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Bob's Pathology Report..


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Hi Friends,

Well, Bob is home, and he is not walking around like he should be. He is in a lot of pain and on oxycontin but still, the surgeon gave him explicit orders to move move move!! Also the report came back yesterday and out of 8 nodes, 2 were positive. All we know is the surgeon says he needs to talk to the "board" whoever that is, and we will know the recommendations Monday. Bob has up till now not had an oncologist, only a pulm. doc and the surgeon. He seemed to think he was n ot going to have anything except the surgery, but I bet they will reccomend chemo or rad. or both. What is your exp. with that?

Concerned but trusting God!

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Hi Nell,

I too had surgery first and was assumed to be Stage I, but when I got that final pathology report, I had some positive nodes and was restaged at Stage IIIA. My hospital also had a "panel/board" that looked over my charts and then decided on the best plan of action. They meet every Friday morning and you come in early, give them your records and then wait for them to consult. It included several doctors --surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. One of the oncologist came out and met with me and said they recommended that I should have radiation AND chemo, at the same time and I was referrd to an oncologist on each end that specialized in Lung Cancer.

I think the panel/board is beneificial because it is several doctors confering, not just one or two.

Best of luck to your friend as he enters this next phase of treatment!


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I'm glad Bob is home. This surgery isn't trivial, and I know he hurts, but he MUST move -- the worst thing in the world for post-thoracic surgery is pneumonia. Plus, he needs to grit his teeth and not hold his torso rigid. I asked for and got a sling, otherwise I couldn't stand the pull at my shoulder. I strapped everything down before I went dancing down the hall.

I'm glad Bob has good friends to help him through this roller coaster ride.



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Please encourage Bob to use his spirometer faithfully and to get up and go. Count the steps, if necessary, keep an exercise log, and ADD ONE MORE STEP each time! Before you know it, things are working better.

So sorry about the nodes...I've been in the same boat :( . I wouldn't be surprised if the board recommends follow-up chemo. That seems to be the new protocol, and my choice would be to take it in order to enhance my chances every little % point. But we each have our own limits and make our own decisions which seem right for us. Best thoughts...

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