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Bob has a new test scheduled..


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He says there was a message on his answering machine saying they added a new test for Fri. when he is getting some sort of a specialized additional CT scan to check the degree of emphsyema he has. The added test is some sort of Nuclear Med. test as well that he thinks contains the letters QV. Hmmm. Can anyone think of what this could be or what could be the reason for it. He is feeling like he just wants to not do another thing. Wants to just forget it.


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Hi Nell,

Not sure what test they want to do. Only Nuc med test I can think of is either a PET or a bone scan. Please try and keep your friends attitude upbeat. He can beat this, he is only stage II. He has a great chance of being cured. You and him are in my prayers....

Blessings ans prayers from So. California


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I just had that test because of some undetermined pain in my side...they were looking for blood clot. First you breathe some oxygen and they do a scan, then an injection and another scan. You're there about an hour. Apparently I don't have a blood clot, but I do still have the stitch in my side!

Good luck with the test,


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Thanks for all your responses. Bob and his wife Jo are headed for Ann Arbor to the hospital again this afternoon for the rest of the tests. Before they go they see the Card. for his results as well. Will talk to them tomorrow night and try to encourage them that they are supported by love and prayer and that my new friends here say he has good chances.

Praying for a good day in every way for all of you!

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Thanks for that link, Fay! It was a very informative one. Bob has , as I have mentioned, emphysema. In reading this and your post I am wondering if they are looking to see how much obstruction there is from it. He is also having some sort of specialized CT scan tomorrow as well to tell them if the emph. is mainly in the upper lobe or if it is distributed all through the lung. They are planning a segmentectomy of lower right lobe, and also will do something called volumne reduction segment on top right lobe if the emph, is located mainly there. So far he has not heard if the spot on his thyroid biopsy was positive, but if so they plan to remove that as well. He is borderline ok to even have the surgery because of his poor lung function to begin with. The cardiologist report today will be very imp. as well, since his heart has to be great according to the surgeon.

It's not hard to be a good friend to them, we have been together for many years and have gone through lots of ups and downs. I am so glad to have this board. I occasionally print stuff and take it to him. I think once he can get round ok after surgery he will post himself. I know you would all be so good for him. :)

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