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I had my Brain MRI and CT scan of lungs, abdomen and pelvis done. The MRI showed NED. On the CT, there was slight decrease of adrenal mass from 3.5cm x 2.7 cm to 3.3cm x 2.3cm. I have attached the impression the radiologist had regarding the right lung. It has me a little stressed to the inconclusive results. I am scheduled for repeat CT in 3 months but am wondering if that is considered more then “short term interval”. I am also wondering if I should ask for PET scan instead. I did have a PET in Feb which showed substantial decrease in the FDG uptake consistent with treated inflammatory etiology in the lung. Maybe I should ask for repeat in two months instead of three? Thoughts would be appreciated.IMG_1302.thumb.png.f64d022ee40df4ba02112f3f133ae290.png

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Oh my, Dr. Gurtoo has a bent for run-on sentences sprinkled with obtuse language! I bet he dictated his impression and the transcription might be in error. Let's see if I understand it:

  • solid 2cm right upper lobe nodule is unchanged in size ✔️
  • behind this nodule, some increase in soft tissue thickening ✔️
  • newly developed contiguous band of soft tissue discovered ✔️
  • the rest, God only knows! This extended soft tissue discussion might be a transcription error! 😩

The good doctor seems confused and concerned or the poor transcriber couldn't understand the doctor's dictation. If this were my test, I'd ask for the scan to be re-read by another radiologist to untangle the soft tissue discussion. Put a message to this effect on your medical oncologist's portal or call and ask for a re-read. I had unclear or confusing scan reports cleared up when a second radiologist examined the scan.

Stay the course.


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