good Vibes! I know they help ~ I feel their strength all the time.

My son is here this week giving me food for body and spirit. Daughter was here last week for a few days doing same. Her and beau will be back during their spring break to help again.

Siblings call daily. My hairdresser came yesterday and cut my hair, just to be nice. I made me feel worthy of being loved. Now don't say AWWWWW! You all know how that type of thing makes you feel.

I am blessed with so many loving spirits it is just awe inspiring.

Am off to the onc tomorrow with strong happy thoughts!

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