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iressa rash

David A

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I promise I won't ask again! What have some of the members that have used iressa used for the rash. My face is broke out horribly also the top of my head, was looking for a medicated shampoo but couldn't find one @ walmart.

I think my body is tired from the toxins and I'm getting to be that way too.

thanks all

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Rochelle already covered everthing I do to treat the rash. The rash is worst some days more than others. My rash is the worst in my hair. My onc gave stuff for oily skin that really did not help me. I'll let my teenage kids use it. I look at the rash as the way the lung cancer cells are carried out of my body. I always try to make a positive out of a negative. Take care John M.

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Try Aveeno Baby Shampoo - has oatmeal in it like that stuff ya soak kids in when they get chickie pops... I had a prescription to put on my scalp but it was like liquid fire - would not recommend it (and I can't remember the name, either!). Many baby shampoos that tout no tears are harsh on your hair, but Aveeno was pretty nice to me and can also be used as a shower/bath gel on owie skin.


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I use cetaphyl to wash my face and at very dry times I will use it on my hair. I use Pantene conditioner. I use udderly soft lotion on my arms, legs, back (non face) skin which gets very dry. I use neutrogena cream with sunscreen on my face. The doctor gave me a prescription for when the rash itself gets too bad.


good luck.

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