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Been away for a few days.......

Angie Daughter of Bill

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Well, I haven't been able to find very much computer time since my trip last weekend. I came home to find my Dad having some pretty bad pain below his rib cage on the right side. I tried to get him to go to the ER......he is so darn stubborn......he wouldn't go. He said he would wait until his appointment on Wednesday and tell his Dr. He told his Dr. who ordered and ultrasound on the area............Dr. is thinking hernia, fractured rib, or liver mets. On Friday night, my Dad moaned and groaned and yelled in his sleep.....ALL NIGHT LONG!! I begged him to go to the ER.........NOPE! So, we will find out this morning what is going on. We will not being leaving the Dr.'s office without some kind of pain med. Dad thinks that they will admit him to the hospital, which is a good possibility. The pain has been better, but not a whole lot. I feel so helpless to watch him.............and to hear him throughout the night. The most I have slept at a time since last weekend is 2 hours......then awake with Dad for an hour or so......sleep 30 minutes......up with Dad.....you get the idea.

Hopefully after today, we will get some kind of resolution to Dad's pain, then I can get here to offer some support..........not just to "belly ache" about my troubles! Thinking and praying for all of you!


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I know the helplessness you feel, I dont think there is any way of getting around it.. My dad use to worry so much about what LC was doing to us rather than himself...The only thing that helped me get through a lot of it was to think how lucky I was to have such a beautiful dad. I wanted to let you know dont worry about support thats what we are here for, to offer when we can and to receive when needed. There are plenty of times when I am having a bad day and want to support and just cant seem to find any words that day..Thats what is beautiful about this place, no one judges because we all know what its like to walk in each others shoes somewhat. I hope they find out what is causing your dads discomfort and get it under control soon....

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Prayers and good thoughts headed your way. Be sure to tell your Dad that no matter WHAT he is in charge and if he feels he needs to go to the Dr. before his appointment to DO IT! I had to learn it the hard way and now I call him for everything!. He appreciates the calls though so he knows where I am and what I am feeling. Helps us both keep on top of things I think.

God Bless,


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